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Neox Racers: Mkkt Bkkt returns with his second future sports season

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Mkkt Bkkt Neox Racer In-Game Event Season 2 Sci-Fi Action Shooter Mobile Game)

Just because you cannot see Mkkt Bkkt does not mean that he ain’t around! A creature of the underground, the slimey alien crime lord has a habit of stepping out of the limelight and planning his operations in the shadows. After two months in hiding, he has now resurfaced to present you with season two of his semi-legal future sports events!

Held at the infamous Mkkt Bkkt Club, the new season is called Neox Racers and consists of a dozen high-energy piloting challenges. In leg one of the event, the partaking pilots are tasked to show a perfect equilibrium of keen perception, quick reflexes and good marksmanship. Otherwise, they will find certain death in the laser-wire tubes of the Tunnel Race. And leg two requires an equally refined skillset. Since the Obstacle Race bristles with deadly traps, both speed and firepower are needed to reach the finish line.

As comes without saying, Mkkt Bkkt will royally reward the merited pilots skilled enough to finish the entire Neox Racers season. Following up on his tradition of handing over an exclusive ship to the winners, he will now bestow the very excellent Sutoe-Shii on all those who beat all twelve challenges. So if you would like to add a high-performance Nivelian fighter to your fleet, you better start your engines right away and show the entire sector that you are one hell of a Neox Racer!

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