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Into the Heart of Neox: Exploring the Game World of GOF3 [DEV BLOG #3]

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Dev Blog #3)

Like its prequel Manticore RISING on Apple TV, Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore on mobile also takes place in the Neox Sector. Consequently, all those of you, who have either played the former or read about it on our blog, will already be familiar with the setting of the latter – at least to some extent. However, even if you have played Manticore RISING for hours on end, you will not have seen more than a few excerpts of our new game world. A bit of the clear skies of Trim here and a glimpse of the haunting chasms of Rigant Vortex there, rounded off with a trifle of the scattered debris of Porros. Taken alone, this is quite something. But compared to what is still to come, you have barely scratched the surface!

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Dev Blog #3)
The concept artworks, which served as guidelines for the orbits of GOF3, consist of handmade paintings spiced up with overpainted 3D models.

Located far off the reach of the ruling factions, the Neox Sector quickly became a haven for all those longing to clean their slate and begin anew: runaways, fortune seekers, settlers and shady figures. While the former pursued their goals peacefully, the latter built their fortune on the crooked backs of those too weak to fight back. Thus, the regions of Neox already known to us ended up in the firm grip of rogue pirate hordes, profit-greedy conglomerates and no-good opportunists. And the ones that are still unexplored? Rumor has it that somewhere in the inner core of the Neox Sector lives a withdrawn alien race that has barely made any contact with the other factions yet… but we are drifting off into speculation. So let’s get back to the parts of Neox we know with more certainty. And they are quite interesting, to say the least.

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Dev Blog #3)
The spectatular orbit shown above is Porros Port. It marks the threshold between the familiar Trim region to the poluted Porros region.

Filled with natural riches and isolated from law and order, it comes as no surprise that vast parts of the Neox Sector ooze with collapse, vice and anarchy. In the bordering systems of Trim – the threshold that connects the new world with known space – this can only be sensed sporadically. But the further you advance into the obscured, uncharted heart of the sector, the more uncanny and unfamiliar it becomes. From monolithic industry complexes and neon-lit dens of iniquity to nightmarish shadow worlds and catastrophe-struck areas of cosmic crisis, you will visit all kinds of spectacular locations while playing Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore.  And you better keep your eyes open while roaming these spots. There is a whole lot to discover and the devil, as so often, lies in the detail.

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Dev Blog #3)
In many parts of the Neox Sector, beckoning neon signs will lure you into strip joints, space lounges and other dens of iniquity.

As you might have recognized, all the mood shots we have used to illustrate this blog post show orbits located in Trim. We have picked them on purpose because Trim is the most familiar part of the Neox Sector. Hence, it does not give away too much at this early stage. After all, we want to keep the tension up and still be able to surprise you in the weeks and months to come. But we also believe that Trim alone is quite a remarkable sight. So we hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse at the game world of Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore. As always, we are looking forward to read your comments and learn what aspects of the Neox Sector you find most intriguing.

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GOF's world is my Favorite Place since 2006

Wow, that's amazing! Here's to another 10 years of space faring! :)

I've tried to make my self stop loving to this game, but my efforts have all be futile! LOVE YOU FISHLABS (SINCE 2009)

It's amazing to hear that you've been playing GOF for 7 years now. Not long and you're gonna celebrate your 10-years anniversary. ;)




This game is so amazing I can't stop playing it is a well thought out game great graphics and alot more THIS GAME AWESOME

Although there's still many things to discover, I can be patient waiting and wish y'all best luck, since 2009, I've played Galaxy on Fire 1 on my old java phone, later in 2010 I played the GoF 2 in the same platform too, and in 2014-2015 I played GoF 2 HD and finish all three stories including Valkyrie and Supernova on my Android, this is a spectacular journey, I'm very wished to continue my journey in the next series, so wait for me, I'll coming for the game when it's released '-')b

..that was released on all the following platforms - java, ios, Android, pc, Mac. Am I right, FISHLABS? And your games were the most impressive pieces of code(considering the size) that I ever seen..they were absolutely unmatched in the industry of J2ME games. I've played GoF, GoF2, Deep(maybe my all time favorite game actually..if only you could make a remake of that one that would be it!!), Rally Master Pro and Robot Alliance, and each and every one was unbelievable technical achievement. So you really have quite some legacy, Fishabs. Hopefully this game lives up to it, and finds its place in the harsh, attention deficient environment of current mobile gaming. It would be great if the actual effort you put into the game would be enough for it to pay off, but unfortunately it will take just as much work, plus tons of luck to even put the game under some spotlight.

I played deep a long time ago(back in 2009 i believe) in my old noki with simbian s40 and i loved it, i tried to find it again in 2011 to find nothing, i really wish they take it back with a HD remake or something it was a great game!!!

I've played GOF2, Valkerie and Supernova since 2010 and I keep going back to play them. I surmise you don't get many 66 year old persons enjoying such an enjoyable experience of space, thank you.

I've been playing GoF since the first one and I've seen it come along way I love the second so much I've put waay over 150 hours in one save file I can't wait for the 3rd one to come out I have high hopes and know you'll deliver

I was here from the start as well . It is good to know that you are a veteran of this game. Gof1!!!!

Thank you for sharing your GOF history with us. It's really awesome to hear of so many people who had their first encounter with GOF many years ago and are still hungry for more!

That's insane... in the most positive way imaginable! Thanks a million for your on-going support over the years, Nik!


I've played GOF2 for years,and I quite like this extraordinary game

Been playing since 2010 I played the first and even had all the dlc's in the second love this game literally the best mobile game ever

Started playing gof many many years ago on my nokia cellphone. Back then it was terrible quality for it was not touchscreen, but I really liked it anyways.It was only gof1, and after I finished it, searched for gof2, but it wasnt aviable for such phones. Silly or not, gof was one of the reasons I bought iPod and I was so excited to play it.it was 6 years ago I guess. Loving this game since nokia phones! Cant wait to have manticore.

Thanks a lot for sharing your GOF history with us! It's really cool that you've played the game since the Java days... that's what we call a true veteran! ;)

Going to add a suggestion for this new game. Is it possible to make the stations much larger than they are in the current game (GOF2)? The scale seems pretty off- for example those little spots of light that represents windows on the station makes the station seem quite large, yet in reality the little spots of light are very small compared to a ship (when I feel that it should be about the same size). Plus, larger stations would make the scenery much more grandiose and breath taking.

You're absolutely right. The stations in GOF3 will be much more complex and impressive than the ones we had in the first two GOF games. I can't go into detail about it yet, but we will publish a whole dev blog on that subject at a later point. :)

The GOF games are second to none and i have played eve for 8 years. But one thing that always got me was if i could own my own station why can i get a capital ship or to after you beat the game just to have for pirate hunting and for fun. But thats just me. Ok brown coats fly safe.

Like to play more game

Absolutely love this game, been playing since 2010 its the best game ive ever played on a mobile device, i was more than happy to pay for all the addons as well it was well worth it and ive replayed the game several times as its just so good! Cant wait for manticore it looks like itll be great and you havent dissapointed me yet fishlabs!!! GOF3 BRING IT ON!!!!

I know this may seem like a stupid question to ask but when exactly will this be available on mobile?

Not even exactly just what time scale are we talking? Days, weeks, months, more?

Did I just read that correctly? "In many parts of the Neox Sector, beckoning neon signs will lure you into strip joints, space longues and other dens of iniquity." Whole other reason to look forward to the release am I right?


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