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05/26/2016 | 12:11 pm | 36 comments

Setting the Galaxy aflame in full 3D: How the Game World of GOF3 came alive [DEV BLOG #8]

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Game World in Full 3D) SciFi Space Action Shooter 360 Video Interactive Trailer

Earlier this week we released a brand-new 360 video of Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore. Set in a gritty industrial area called Forrest Wonder, it provides a unique view at the size, depth and complexity of Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore’s orbits. By letting you pick the line of vision at whim, no detail remains obscured and no corner stays unseen. Marvel at the rusty ramifications of the location’s gigantic mining site! Look over your shoulder as a squadron of Vossk fighters opens fire on you! And let your gaze wander towards the powerful net of mines that embraces the nearby planet Paragon! Move your phone or use your mouse to see the GOF universe like never before!

Use your mouse or move your phone to explore the new location Forrest Wonder in glorious panoramic view!

As you can imagine, creating a three-dimensional game world, where the player does not move on rails but can freely maneuver in every direction, is not an easy task – especially on mobile! Our Head of Core Technologies Johannes describes the challenges his team had to master as follows: “In order to provide GOF3’s richness of detail on a large range of devices, we only render the details in your actual field of view. All that is not visible to you is discarded completely and all that is far away is presented with reduced details. To pull this off, we employ a powerful level-of-detail system. And we create our assets in different stages, ranging from highly detailed to rather schematic.” 

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Game World in Full 3D) SciFi Space Action Shooter 360 Video Interactive Trailer
In Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore, you will have fierce dogfights with unrelenting enemy pilots nonstop.

Another crucial point is NPC behavior. Our Gameplay Programmer Alex elaborates on this as follows: “Since 3D shooters such as Halo or Call of Duty have to abide by the laws of gravity, most of their NPCs move on a reasonably sized and limited 2D plane. This narrows down the possibilities for combat. In space action games, however, the NPCs can attack from 360 degrees and the areas, in which the fights take place, are much bigger. Consequently, finding the right balance between fun dogfights and cool environment navigation can become quite an adventure. In the case of Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore, we drew inspiration from some of the greatest space shooters out there to implement a challenging and fun enemy AI. But we also added our own tricks and mechanics to fully tailor the gaming experience to the mobile platform, whose touch screen controls make some movements easier (e.g. targeting) and others harder (e.g. slowing down and shooting at the same time). We took these and many other peculiarities into consideration when we designed and adjusted the AI of our enemies.”

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Game World in Full 3D) SciFi Space Action Shooter 360 Video Interactive Trailer
A little snapshot of the recording session of our 360 video. That's what the footage looks like without the 360 effect applied.

If you look at the 360 video embedded above, you should get a good impression of what Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore’s orbits will look like and how the players and the NPCs move in these environments. We think it’s really awesome that the stations are now an organic and fully integrated part of the game worlds and that you can not only fly through their ramifications, but even have dog fights and evasive maneuvers amidst ‘em! We hope you are as enthusiastic about GOF3 as we are. And, as always, we are looking forward to having a vivid discussion with you in the comments.

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Just can't wait for this game to come out!

Glad to hear this, Damian. We're also psyched to get this game out and present it to the GOF fans all over the world!

Gran juego megusto desde el 1 si lo pudieran hacer de nuevo estaría genial

The sound effects remind me of Escape Velocity Nova. I can see the 360 view being useful for competitive multiplayer. Is this something you're looking into doing?

At least upon launch, GOF3 will not have real-time competitive multiplayer gameplay. But the game world will be connected and there will be asynchronous co-op features that foster and reward team play. The 360 view will also not be in the game. We made that video to give you the chance to explore and experience a complete orbit in an all-new interactive way. :)

As like you guus mention above, AI in the game will be much more better and smarter, but don't make it too smart and too dumb, let's make it different depending the game's difficulty. Also there are some information that pocket gamer mention about the game: there'll be 20 space ship to be customized in the game, is that real?

Cheers, Maryo. The AI will of course be well-balanced and the enemies will be challenging, but not unbeatable. To be honest, I don't know the concrete numbers of ships that will be in the game upon launch. But it will be quite a few and they will be customizable and upgradable.

I love the game

Even though I'm a gof2 veteran I can't sign in to go for 3 beta since I don't remember my user password, any attempt to recover or register fails HELP please

Cheers, Letoyez. To recover your password, please contact our support team via http://support.dsfishlabs.com. I'm sure, they can help you out. :)

Ich möchte dieses spiel haben

I am a player from China, want to play quickly to MANTICORE - GOF3, come on you more excellent space game works

Wann ist denn das offizielle Release der Sommer 2016 ist leider noch lang. weis man da schon was genaueres

Leider können wir den Releasetermin noch nicht genauer bestimmen. Sobald wir da etwas Konkreteres sagen können, verkünden wir es natürlich über alle Kanäle.

