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The first Savior of Ancaria [SACRED LEGENDS EVENT]

Sacred Legends by Chimera Entertainment and Deep Silver FISHLABS (1st Savior of Ancaria Launch Event In-Game Community Race Demon Lords Chapters Awards Win)

Heroes, your strength is needed. Starting today, we are running a large-scale launch event in our new co-op RPG Sacred Legends. The objective is simple: Be the first to finish each chapter and ultimately beat the game’s dreadful end boss, Kravial the End Bringer. Along the way, we will reward you with generous amounts of gold keys for finishing each sub-goal first. And once the first hero has saved Ancaria and driven the last Demon Lord back to hell, we will immortalize him or her in the credits of the game as “The first Savior of Ancaria”. If interested, we will also post a player interview with the winner here on our blog, tracing the journey from the first scuffle to the final battle. In the following, you find a list of all rewards.

  • Finish Chapter V and beat Maephial to get 5 gold keys
  • Finish Chapter VI and beat Thraxus, Hell’s Guardian to get 5 gold keys
  • Finish Chapter VII and beat Orguz the Damned to get 5 gold keys
  • Finish Chapter VIII and beat Verazial the Greedy to get 10 gold keys
  • Finish Chapter IX and beat Vaccus the Unclean to get 10 gold keys
  • Finish Chapter X and beat Charrus the Unquiet to get 10 gold keys
  • Finish Chapter XI and beat Skorrus the Unyielding to get 10 gold keys
  • Finish Chapter XII and beat Kravial the End Bringer to get 15 gold keys and have your name added to the credits of the game

As with every contest, there are a couple of rules you have to abide in order to take part in our "The 1st Savior of Ancaria" event. You find them listed below.

  • The event starts on Monday, August 29.
  • The event’s official hashtag is #1stSaviorOfAncaria.
  • All participants must use a character created no sooner than August 24 (characters created during softlaunch are not entitled to participate. However, players from the softlaunch regions can take part with a new character).
  • When you are about to finish a chapter, take a screenshot of the end fight and share it on Facebook, using the official hashtag #1stSaviorOfAncaria and linking Sacred Legends’ fan page. Make sure the post is public. Otherwise, we cannot find it in the hashtag search.
  • Only the first player to finish each chapter will receive a reward. Decisive for the allocation of the prizes is the date of the respective Facebook posts.
  • We will post updated leaderboards on our blog and on Facebook once a week to give you an impression how your own progress compares to that of your competitors.

Well, that’s it, brave heroes. Now grab your sinew, sword or spear and head off into battle! Fight for the freedom of Ancaria and drive the Demon Lords back to where they came from… hopefully a little quicker than anybody else! Come back here next Monday for an update on the leaderboards and follow us follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay in the loop regarding all the latest news from the Sacred world.


when there are updates GOFA? Why do we have a year do not hear anything about this game?whether voids ships?

gofA is dead. We are all waiting for GOF3!!!

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