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10/20/2016 | 01:58 pm | 19 comments

VIP Package: Gear up for the coming fight [DEV BLOG #18]

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (VIP Package Enlist Community Features Starmap Exploration Game World Feedback Gamers Gaming SciFi Shooter Mobile Softlaunch Update)

Pilots, as many of you already know, you can now sign up to receive a special VIP Package over at www.GOF3Manticore.com. It is a little “Thank You” for your ongoing support. The items in the package will help you start your endeavors in the Neox Sector with a bang once Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore has launched globally. But there is more. If the last reward gets unlocked, all receivers of the VIP Package will get an exclusive paintjob on their first ship, the legendary Groza. The carbon-black primer and red highlights make the ship look even more dangerous and viper-esque. A real eyecatcher!

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (VIP Package Enlist Community Features Starmap Exploration Game World Feedback Gamers Gaming SciFi Shooter Mobile Softlaunch Update)
The fourth and last reward you can unlock in our VIP Package is this special paintjob for the Groza, which you might know from Galaxy on Fire 2.

To get it, however, more pre-registrations are required. Only if enough community members come onboard, the VIP-meter advances and new rewards get added. So spread the news among your friends and fellow players. As our community, you hold the key to unlock all of the exclusive goodies in our VIP Package!

If you have not yet become a VIP fan of Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore, go to www.GOF3Manticore.com and fill in the registration form. While doing so, please make sure to tick the box that allows us to send you news and information via e-mail. We need this permit to distribute the VIP Packages once our game has launched globally. We look forward to see you in the Neox Sector!


The model doesn't look that good. The cockpit region looks kinda low def and weird. BUT DAMN IT IM HYPED.

i've got this mesage when i try to enlist," An error occured. Either your desired user name is not available or you did sign up to our User Area before. If the latter is the case, you are already booked for the VIP Package." what wrong ? am'i already booked ? or fail ?

That just means that you're already in their system and are, therefore, already signed up for the VIP package.

Hallo,ich weiß zwar nicht wie es den anderen geht aber ich würde gerne mal wissen ob es ein konkretes Datum gibt wo die android Version erscheinen wird oder ähnliches, weil der Zeitraum Herbst kein wirkliche genaue Angabe ist. Ich glaube das ich hier auch für viele spreche wenn ich sage das wir uns auch über eine offenen Beta freuen würden, weil wir würden dieses Spiel gerne spielen. Hoffe auf eine baldige erfreuliche Antwort und wünsche ansonsten noch einen guten Tag :)

Ja, ein generelles Releasedatum wäre schon wünschenswert, ursprünglich hiess es ja mal Sommer 2016. Ich kann natürlich verstehen das ihr das Spiel zuerst komplettieren könnt und das wäre auch sehr wünschenswert, ein fertiges Spiel zu bekommen, aber so die angabe eines etwas genaueren zeitspanne wäre schon toll.

Eine genauere Angabe wäre wirklich wünschenswert!

Good job.

So when's the Android release? Will it happen alongside iOS or later?

Hey Tobi, I tried enlisting as a VIP fan, but (for whatever reason) the button does Nothing, nothing at all. I'm on my iPad. Pls try solving the problem.

I have the same problem on Ipod touch 5g!

Have you already registered to our User Area before? If so, you will automatically be considered for the VIP Package. Normally, you should have gotten a notification via pop-up in that case. Our web devs are currently looking into the matter.

Has it really released worldwide?

Please tell me it will work on iPad3..

When I try to enlist I put my email, username and password in but when I press the enlist button nothing happens. I'm not sure if I am enlisted or not. If you could help that would be great as I am getting the game today and I'm really Looking forward to it, especially as I have been following the development and it's made me really excited. Thanks

Same problem for me also.

If you have signed up for our User Area before, you will already be considered for the VIP Package. Normally you should get notified about this via a pop-up message. Our web team will look into this...

Reminds me more of a terran inflict than a groza... Looks beautiful in red and black though! I hope the game comes out soon!!!

I enlisted but cannot figure out how to redeem the package. There is no option to do so in the GUI from what I can tell in the game.

When I try to put a username, email and password, it says "an error occured please try again." Please help.

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