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Bye bye, Trish - The Warzone 2 got liberated and the intruder got cast out!

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS (#trishOUT)
Rejoice, Shroud Nebula! The usurpress has been stopped and the Warzone 2 is no longer under siege! Thanks to all commanders who helped to liberate our new server!

On Valentine’s Day, we opened a new server called Warzone 2 and kicked it off with a large-scale event in the course of which the players had to cast out a vicious intruder who put the newfound territory under siege. Said usurpress, a rogue star fleet commander by the name of Trish McCormak, laid claim to 110 high-value planets in the center of the map and threatened to enslave the entire sector – unless, of course, someone would step in and put her evil reign to an end. And that’s exactly what the brave and proud commanders of the Warzone 2 did!

This timelapse video portraits the liberation of the warzone 2 from the first colonization to the conquest of Trish's very last planet.

Over a timespan of almost three weeks, they took over strategic locations, assembled powerful fleets and launched one devastating blow after another against Trish’s hard-to-overcome defense apparatus. After burning down her key bastions on Erough3, Omverad4 and Adyk7, the commanders of the Warzone 2 went on to diminish her empire bit by bit. Bidding defiance to her constant taunts on Twitter and resisting her rare but fierce attacks, our lionhearted players relentlessly marched towards victory. And they didn’t even think of resting and attacked Trish viciously until her last planet Ohatu1 finally fell to the hands of Violence [BTA] on Saturday evening.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS (#trishOUT)
The commanders listed above will receive generous rewards from the Council of the Three, who wanted Trish to be stopped by any means.

Whether Trish survived the battle or not remains uncertain. But given her sly and devious nature, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to us if she escaped by a hair’s breadth and let her lackey’s take the fall. But one way or another, she’s gone for now and at least for the time being, the Warzone 2 is no longer enslaved. Thanks a lot to everyone who helped liberate the new server and drive the oppressor away. We can’t wait to find out which alliance will rise to power now that Trish is gone. For more info on the event itself and the allocation of the prizes, please check out our forums.


I think in game perches shod have not been allowed on war zone 2 coz players are at ranks of over 175 in no time it's not fair on those who can't plz say what you think and join D~W or Death Watch thx.

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