GOF3 - Manticore
11/23/2017 | 09:41 am | 1 comments

“Ready, set, go!”: Show your skills in Mkkt Bkkts new Fishlabs Black Friday season!

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (SciFi Space Action Shooter iOS Android Mobile Bkkt Bkkt Black Friday Event Season)

For the third time, future sports entrepreneur Mkkt Bkkt invites you to take part in one of his highly popular (and slightly lethal) in-game event seasons. The spectacle started earlier today and lasts till the end of the following week. While the first six challenges require you to excel in an actual combat situation to prevent your targets’ “Breakthrough” from one jump gate to another, the final six episodes demand outstanding marksmanship from you. Otherwise, you will not be able to clear the “Firing Range” in time.

Traditionally, the shady octopod’s event seasons are tough nuts to crack. And the Fishlabs Black Friday edition marks no exception to that rule. If you beat it, however, you will be generously rewarded with an exclusive premium ship. This time, Mkkt Bkkt is willing to give the Khador – yes, that’s the final boss ship in the game (depicted in the image above) – to all those talented enough to beat all of the 12 challenges in time. So you better get started right away! Ready, set, go… and fire!


When you add Rigant Vortex?

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