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Harvesting Resources: The Exploitation of the Neox Sector by Starfire Survey [DEV BLOG #9]

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Harvesting Resources) SciFi Space Action Shooter Mining Corporation Starfire Survey

Back in March, when we published our third dev blog on Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore, we gave you some insight into our new sci-fi shooter’s hazardous game world, the Neox Sector. Among others, we described it as a newfound fringe area “filled with natural riches and isolated from law and order”. Furthermore, we told you that large parts of this beckoning El Dorado on the outskirts of space were ruled by “rogue pirate hordes and profit-greedy conglomerates”.

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Harvesting Resources) SciFi Space Action Shooter Mining Corporation Starfire Survey
With powerful drills like this, Starfire Survey harvests resources and minerals from asteroids and planets in the Neox Sector.

Today, we would like to build on this and introduce you to an institution that falls into the latter category, namely the mining outlet Starfire Survey. Always eager to squeeze profit, these ruthless industrialists were the first mega-corporation to set up camp in the Neox Sector. Having moved their fleets surprisingly quick for an institution of such gargantuan size, they managed to go after the region’s abundance of minerals a while before their biggest rivals in the business, the slightly more ethical and farseeing Polysource. This head start helped Starfire Survey to lay claim to the most profit-yielding mining sites in Neox. And while they made sure their endeavors looked ambitious but never immoral to outsiders, they actually stopped at nothing when it came to the realization of their agenda.

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Harvesting Resources) SciFi Space Action Shooter Mining Corporation Starfire Survey
Martha Penbury, Starfire Survey's chief representative in the Neox Sector, pursues her employers' interests without any scruple.

At the helm of Starfire Survey’s operations sits Martha Penbury, the company’s chief representative in the sector. A cold career woman with a firm belief in her employer’s cut-throat politics, she pursues Starfire Survey’s interests with maximum determination and minimum attention to other people’s needs: preying upon natives, snapping up competitors and hiring PMCs to do the dirty work. At one point, she even butted heads with the Terran military, when Starfire Survey strip-mined a planet close to a Terran outpost in Paragon system. These days, the conflict has long cooled off, as the area is no longer of strategic value. But when Neox was first being colonized, the 9-million-strong industry giant’s revolt against the Terran authorities’ dictate caused a lot of uproar and tension. 

The planet in the background is being exploited by Starfire Survey. The red net of mines has been put up to prevent environmentalists from saving it.

During your own stay in Neox, you will cross ways with Starfire Survey repeatedly; at least for now, they will not hire you to do any asteroid mining, but they will offer you a paycheck in trade for your firepower. And although the promise of a quick buck might be tempting, you better raise red flags and stay alert as soon as you enter the sphere of influence of the sector’s leading and most unscrupulous mining company.

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What date is it coming out I see no dates

We're aiming at a release in summer 2016. At the moment, that's the most concrete we can narrow it down to.

It is summer so how is there not even a beta yet?

Relax, they surely are doing best since the prequel was a great succes. "Aiming for" is not a deadline

This game.....is going to break the record of the largest mobile game yet, i bet its gonna take atleast 2gb anything less wouldnt be big enuf to contain the whole universe

We are still working on the optimization of the client size, so we cannot give any concrete numbers yet. But the game won't be small, that's for sure. As soon as we can make a more definite statement regarding the final client size, we'll surely fill you in. :)

Well that's all well and dandy but when you releasing it

It's gonna be released this summer. As soon as we can say more, we definitely let you know.

What's your take on Chris Roberts' new game, Star Citizen? (I know this discussion is for a mobile app but I just wanted someone's opinion)

What I've seen of Star Citizen so far looks absolutely amazing! It's incredible what these guys are pulling off... the look, the scope, the quality! It sets a whole new standard for hardcore space games on PC.

I would love an early releas

I played GOF 1&2, for days, and I would totally love to beta test this game. I have experience, if you're interested, contact me at sepdhams@go.lisd.net

Hi Sean, glad to hear from you. Have you signed up to our User Area via http://bit.ly/gof3-signup-blog yet? As soon as you've registered there, you will automatically be considered for Early Access to GOF3 and other upcoming projects of ours...

this is good

We're really glad that you like what you've seen so far. :)

I love this game

looking forward to release just a few ideas and questions 1 Q. will there be difficulty settings or will it be just one difficulty lvl? 2 Q. will ai's have missiles, nukes, and emps? (suggest putting a toggle for that in settings or lock it in a difficulty settings) 3 Q. reading this article it sounds like there can be bounties on you that special ai ships will attack you. that would be awesome 4 Q. will there ever be a mother ship you can buy and use in the gof games? or at least make a wingman? 5. suggestion. can you add bios to the groups and races that you meet that you can read in game? 6. suggestion. can you keep the controls from gof2 or are you making inproved controls? 7. suggestion. give the ai a bigger variety of weapons then in the previous (like a faster firing weapon to one and a slower one to another at minimum)

