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An old Race of masterful Ship Builders: How the Nivelians gained a Foothold in the Neox Sector [DEV BLOG #6]

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by DS FISHLABS (Mobile Space Action Shooter / SciFi, Fight, Aliens, Games, Let's Play, Coming Soon)

Both the oldest and the most advanced of the three classic races in the GOF universe, the Nivelians – a breed of bipedal reptiles – began to conquer space long before the Terrans and Vossk attempted to leave their home worlds. Yet, the rapid progress they made many moons ago did not only bring forth wealth and prosperity. Too widely spread was their empire and too sparsely manned were their outposts. Shattered from within by civil wars and from the outside by revolting newcomers, the Nivelians’ interstellar network collapsed almost as quickly as it came into being. Busy sweeping up the shards of their once-mighty civilization, the Nivelians henceforth focused their efforts on internal rebuilding rather than further expansion. And thus, they did not follow the Terrans and Vossk into the Neox Sector right away. Instead, they only arrived there at a later point, when a sudden discovery reignited the entire faction’s interest in that far-off patch of space.

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by DS FISHLABS (Mobile Space Action Shooter / SciFi, Fight, Aliens, Games, Let's Play, Coming Soon)
A collection of rough sketches of a Nivelian capital ship. They all sport the characeristic blue color and iconic double-hull frame.

By the time their fleet arrived, however, vast parts of the Neox Sector had already been populated; and those in charge of the areas in question did not fancy the idea of sharing their newly colonized turf with the Nivelian late starters. So what options did the Nivelians have? Not too many, unfortunately. Still not strong enough to wage war on a dozen different fronts, the reptile commanders grumblingly erected a colony in a still-unclaimed system to show presence and keep a watchful eye on the other factions’ operations – patiently waiting for the day that their glorious empire will have returned to former strength.

Admittedly, the official trailer is rather Terran- and Vossk-centric than Nivelian-focussed. But it still gives you a nice impression of the environment the Nivelians have set up camp in.

Probably the biggest pride of the Nivelians as a nation is their ability to make some of the most elegant and accomplished space ships in the entire galaxy, such as the grand Aegir or the hard-hitting Kinzer. While their fighters are held in high esteem by pilots across all sectors, their capital ships have not yet earned the same reputation. This is due to the fact that the Nivelian frigates and battle ships had not been sent on foreign assignments in ages. And consequently, not many space travelers have seen them yet. When the Nivelians headed for the Neox Sector, however, they got several of these blue-shimmering behemoths in motion again – for the first time in decades! So be aware, everybody. During your travels through the many orbits of Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore, you will sooner or later cross ways with a twin-fuselaged capital ship commanded by proud and principled reptiles!

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by DS FISHLABS (Mobile Space Action Shooter / SciFi, Fight, Aliens, Games, Let's Play, Coming Soon)
A polished "final concept" of the Nivelian battle ship in Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore. Wait till you see that beauty floating through the orbit in front of you!

Well, we hope you enjoyed this little wrap-up of the history of one of the galaxy’s most distinct factions. And, of course, we hope you cannot wait to take place behind the control stick of a Nivelian fighter, scout or gunship. We do not want to spoil too much at this stage, but in Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore you will be able to fly remade Nivelian ships from the previous GOF games as well as entirely new models. So let us know: Which Nivelian ships would you love to rediscover in GOF3 the most? And what is the first thing you are going to do when your radar indicates the presence of a Nivelian capital ship?

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Ich finde ihr solltet die wraith und Veteran auf jedenfall wieder mit einbauen :) die beiden sind ja schon seit gof1 mit dabei und einfach zwei der klassiker :)

Will this game be like GoF2 because I can honestly say GoF2 was one of the greatest if not still the greatest game I've ever played on a smartphone. I hope GoF3 will not be something like Clash of Clans or apps that offers in app purchases over "crystals" or "gems". That being said, keep up the good work and I can't wait for GoF3

I agree. I'd rather pay up front for agame like GoF2 with an interesting story line and a hero character like Kieth T. Maxwell. I still play it offline, after the super nova episode. One of the few games of its kind.

Hey there, guys. GOF3 will, of course, be a space action shooter with exceptional 3D graphics and intense dog fights. But it won't be merely a better-looking copy of GOF2. Upon launch, the title will be rather action-centered and we won't have the trading angle in the game from day one. Instead, we have heavily elaborated on the action and fighting -- more diverse missions, better enemy AI, more spectacular maneuvers, more complex environments and and and. It's really gonna be awesome! And the best about it... this will only be the beginning. With the "launch version" we lay the foundation for something much, much bigger. So once the game is out, expect new content and features to be added regularly.

