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Travelers, Upstarts and Free Thinkers: The Agenda of the Terrans in the Neox Sector [DEV BLOG #5]

[DEV BLOG #5] Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Mobile Space Action Game)

Albeit a comparatively young race with a short life span, the Terrans have made remarkable break-throughs in the fields of space travel and space faring – many of which were born out of necessity. After the unavoidable flight from their dying home world many centuries ago, the ambitious Terrans quickly found new turf to colonize in the adjacent star systems. From there, their unparalleled opening of new territories began. Erecting outposts and establishing jump gates all over space, their interstellar network grew and grew. Needless to say, this rapid expansion of a fledging, hungry faction did not only find favor among the other inhabitants of the galaxy. And hence followed hard-fought wars with the Vossk and costly skirmishes with the Voids. But both of these conflicts got solved in the meantime – the former via diplomacy and the latter via force. So now, the Terran’s endeavors for expansion are in full swing again, with the Neox Sector being the epicenter of their interest. 

[DEV BLOG #5] Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Mobile Space Action Game)
A high-detail concept artwork of a Terran station in Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore. Compared to GOF2, the stations and other structures in GOF3 are not only much bigger, but also more integral parts of their respective orbits.

The reasons for that are obvious. First, the Terrans want to harvest the abundance of resources the Neox Sector holds – especially the mysterious substance called Mhaan-tiq, which can be found nowhere else in the galaxy. Second, they want to keep their rivals, first of all the Vossk, in check and prevent them from gaining sovereignty over the newly found territory. And third, their inborn curiosity makes it impossible for them not to advance further and further into the unknown, disclosing whatever secrets the inner core of the Neox Sector might hold. Having traversed space with open minds and open eyes for centuries, the Terrans simply cannot ignore the beckoning lure of an uncharted fringe world filled with natural riches beyond belief. If such a place exists, they have to explore it and lay claim to it.

[DEV BLOG #5] Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Mobile Space Action Game)
A collection of rough sketches of Terran pilots, including both civilians and soldiers. Who do you think is the sharpest dresser in this picture? ;)

The majority of Terrans you are going to meet during your flights through the Neox Sector are either stationed there by order of their government or have fled there to escape a dark past better left behind. While the first category includes regimen officials, career soldiers and professional researchers, the latter group consists of bar owners, mercenaries and other upstarts – many of which have not achieved their current positions in an honest way. But that should not unsettle you too much. If you are criss-crossing Neox in a light-n-swift scout, you will already be gone before their weapons are geared up to fire. And if you take on your journey in a heavily armed gunship, the no-goods around should better not pick a fight with you in the first place.

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Ok well try it.

Not sure why I have to wait to play this game... Apple TV?

It is adifrent game to the one on the Apple TV this is after the Apple TV one

Rethink your answer.ml

Wird es Anspielungen auf die Void oder die Supernova geben? Oder die Entwicklung der Phantom? Über Keith trau ich mich garnicht zu fragen. Ich möchte nicht einmal Details wissen. Ein Ja oder Nein genügt. Und es wurde von Gunships im oberen geschrieben. Werden alte schiffstypen wie die Draaken wieder dabei sein? (Ich hoffe auf jeden Fall das der Veteran aus GoF2 wieder dabei ist) Vielen Dank für eine Antwort im vorraus.

Natürlich wird dir im Spielverlauf von GOF3 auch vieles begegnen, das du bereits aus den vorherigen GOF-Teilen kennst. Es wird sowohl "Re-makes" bekannter Schiffe geben als auch Wiedersehen mit bekannten Charakteren. Und noch einiges mehr. Genaure Details können wir dazu aber leider noch nicht verraten.

I remember playing the first Galaxy on Fire, on an old Sony-Ericsson quite a few years ago. The first title was wonderful; and it popped up during a time when not many games available on cellphones had immersive storylines. It was just what I wanted. The second title continued and built on the success of the first, everything that was good, became better. Everything that was bad, became good. Manticore looks promising; but please rid us of Keith T. Maxwell. On that note, what ever happened to the other early title produced by Fishlabs; Deep? It was an equally wonderful game, which felt more personal because of the lack of a stereotypical protagonist, instead, you played whichever character you chose. I would love to see the Deep title continued at some point, as it was no less memorable than the first Galaxy on Fire.

Maxwell is the past. In this game you can create your own character!

Please, no bases (until much later in the game at least). Just a ship, some cargo and a good weapons system. I kinda liked Maxwell Hated GoF Alliances.... A lot

Don't worry, fastpuppy. GOF3 will be an all-out action game. It's all about powering up you ship, taking off into the orbit and kicking pirate ass in breathtaking interstellar environments. If you like intense dogfights with fast-paced maneuvers and spectactular "in the heat" feel, you're going to love Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore!

Will the game be open-world like GOF2 was? I'm worried the game will boil down to "levels" or "Quests" or some other thing where you are on the manticore, get a quest, teleport to a random part of the univers, shoot some guys, and teleport back. I want to have the freedom to go where I want, when I want. I'm a massive fan of GOF2, and I'm worried that this game is going in a direction I don't like. I love your work, and I want to trust you guys, but I've been burned before on games where the "sequel" was a terrible freemium ripoff minigame under a fantastic brand. I understand that you can't make any promises, but would it be possible to assuage my fears a little bit?

