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Under the microscope: Dissecting the Voids

Throughout the course of the past two weeks we witnessed, accompanied and traced the arrival of a new force in the Shroud Nebula – the greatly feared Voids. Opening their wormholes close to selected high-level planets and sending their high-tech fleets into the orbits of the worlds they chose to conquer, these devious alien raiders put more than just a few lines of worry onto the faces of the brave commanders of the Nebula. In the following we’d like to take a closer look at these infamous yet little studied invaders who launch their attacks out of the murky, undefined twilight of known space.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS ("Void Invasion")
A Void fleet using sophisticated wormhole technology to enter the orbit of a planet they are about to seize and raid...

The Voids first appeared on our radar in the year 3598 A.D, when the so-called Void Threat put the brittle peace between the differing factions of the galaxy to an acid test. Back then, this hitherto unknown species advanced into the sovereign territories of the Terrans, Vossk, Nivelians and Midorians via the aid of sophisticated wormhole drives and raided convoys and fleets of all of these factions. This sudden interruption of intergalactic fabric caused the ill-disposed parties to band together and drive the uninvited guests off their turf – a risky undertaking whose outcome was more than a little uncertain. After quite a bit of to and fro, the tables ultimately turned when decorated space war hero Keith T. Maxwell joined in and took the battle straight to the Voids’ doorstep. Within the bizarre confines of the aliens’ remote home world, put a definite end to the invaders’ evil doings by blowing their mothership to pieces and ridding them off the hub from which their operations were run. But apparently this was a set-back rather than a fatal blow. Now that the Voids have returned to charted space and spread fear and terror among the residents of the Shroud Nebula, we’d like to take a closer look at them and tell you what they’re after and how they function.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS ("Void Invasion")
The blueprint of a Void carrier... black market dealers charged a fortune for this gem, but the insights it provides are almost invaluable.

The only hard facts we ever learned about the Voids have been gathered by Deep Science, a factionless research conglomerate formed with the single objective to unravel and understand the mysterious ways of our new dangerous enemies. They identified the Voids as an aggressive race of insectoid aliens, whose myriads of fighter drones are guided by a collective “hive mind” orchestrated by a comparatively small selection of queens and under-queens. Consequently, the common Void does not have a clear notion of individuality or introspection – a fact that makes him an all-the-more dangerous enemy!

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS ("Void Invasion")
This mock-up illustrates how our scientists imagine the assembly of a Void carrier... we have yet to confirm this depiction to be accurate.

At this point of time we can only speculate how the Voids conduct their plans of invading the Shroud Nebula. It looks as if they will go after abandoned and inactive planets first, setting up base in strategically important positions and observing their immediate surroundings with keen, insectoid eyes. We do not know yet whether they will lash out attacks on their own or wait for their victims to make the first move, similar to a spider lurking at the edge of its net. If attacked, however, there is no doubt that the Voids will retaliate with everything they got. The obscurity and unpredictability of the new force in the Nebula will present a whole new challenge for the resident commanders as they either have to find a way to coexist with their erratic neighbors without stepping onto their toes or find means of driving them out of the area for good. The latter will be particularly tricky as a single commander will hardly be strong enough to do the Voids any serious harm. Thus, trusted friends and even former enemies will have to team up and attack with joint forces in order to chase the Voids from the high-level planets they occupied.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS ("Void Invasion")
A collection of some of the most crucial components of a Void carrier. It's findings like this that will someday enable usto build advanced Void technology ourselves.

Engineering-wise, the Voids are way ahead of the other factions in the galaxy. We have yet to figure out the sophisticated mechanisms behind their unique blasters and special ships, but one thing we can say for certain: Void tech is light-years ahead of our own products. The purple-shimmering carriers and fighters of the Voids are not only stronger and faster than their Terran, Vossk or Nivelian counterparts, but they also bear more stowage space. The latter is particularly puzzling as the slim, curvated hulls of the Voids ships do not hint at all at such immense holding capacities. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the first commanders have already set out to raid a piece of Void equipment and leverage it to their own advantage…


Very interesting...will they soon be coming to warrior worlds? I want a carrier with their technology...is that possible by raiding them ? Thank you.

Im letzten Abschnitt dieses Textes steht ,dass die Voids den übrigen Fraktionen um Lichtjahre voraus sind. Bei Lichtjahren handelt es sich jedoch um eine Strecken- und nicht um eine Zeitangabe. (Strecke die das Licht in einem Jahr zurücklegt=1 Lichtjahr).

Aber man sagt doch auch "Sie sind ihnen um Längen voraus" oder "Sie sind ihnen meilenweit voraus". Nach meinem Verständnis funktioniert die Floskel sowohl mit Zeit- als auch mit Streckenangaben.

Es ist schon richtig, Lichtjahre sind eine Entfernung und man darf eigentlich nicht sagen Lichtjahre voraus (außer bei einem Wettrennen mit Raumschiffen), aber umgangssprachlich ist das schon ok.

Voids are awesome

So I just sent about a dozen of my best carriers and thousands of ships and troops to attack a nearby void planet... The voids had over 2 million ships and over 2.5 million troops. I shall be hiding and building up futile defenses until they come and finish me off. If you are reading this, then I am probably already dead. Cheers!

