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Deep Silver FISHLABS releases first launch teaser for Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore [NEWS ALERT]

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Sci Fi Action Space Shooter Game Mobile Teaser Trailer CGI Cinematic Coming Soon)

Deep Silver FISHLABS are pleased to reveal that development on Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore is reaching its final stage. In the light of these events, Deep Silver’s Hamburg-based mobile studio released a video that teases its new sci-fi shooter’s impending global launch on iOS.

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore is a space action game where players are bounty hunters going after the galaxy’s most wanted criminals and the ruthless pirate gangs they command. The game’s vast scope and ambition promises to set a new standard for mobile gaming, with complex gameplay, rich content, and AAA production values. During live operation, its universe will constantly be expanded.

Over at http://www.gof3manticore.com, players are now encouraged to sign up as VIP fans. All who pre-register will receive exclusive in-game goodies on launch day.


Just when we think that Fishlabs has hyped to death their new game they add more meanwhile continue to give absolutely no real information as to when (if) the game will be globally released. It was supposed to be released last summer and here we are almost winter, at least it is the same year lol. Enough already, those left with any attention towards this project are getting what little interest we have left teased right out of us. I so wish that Fishlabs was just half as good at producing good games & code as they are at advertising hype & marketing spin. "Manticore is reaching its final stage..." you mean it is still a step or three away from this so called final stage? And how long is this so called final stage supposed to take? If it is anything like the previous amount of work & promises we will not see a true release until who knows when. "impending global launch"? The launch of this game has been impending since work began on it. So it has been "impending" for how many years now exactly? But pay no attention to my rants, just give me another heaping helping of promises and projections, spin & hype, more of what you say you will do instead of actually doing it, k?

I only hope this game would be on par with it's predecessor or better. Other than that...

I only hope this game would live up to expectations... Graphics good though. But when is the release month now?

Are there are plans to release this game for the Android sistems???

GOF3 is a good game.I really like space games. So this game is my favourite. I think GOF will better and better!

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