Ich finde Gof2 auch wunderbar, die Story wirkt leider aber manchmal, als ob Sie von einem Teenie geschrieben wurde. Wenn diese noch mit der tollen Grafik und dem Gameplay mithalten kann, dann wäre das toll. Bitte keine Stereotypen wie machoide Weltraumfighter und Frauen die sich letztendlich doch nur an Gardinenfarben interessieren. Das beleidigt die Intelligenz eurer Spieler.

Hallo Phil. GOF2 ist an manchen Stellen in der Tat etwas "cheesy". Wir finden das nicht schlecht, da es dem Titel auch seinen eigenen, liebenswerten Charme gibt. Dennoch haben wir uns dazu entschlossen, bei GOF3 einen anderen Ansatz zu verfolgen. Das Spiel wird generell ernsthafter, düsterer und erwachsener. Das Universum ist dreckiger, die Darstellung realistischer und die Charaktere weniger comic-artig. Trotzdem wird es aber auch Momente geben, in denen GOF2 Tribut gezollt wird und in denen sich die alten GOF2-Fans direkt an Szenen aus ihrem Lieblingsspiel erinnert fühlen.

When is it going to be out? I love GOF2

We are currently aiming for a release in summer of 2016.

I've been wishing for a new Galaxy on fire to come out for YEARS!!! And finally it's happening, YES!

I hope there is some story. Manticore on AppeTV is boring. I played a few hours and stopped. Now as a game, I liked the original GOF with its additional packs, I like the story line. I like picking my fights and completing missions, If you are going to go pure fighting mode, you'll cut your audience down in size and people like me will get bored and stop. That means losing $$ for the company. That's not a good business plan to bastardize the GOF name. GOF Alliances is lots of team work, costs too much in money and pits people and factions against each other. You only made one attempt to keep that interesting by introducing the voids, very late into the game. Years later actually. So if manticore for the iPad is a pure shooter game, consider either adding some way to link in info from our other GOF games or you'll make less money or have a dud. I base this on my experience with Manticore on the AppleTV. I like the way it looks, but it's just wave after wave and little to no story or plot, or any real thinking.

No need to worry, Bit2. There is a lot of story in GOF3. It is just being told in a different way. Unlike GOF2, we won't have a linear story with a predefined protagonist anymore. Instead, we will let you choose freely where to go next, whom to attack next and at what speed to proceed. And while you do it, you will learn more about the Neox Sector and its inhabitants via a broad variety of means, including mission briefings, radio calls, character bios and visual storytelling within the levels -- just to name a few. Manticore RISING on Apple TV gives a first impression of what the space fights will be like in GOF3 on mobile, and what the graphics will look like. But in terms of core gameplay, it does not have the variety and depth that GOF3 will have. In GOF3, we have tons of different mission typs, lots of spectacularly designed orbits, a wide range of ships and equipment and, of course, the so-called boss ladders, which make you go after the galaxy's most wanted criminals! Believe me, this is gonna be a helluva lot of fun!

Ich fände es wirklich schade wenn GOF3 nur rundenbaisert ist wie man das im Trailer gesehen hat. Was ich an GOF2 so toll fand war das man sich seine Spielweise aussuchen konnte entweder man macht die Story oder jagt Piraten oder kämpft gegen eine Fraktion usw. Ich hab das Spiel locker 100 Stunden gespielt und hab alles durch gehabt. Mein Ziel jetzt ist es den Void Jäger auf höchster Schwirigkeitsstufe zu bekommen. Man kann doch gleich tower defense spielen wenn es nur rundenbasiert ist ich hoffe da geht noch mehr in der Spielmechanik

Keine Sorge, natürlich wird GOF3 nicht rundenbasiert sein, sondern ein action- und energiegeladener Space Action Shooter mit intensiven Raumkämpfen in atemberaubenden Umgebungen. Hast du vielleicht den Trailer zu Galaxy on Fire - Alliances (dem Strategy-Spin-Off der GOF-Serie) gesehen und die beiden Titel verwechselt? Hier findest du den GOF3-Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJTGY7EKRiw

wan GOF3 raus

Der Release ist aktuell im Sommer diesen Jahres geplant.

Wo kann man sich das Spiel downloaden? Ich habe es eben nirgends gesehen

Hallo Hans, Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore befindet sich zurzeit noch in der Entwicklung. Daher steht das Spiel auch noch nicht zum Download bereit. Wir peilen einen Release im Sommer diesen Jahres an.

When do you guys think its going to come out on Android and which devices is it going to come out?

Sorry, but it is too early to name any specific hardware. We are constantly in the process of optimizing the game in terms of client size and hardware requirements. As soon as we got more concrete information regarding this matter, we will share 'em here and via social media, of course. :)

Will this game have multiplayer or coop gameplay please let me know when or if you are going to do it.

GOF3 has asynch. coop play that lets you hire your friends and fellow players as AI-operated wingmen and have them accompany you on your missions. They will not only help you to prevail in your missions, but you will also be rewarded for teeaming up with others. It's a really cool feature that adds a new angle to GOF and finally lets you explore and experience space with others rather than alone.

Thats gonna be cool, one more reazon to get this game also im a big fan of the gof series and now since gof2 had only singleplayer, adding coop will be great, and thanks for telling me this, also keep up the good work.

Cheers, Albert. Glad to hear you're psyched about GOF3. If there's anything else you'd like to find out about the game, never hesitate to ask. If it is something we can already talk about, we gladly fill you in. :)


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