Thanks for the heads up

Give me your planets link I will send a care package for you

First off thank you for bringing something new into the game to hopefully revive interest and continuing development of the game. Interesting back story and I suppose we should expect a decent amount of "learning on the job" and trial by error. I was still hoping for some more useful actionable intelligence for us to develop combat strategies from. After reading the back story I know nothing more about how to proceed than before I read it, what to prepare for in general terms or how Void Crystals will be awarded. If a group of players from an alliance attack and conquer a void planet do all participating players receive a fixe equal amount of void crystals or is there a fixed total potential amount of crystals that are divided equally? I do appreciate there being some mystery and enabling us to problem solve our own strategies from various clues. This is good. We do need something more than a back story or destroyed fleets to get the ball rolling however. Not meant as a rant but just some feedback on one players 1st impressions to following a link for more info on Voids that really didn't tell me anything useful.

Funny bug, For a Terran on Android. A carrier II at level 20 yellow looks like a void ship during it movement. A carrier III at level 20 yellow looks like a work carrier I. Regards.

Same here. I noticed that my Lvl15 Carrier III looks like a Vossk ship, and a Lvl 10 Carrier II looks like a void ship. Might differ between players, but know you're not alone. :)

Nice add to game. But don't let them reset the game...thanks.


The fleets sizes are retarded I'm deleting your retarded game and requesting full refunds from Google, any time something in a phone game costs hundreds of dollars per player to achieve is when it gets too stupid, I guess you fucking idiots want us to take second mortgage to play a fucking phone game..... Fuck off

The point was not to get you to spend more money, but to reinvigorate interest in the game, and give players another challenge. No one told you to shell out a bunch of money. That is solely your choice. So much so that FL even gives quite a bit of freebies. Watch videos, complete offers (like downloading apps), and doing missions regularly. It effectively can cost you nothing in terms of actual money. They even state that you should team up to take them down. So maybe calm down, take a deep breath, and get to strategizing?

Hey fishlabs, ich finde es extrem cool wie ihr das neue update in Beziehung zur GoF2 Story setzt und wie ihr die Informationen über die voids an uns weitergebt. Auch wenn uch das update extren feier und mir klar ist, dass so ein großes update und vor allem eine ki echt viel arbeit ist bitte ich euch nochmal die Probleme der Warzone zu bearbeiten. Ihr solltet die genauen Daten über Gigiga erhalten haben. Viel Erfolg bei der Forschung und Grüße Pommilp

Wo ist neue Updet auf dieses Spiel GOF 2 ? Gieb mir Seite bitte.

I was correct! I knew that object was a Void Ship! We must be ever vigilant, commanders, purge the Voids from the Shroud Nebula.

Very good

Будет ли продажа кристаллов в будущем? Спасибо.

Well i need to inform you im very disappointed and a bit angry about this void nonsense. we have now three time assembled a large armada to battle these invaders. so far each time the battle caused a server shutdown, the void ships that were on the attacked planet simply vanished, it froze all the players for hours in battle or reset the attack time and caused fleets to crash because of the numerious bugs in this game. I chose to buy credits, because i like this game. but for me the joy has passed into annoyance and disbelief in the creators ability to sort this problem. Actually this void event shouldnt have been launched before thurough testing. so i need to know what Fishlabs is doing to sort this problem and when it will be fixed so we can try to enjoy this game again. disappointed regards.. Maxilliana w3a cres.

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Good deal

I purchase the Valkyrie and Supernova Bundle but in 2 days I already finish both adventure...can you add more adventures of Galaxy on Fire 2 HD without buying any Add-Ons?New ships..new blueprints...new galaxy...new enemy!

Ok, I can forgive the server issue. I can forgive the carrier glitch stuck on 00:00 for an hour, I can even forgive the incredible disappearing ships on a battle report. However;..... Where is the Void music? Barrummmmdum barrumdumm barrumdumm etc Get with the program!

Its a nice idea, the voids....but they have been made so absurbly overpowered that only the top handful of players are ever likely to get a reasonable void fleet....and given their carrying capacity vs ship limits, an obvious credit grab.

The concept of getting Voids into the game is not bad. But the sad thing is that every new thing on this game( that i used to like very much) is designed to make you spend more money. As always, greed destroyes the the game and the fun. Pitty...

What fish labs should do is prevent any player from attacking voids and any void from attacking a player for about a month. When this month is over, the voids will have colonised many more planets and spread out their defences. There should be way more voids in the void alliance. This probation and increase will allow the voids to spread put, balancing the game by allowing low levels to actually get a few crystals, and at the same time slowing down high levels. Of course, there should always be around 10k ships per planet. And it wouldn't hurt for the voids to actually attack once in a while. I realise there are very few of them and they are probably more concerned with defending, (as I would be) so that is where my suggestion for a full alliance (49) of void players comes from. Fishlabs, PLEASE consider this, it is the only way to prevent more high levels from quitting. Already many of my friends on w3 are quitting the voids because it's too hard to get crystals. And how many ships do you need to kill for a crystal anyway, anyone know that?

I have made many enemies in this brilliant game and my alliance is preparing for war. We have befriended our old enemies, hoping for them to assist us in eradicating the Voids. The Voids are so powerful. It will be hard for lower players to even get a grasp at such powerful fleets. There are two kinds of players in the game. The weak and the strong. Giving the higher players Void Carriers will only drive the line between the two groups deeper. I am okay with them being powerful, that was shown in GoF2, but seriously, they are far too powerful. I love GoFA, I have been playing for quite a while on multiple servers. I was looking for another challenge, but this. Kind Regards, LStat07.

In GOF2 theVoid mothership was destroyed by an unarmed freighter and a small fighter. If the motherships was so weakly protected to be destroyed this way, why are the colonies of the Voids so much harder to destroy? Just think for a second...


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