Can't wait! I loved GoF 1&2 and also still play it from time to time. I'm so excited for GoF3 but please please please don't ruin it with massive in-app purchases. I dont mind buying an in-app purchase for new content but if there is any kind of "pay to win" aspect it will totally ruin the game and I will leave a 1 star review after deleting it from my iPad. I would rather pay $25 up front for the game if it means no IAP. Regardless, I hope this comes out soon. I have not found a game for iOS that is anywhere close to how good GoF was!

Galaxy on Fire 2, is still one of the best games on the app store, I'm still playing even after I finished the Supernova add-on. The best part was that it wasn't a pay-to-win. I'm fine paying for more game-time, but not to buy gems, or credits, or anything like that. What I'm really hoping for is amazing graphics, great story-line, and no Pay to Win Mechanics that would ultimately ruin the game for everyone. What I'm trying to say is, I'd rather pay upfront than to pay for Pay to Win IAPs.

Awesome! Just restarted playing GOF2 seconds ago and saw developer's blog. Agree with fight, GOF2 is a phenomenon whose quality and playability makes it a rare find especially on tablet. I'm hyped to hear that GOF3 is coming. Eagerly awaiting now. Thanks for the gaming.

Hallo DS/FL Team, hallo Commanders Dieses Nivelianische Battleship erinnert mich an Das Trägerschiff des Widerstands (Walhalla) in Star Battalion (2010). Habt ihr euch da Inspiration geholt? Am liebsten sehen in GoF3 würde ich die Spectre (nur nicht ganz so teuer), wobei die Aegir natürlich auch ganz nett ist. Insofern es wieder so etwas wie eine "Zerstörer-Zerstörer" Quest gibt, wird meine Reaktion auf ein Capital-Ship das intensive drücken des Feuerbuttons sein. Ich freu mich schon wie an Weihnachten :D MfG Kobra

Wir wollen noch nicht zu viel verraten, aber mindestens eines der von dir genannten Schiffe wird es in der Tat in GOF3 geben. :) Inwiefern Star Battalion beim Design des nivelianischen Battleships Pate gestanden hat, kann ich leider nicht sagen. Da müsste ich nochmal bei der Produktion nachfragen.

I haven't seen much yet that I've wanted to comment on, but as things get going, I keep getting more excited. I'm glad to see Tobi is still with us (it's been a while since the Supernova dev diaries)! I was always a fan of the Nicelian ships (who wasn't?), and while I love all of the ones in GOF2, I hope to see many new ones. My personal favourite must have been the Dace with the ridiculous handling, but I always enjoyed the firepower of the Aegir. When the stealth ships came along, I finally ditched my VoidX, so while it wasn't purely Nivelian, that was my favourite ship in the game. I'm looking forward to following the rest of the development and chatting with the other crazy people who have been following GOF from the very beginning (and any newcomers too, of course)...

Sure I'm still around. And it's pretty cool to hear that you've already followed the Supernova dev diaries waaayyyy back... and that you're still with us and excited about the next GOF game. It will be different from GOF2 in quite some aspects, but I'm sure you're gonna love it! The orbits never looked more spectacular, the enemies never fought fiercer and the dog fights never were more intense!

Will gof3 work on ipad 4? cuz i really cant afford a new one where i live, its too expensive in my country :/

At this point in time, it is still too early to name any concrete hardware requirements. We try our best to include as many devices as possible, but we have to see how far back we can go without significant performance drops. Fingers crossed, your device will be able to run GOF3 once it's out. :)

I can't wait to see these Nivelian ships!

Ive just got this question, will gof 3 be a free app or will it be paid? Just asking. (PLEASE LET IT BE FREE, I ENJOYED GOF 2 HD SO MUCH). Also just asking, when will it be released? Im just asking all of this cause im planning on buying the two expansion packs of gof so yeah.

They want to make it free. And they want to realese it at the end of this summer.

For Android please... Bu oyunu çok seviyorum ve Android e gelmesi için sabırsızlanıyorum

Bring back the Salvehn! This was a great ship for completing most of GOF2, and better looking than most in its price range. Looking forward to seeing it again. This time with an automatic turret!

...but we cannot reveal the names yet. One way or another, the Salvehn is indeed one helluva vessel that offers great value for money!

I have been hoping for an online play on Gof2 but thank God. GOF3 is exactly what I ve prayed for I just can't wait :)

I am eagerly and anxiously awaiting the release of Galaxy on Fire 3. Galaxy on Fire 2 really set an entirely narrow bar for other game developers to follow. This is quite evident by the lack of games with the same core engine and user experience as GOF2. The trailer, which is actual gameplay, is marvelous and extremely exquisite. The space stations are brilliantly detailed and apropos to a future of realism and scale. And the game isn't even finished yet. Some of the things I would hope to see from this latest release is a better AI for more challenging fights, proximity vessel collisions, more space station traffic, and I even thought that it would be amazing that if you were naughty in this sector, a bounty would be placed on your capture or and/or death so hunters would come looking for you until you paid up or made things right again. I really can't wait. Hopefully this will be released before or during the WWDC.

