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The Warzone’s under Siege! - Cast out the Intruder and collect incredible Rewards

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Isn't she lovely? Former star fleet commander and accentric usurpress Trish McCormak puts on her Valentine's face.

Earlier this week, we shared two disturbed and slightly cryptic radio messages with you. The first hinted at the arrival of an unidentified armada in the Shroud Nebula, while the second showed an uncharted sector in deep space that looked almost like a second warzone. Eager to learn more about these disturbing discoveries, we investigated further to see if there really was a threat at hand. And our fears were not only realized, but way outreached!

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
The arrangement of star systems in the warzone 2 differs quite a lot from all the other game worlds in GOFA...

As our latest intel from the region confirms, a medalled Star Fleet commander by the name of Trish McCormak went rogue and joined forces with one of the Nebula’s major space pirating outfits. Apparently, she snapped after her boyfriend Keith T. Maxwell bailed on her a week before Valentine’s Day. With the help of her new cronies, she raised a massive fleet and conquered no less than 110 high-value planets in the center of an unexplored, unpopulated star cluster known as the Warzone 2. Although her full agenda has not yet been laid out, the Council of the Three (which represents the mutual interests of the Terrans, Nivelians and Vossk in the Shroud Nebula) sees her as a major threat to the safety and stability of the entire region. And thus the objective is clear: Take course for the Warzone 2 and recapture Trish’s planets one by one. But take care, she’s well-versed in battle, she’s commands a powerful army of space scoundrels and she fights with the wrath of a woman scorned!

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
For Trish it's not enough to beat her enemies in battle. She also taunts them via her personal Twitter account @tr_mccormak.

To make this dangerous objective – some might even call it a suicide mission – worthwhile, the Council of the Three put a generous bounty on Trish’s head. The commander who takes her very last planet in the Warzone 2 will receive an incredible 10,000,000 marines and 500,000 (yes, that’s half a million) credits! If she’s driven out of the sector by a conjoint attack, the prize will be split among the participants. In addition to the reward for finishing Trish off for good, there will also be smaller gratifications for those who reach intermediate objectives. The complete mission profile and list of rewards can be found on our forums via http://bit.ly/trishOUT-EN.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Wanna be friends with an intergalactic super villain on Facebook? Send Trish a friends request and see if she'll accept it... ;)

We will of course keep a watchful eye on the bounty hunt for Trish McCormak and keep you posted on all key developments via our blog, forums and social media channels (using the hashtags #NFTN and #trishOUT). Trish herself has also revealed her personal profiles on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/tr_mccormak) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/tr.mccormak) in the meantime and started taunting us and our players! So you better put an end to this madness ASAP and prepare yourself to give Trish and her cronies some serious hell!  

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