I can't wait for the game! Good job guys!

Ich habe drei Fragen, 1. kann man in GOF3 auch weiterhin so frei innerhalb eines Orbits, von System zu System oder von Planet zu Planet fliegen wie in GOF2, oder wird das ehr so sein, wie in Infinity Blade, dass man einen Hub hat und dann auswählen muss, welche Mission man machen möchte und dann in diesem Sytem spawnt, bzw. wie in Manticore Rising nicht zu weit von der Mission weg durfte (ich habe die Bewegungsfreiheit in GOF2 sehr gerne gemocht) 2. wird das Spiel Free2Play und mit in-App-Käufen oder kostet es etwas? und 3. wird das Spiel wieder voll in Deutsch vertont sein oder nur in Englisch, wie GOF Manticore Rising?

1.) Die Navigation von System zu System geschieht über die Starmap -- zumindest am Anfang. Später kann es gut sein, dass wir auch ein Sprungtorsystem wie bei GOF2 einbauen werden. Im Gegensatz zu den Vorgängern wollen wir GOF3 im Anschluss an den Release kontinuierlich ausbauen und erweitern. 2.) Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore wird als kostenlose App mit In-App-Käufen erscheinen. 3.) In welchen Sprachen wir eine vollständige Vertonung anbieten werden, steht aktuell leider noch nicht fest.

Wird man die Möglichkeit haben, abseits der Mission in einem Orbit herum zu fliegen?

I love how playful the npc's seem in the video... Their nothing like the ridged movements they had in GoF 2. I also really liked the color and sound of it all. It reminded me of something like Star Trek! Huuuuuuge fan guys, great job to all of you!

We're really glad you enjoy the things you've seen of GOF3 so far that much. We are also very happy with the way the game develops. And yes, in many aspects, such as enemy AI or level design, we will make a tremendous step forward.

Any idea on the release date though? Kinda dying to get my hands on the game

We're aiming at a release in summer 2016. Unfortunatly, that's the most concrete we can say at the moment.

I'm really excited for this game! but i have a few questions... 1. will I be able to play with out internet? 2. any idea how much the final app size will be at launch? (eg. >1 gb, <1 gb, or 2 Gb)

Since your progress will be synched with our servers before and after each mission, you need at least Edge to run the game. However, since the action gameplay itself is not loaded from the servers, a rather bad connection will not cause the game to lag. We are still trying to optimize the client size and keep it as low as possible. So we cannot say anything concrete about it at this point. Given the game's depth and scope, it will definitely need a bit of space on your device.

I can't wait for the game. As long as you can get it out sometime this year I will be really happy. Thanks for the hard work!

That's great to hear, Andre! Thanks a lot for your support. Of course, Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore will be out this year. We are currently aiming at a release in summer 2016.

galaxy on fire 2 was great. Nethertheless there were a few things that annoyed me very much. I hope you will make other enemies stronger (they should use more weapons than one at the same time (and also different ones). The second thing is, that the speed of my vessel was was slower than the npc's. i hope you'll give every spaceship its own 'realictic' speed and/or make the speed depending on something like an engine/generator or whatever you can upgrade, improve or change in some way. no doubt this game will be great. But i honestly think, with those two fixes your game will set new standarts in every thinkable way ;)

In those two areas, Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore will indeed see huge improvements. The enemy AI is much more diverse than that in Galaxy on Fire 2. And you will also face a broader variety of enemies. Especially the bosses, who all have their signature maneuvers and attacks, will be quite a challenge. Also, in Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore flying is much more dynamic and less "sluggish". This makes dogfights a lot more interesting and intense.

Wird es diesmal einen Multiplayer Modus geben? Dies fehlte mir nämlich in Galaxy on Fire 2 noch. Und in Alliances fehlte mir das Fliegen eines eigenen Schiffes. Das hätte man in Alliances ja so machen können das man z.B. mit dem Carrier fliegen hätte können und von dort aus die Waffen des Carriers (Die Geschütztürme aus GoF 2) abfeuern hätte können. (Mir ist bewusst das dies mehr Arbeit gekostet hätte und mehr Speicherplatz auf den Endgeräten verbraucht hätte). Aber wie gesagt ist meine Frage: Wird es einen Multiplayer Modus geben und wenn ja wie würde der dann in etwa aussehen?

Es wird in GOF3 weitreichende Coop-Features geben, die es dir erlauben, dich mit deinen Freunden innerhalb des Games zu verbinden und gegenseitig vom Fortschritt des jeweils anderen zu profitieren. Herzstück des Ganzen wird ein asynchrones Coop-Feature sein, bei dem du die Schiffe deiner Freunde als Wingmen mit auf Missionen nehmen kannst.


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