Awesome, pal. We're really glad you enjoy our pre-release coverage of GOF3. Here's the answers to your questions. 1.) You can pick missions in three difficulties. Of course, the rewards you get from a hard mission are more valuable than the ones you get from an easy mission. Also, you can unlock new areas of the Neox Sector while you play. Every now area will be more challenging than the one before. 2.) We cannot spoil too much here, so let's just say this: The enemy AI in GOF3 will be much better and more diverse than the one we had in GOF2. And the enemies will definitely use more than just lasers and blasters. 3.) It will rather be the other way around. You're a bounty hunter going after the galaxy's most wanted criminals... and a lot of other targets. 4.) Capital ships will play a more important role in GOF3 than they played in GOF2. But at least for the time being, you will not be able to buy a capital ship of your own. However, you will be stationed on one and use it as the "hub" of your operations. 5.) You won't be able to make notes directly in the app. But, of course, you will learn a lot about 'em. Although the story won't be told in a linear way, there is a ton of lore in the game waiting for you to explore it! 6.) The controls will be similar to GOF2, albeit slightly improved. 7.) Hell yeah! Of course, we're going to do that! :)

"You can pick missions in three difficulties. Of course, the rewards you get from a hard mission are more valuable than the ones you get from an easy mission. Also, you can unlock new areas of the Neox Sector while you play." To be honest, I find things like this worrying. Is this game going to be fully open world, where you fly yourself across the galaxy (long jumpgate trips), or is it gonna be like Dead Trigger, where you select a mission in a place and just kinda end up there, kill things, and then immediately get warped back to base? I didn't like Dead Trigger for this reason - small, level-like missions in their own separate maps (regardless of how big they are) will always be less fun than a proper open world. Can you assuage my fears that GOF3 will be like this? Thank You!

Cheers, GeometryPrime. At least upon launch, the individual star systems will not be connected. Navigating the star map will rather be like using the Khador drive than going from jumpgate to jumpgate. The individual orbits will be much more complex and exciting than the ones in GOF2, which basically all consisted of a station (that was not really integrated into the environment), an asteroid field, a handful of NPCs and sometimes a pirate outpost. Now, each orbit has its own story, soul and nature. This is really cool and adds tremendously to immersion and your overall gaming experience... and who knows, maybe we can even connect the individual systems via jumpgates in the future. We plan to expand and improve GOF3 contuinuosly and not only add new content on a regular basis, but also completely new features.

But I can freely visit an orbit without specifically having a mission there, right? I can just cruise the universe of my own accord? I don't want this to be like GOF1 where the only time you got to fly was for a mission, and I can't just wander through these detailed orbits you've built.

To be honest, I don't know if you will be able to enter the orbits without taking a mission. I have to our dev team here. If it hasn't been considered yet, I think it would be a good feature to add with a future update.

Aww. I really hope that a feature like that makes it in before release, as a properly open world is one of the most important parts of a space game like Galaxy on Fire. Considering that in GOF3 we have lost the Open World, Trading, and Mining, I'm concerned that this next installment will be a step backwards! After all, even GOF1 had a rudimentary trade system, and I could jump all over the galaxy to whatever station I so chose. What, then, is being added to bring GOF3 up above and beyond its previous installments? I've always loved this series for doing what most consider impossible - a proper space game on mobile - and I'm concerned it will lose some of that shine.

GOF3 will be much bigger and more complex than GOF2. In GOF2 we had a lot of star systems, but they were basically all the same and mostly differed in the color of the sky box and the placement of the key elements (station, asteroid field, NPCs). In GOF3, every system will be absolutely unique, telling its own story and having its own build-up. During your flights through the Neox Sector you will visit bright holiday resorts, run-down industrial areas, hi-tech military outposts, breathtaking space environments and much, much more. And each of these orbits is handcrafted. The game world will be more spectacular and distinctive than ever before. However, bringing such a universe to life on mobile is also a tremendous effort. So at least in the beginning we will not be able to connect all these deep orbits the way the much simpler orbits of GOF2 were connected. But, of course, we will continue working on it after the launch and continuously expand and improve the game during live operation.

I know that previously you have said they that game will be more focused on battles rather than trading, but I would like to know how the new trading system would fit in. Thank you

Upon launch, there will be no trading as you know it from GOF2 in the game. But you will be able, among others, to loot blueprints and build better weapons and equipment. For this, you have to collect different components which you find in the missions you fly. We know that trading was a huge part of GOF2 and eventually it might find its way into GOF3 in one form or another in the future, too. So don't be disapponted when you won't be able to trade on day one... in the meantime, we believe that GOF3 has a lot to offer to keep you hooked. Sure, the game is different from its predecessors in many aspects. But its gonna be the biggest, best and most beautiful GOF you've ever played!

Thank you for clearing that up. Really excited for the game!

It's hard to imagine that you'd recreate everything we all loved about GoF, but decide - on purpose - to not include an essential ingredient to any sci-fi space shooter, namely, economy and trade. I have sooooo many fond memories of spending hours trying to get the best drills, biggest cargo holds, etc, and would spend hours mining and looking for good trade routes. I sincerely hope you create an expansion in the future that introduces an aggressive economy to the game. Otherwise, it's just not the same..... That said, thank you for all the hard work you're putting into GoF3.

Cheers for your feedback, Chris. I already replied to you on Facebook and hope you understand our position. We believe that solid, polished, engrossing and diverse space action gameplay is the very foundation on which GOF3 must rest. So we put a lot of effort into this and added, among others, much better enemy AI, more exciting orbits, better flight physics, asynchronuos coop elements and a much broader variety of missions. In the future, we will expand this further and further. And who knows, maybe we will indeed add trading, mining and so on in the course of an upcoming update.

I second everyone else who is wishing for trading. Manticore sounds great but i am disappointed with the removal of trade and economy. In GOF2 this was my life (waaaay better than missions) so I hope you will significantly improve missions if this game will be as good as it sounds! Thank you.


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