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10/06/2016 | 04:43 pm | 16 comments

Thanks for voting: Following up on our community poll [DEV BLOG #17]

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Community Poll Features Starmap Exploration Game World Feedback Gamers Gaming SciFi Shooter Mobile Softlaunch Update)

Pilots, we are overwhelmed by your response to our first-ever interactive dev blog. Over the past two weeks, we received tons of votes and comments from you. Our poll is now officially closed. We have already started evaluating the results and laying out the next steps. While it is still a little early for us to go into detail on this matter, we can already tell you that the implementation of select features from the poll is in full swing. We will get back at this topic at a later point. For now, thank you all for your enthusiasm, engagement and ongoing support. And keep your eyes and ears open! Presumably next week, we will have more cool news for you!

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Despite the fact that Exploration mode won, is there any chance the other features will happen as well? Especially the repair timer removal. The timers detract quite a bit from the experience.

Bit by bit, we want to add all of these features (and more!) to the game. Some of them will already be present in the launch version, others will be added via future updates. We keep you posted on this, of course!

So does that mean we can expect the exploration mode in the launch version?

If you are going to ever remove the timers, make sure you do it before launch - you'll get all sorts of bad press if you wait and do it afterwards.

Was haltet ihr denn von meiner Idee, das man bei Schiffen z.B. die Farbe ändern kann? Ich würde mich auch sehr über Mehrspieler (PvE und PvP) freuen, z.B. übers gleiche Wlan oder Bluetooth. Ich fände auch noch ein verbessertes Handelssystem (ähnlich wie bei Gof2) toll, das man an verschiedenen Stationen andocken und handel treiben kann.

Würde mich sehr über eine Rückmeldung von euch freuen!

Fände ich auch super

Danke für das Feedback. Wir leiten es an unser Entwicklerteam weiter. Allerdings sind das alles Featureideen, deren Umsetzung sehr aufwändig ist. Sollten wir etwas davon realisieren können, so würde dies eine ganze Weile dauern.

Danke für die Rückmeldung, würde mich sejr freuen, wenn eine meiner Ideen umgesetzt wird!

Wisst ihr denn schon, ob Gof3 vorraussichtlich noch im Oktober oder erst im November erscheint?

jetzt November oder Dezember

Könnt ihr wenigstens schon sagen, wann ihr das Erscheinungsdatum von Gof3 ankündigt?

Have you considered maybe dropping one of the ships from GOF3 into GOF2 with one last "farewell" update? Just to promote GOF3 and to give GOF2 one last hurrah. There might still be some GOF2 players who don't know GOF3 is happening - and that'd be a shame. I know I'd like it. Just a thought.

Ya tottaly that would be so dope awesome. honesly, if gof 2 had an update for an endless stealth ship update, id be so extatic, always wanted to fight them more

Yes! Just yes!!! Promotional ship from the new game in 2 would be great! Somthing i could work for again concidering ive done everything and bought everything already. This should be a definite must for a last update!

Of course, if they do that then I will have something to do in GOF2 during the time that they take to release GOF3. Besides, I don't think it would be too difficult to do it, after all they have all the information they need already and only need to make slight adaptations. How come they never thought about it??

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