Please remake the ghost! It was my favourite ship in gof2, sooo badass! Before that i used an aegir and i never unlocked the specter... It would be cool to see again those two ships also ;D P.s. And maybe the good old wraith from gof 1 java on my ancient nokia 6630? @_@

Personally I have been a big proponent of the Dark Angel and the Bloodstar. At the very least, I would like to see the Dark Angel return in 3. One question I have is if you are retiring the trade aspect of the game, how then will you enhance or improve your ship? What mechanic will you employ to address this? I know a few people who play GoF 2, and they all have their own 'wish list' to personalize the same ship - so I very much hope that the capacity for this will remain a part of the game. It also bears repeating - please, please, PLEASE none of the freaking in-app purchases. There are few things more infuriating than buying a game only to discover that it is thereafter necessary to pay to win. GoF 2 offered the option of spending real money to acquire in-game currency, but the key here is that it is an OPTION. If you choose not to do so, you are still able to complete the game and enjoy it, fortunately without dealing with a collection of pay-to-ruin players who seem content to actively destroy the achievements of those who choose not to spend in such a manor. As contrary to current philosophy as this might seem, removing (or minimizing as with GoF 2) the pay option from a single-player platform is better by far than the alternative; if GoF 3 is at all multiplayer compatible having a pay-to-win feature will sink it.

The KinzerRS was my favorite. I hope there are more like it.

Cheers, V S. Of course, you will be able to improve your ship in GOF3. You will be able to build new weapons and gear from blueprints and equip your differing ships with a broad variety of lasers, cannons, missiles and so on. As you are a bounty hunter in GOF3, you will be able to earn credits from contracts (i.e. missions). If you are lucky, you also might be able to loot some dough from enemies you've taken down.

Man erkennt sofort die Ähnlichkeit zu den nivelianischen Schiffen in GoF2, gut gemacht :). Ihr habt schon vor einigen Wochen gesagt, dass die Raumstationen im Nachfolger organischer sein werden, wird das dann auch zur Folge haben das es ersichtlicher ist warum sich die Raumstation dort befindet wo sie ist? Z.B. dass es nicht einfach bei jedem Planeten eine Raumstation gibt und manchmal eine Raumstation ohne Planet vorzufinden ist, einfach weil es dort ein Asteroidenfeld gibt, dass sich lohnt auszubeuten? Wird es im Gegenzug auch Raumstationen geben die ohne ein Asteroidenfeld vor der Haustür vorkommen? Werden sich die Asteroidenfelder auch mal in weiterer ferne befinden, ihr Platz variieren? Wird es sich dieses mal lohnen auch mal in die Tiefen des Orbits vor zu dringen und verlassene Stationen finden lassen(von Piraten besetzte Stationen wie bei den Nivelianern?) oder Wrackteile ( die sich vielleicht wieder Hacken lassen?) oder ein Asteroidenfeld mit besonderen Erzen? Wird es auch mal möglich sein auf Planeten Basen zu landen? Wird der Sektor groß (wird es wieder eine große Karte geben)? Das sind so die Fragen die mich am meisten interessieren, weil das großteils die Mängel von Gof2 waren. Ich hoffe ihr werdet den Neox Sektor nachvollziehbarer gestalten und hoffe auf schnelle und ausführliche Antwort wie beim ersten mal. :)

Hallo Joel, alle deine Fragen können wir noch nicht beantworten, da das teilweise zu sehr ins Detail geht und wir dann zu viel vorwegnehmen würden. Aber ja, die Stationen sind nicht einfach nur in immergleiche Orbits reingesetzt, sondern es gibt verschiedene Arten von Stationen, die sich organisch in ihre Umwelt einfügen. Das wird schon sehr, sehr cool und wir freuen uns, diesbezüglich schon bald mehr sagen und zeigen zu können!

Wird Mann wieder an Raumstationen andocken können und Aufträge annehmen Waffen kaufen und neue Schiffe kaufen können ps spiele gof1 und 2 schon seit 2009 und habe beide plus add-Ons durchgespielt und liebe sie nach wie vor ..... Weiter so

Was mich am meisten interessiert: wird es nebst dem Online- auch einen Offlinemodus geben? Ich habe GoF2 oft deswegen gespielt, weil es ein gutes Game ist, welches ich auch ohne Wlan spielen kann. Würde ein offlinemodus wegfallen wäre das sehr schade und ich würde es möglicherweise weniger als GoF2 spielen :-/

Es wird immer noch nur den Offline Modus geben. Das einzige was kommt ist ein Co-op Modus ( zumindest laut bisherigen Aussagen).


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