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More space for new project teams: Deep Silver FISHLABS rents new office space in Hamburg [PRESS RELEASE]

In the course of the recent restructuring measures and the imminent buildup of new project teams, Deep Silver FISHLABS has now moved into a new 1,300m² open-plan office in the heart of Hamburg.  

Deep Silver FISHLABS - New Office (LES_1)

Hamburg, Germany - August 29th, 2014 – Earlier this week, the acclaimed development studio Deep Silver FISHLABS moved into a brand-new office. Thus, the 65-strong team of the Hamburg-based mobile specialist now develops and distributes its high-end games for smartphones and tablets in a spacious 1,300m² open-plan office in Ludwig-Erhard-Strasse 1. Being located right there at Roedingsmarkt, the new headquarters are only a stone's throw away from the company's old office at Grosser Burstah.

The new office space is part of the newly built office block LES_1 between the city center and harbor city. Covering a total of 15,000m² and offering more than enough space for growth and expansion, the LES_1 complex marks the perfect environment for Deep Silver FISHLABS' ambitious plans for the future. Besides the further development and upcoming Android release of their current flagship title Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances, the studio also has another two projects in (pre-)production, both of which have not yet been officially announced. In addition, Deep Silver FISHLABS is currently also in the process of building up another production team.  

"Besides Galaxy on Fire - Alliances, which will be released on Android in the near future, we have two more titles in production respectively pre-production," says Michael Krach, Head of Studio at Deep Silver FISHLABS. "To put our ambitious plans into practice, we will expand out headcount to 90 employees by the end of the year. Our new office in Ludwig-Erhard-Strasse provides us with a spacious, well-equipped environment that is perfectly suited for the teambased development of a selected range of next-gen mobile games in differing production states."

Deep Silver FISHLABS - New Office (LES_1)

The complete address of the new headquarters reads: Deep Silver FISHLABS, Ludwig-Erhard-Strasse 1, 20457 Hamburg. More information about Deep Silver FISHLABS in general and the company's vacancies in particular can be found at the completely overhauled company website via www.dsfishlabs.com.    

About Deep Silver FISHLABS:

Deep Silver FISHLABS is Koch Media’s mobile unit operating under the premium publishing label of Deep Silver. With more than 10 years of experience in developing and publishing high-end 3D games for smartphones and tablets, the Hamburg-based studio has been spearheading one of the most exciting and fast moving branches of the entertainment industry for no less than a decade. Over the years, the 50-strong team of Deep Silver FISHLABS has assembled a multi-award-winning portfolio of critically acclaimed proprietary IPs like Galaxy on Fire - Alliances and Galaxy on Fire 2 HD as well as best-selling brand games such as Sports Car Challenge for the Volkswagen Group China. The studio’s titles are available for a broad variety of platforms including iOS, Android and BB10. All in all, Deep Silver FISHLABS’ games have generated a total of 120+ MM downloads to date. www.dsfishlabs.com 

About Koch Media:

Koch Media is a leading producer and distributor of digital entertainment products (software, games and films). The company's own publishing activities, marketing and distribution extend throughout Europe and the USA. The Koch Media group has more than 15 years of experience in the digital media distribution business, and has risen to become the number one distributor in Europe. With Headquarters in Planegg near Munich/Germany, Koch Media owns branches in Germany, England, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the Nordic regions, Benelux and the USA. www.kochmedia.com  

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