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09/22/2016 | 12:10 pm | 209 comments

Community Poll: Tell us what you want to see in GOF3! [DEV BLOG #16]

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Welcome to our first interactive dev blog, pilots! If you have read our “kick-off” interview with Pocket Gamer in March 2016, you will remember that we conceived the world of Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore as an ever-evolving universe that will constantly be expanded. In the months following up on said interview, a lot has happened. Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore softlaunched in select territories and we received tons of feedback from you through our social media channels and forums.

We are happy to present you a selection of new features that the community suggested and that we have already started working on. Let us know which of them you would like to see in our game the most.

We hope you are as excited about these features as we are. If you still have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us here on our blog or via social media. As always: Keep your comments, and this time also your votes, coming!

To be considered for Early Access to Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore as well as other products from our future release pipeline, sign up to our User Area via http://bit.ly/gof3-signup-blog. For more exclusive insights into the next GOF game, hop over Facebook and follow the official fan page via http://www.facebook.com/gof3manticore.


Just release the thing!!!

If you want the game to be perfect then just have patience


it will be ptw so it wont be perfect. dumbass


Its free to play!? How should crap like that ever be perfect??? I'm done with this developer. First the smash ads into GOF2 (A GAME I FULLY PAYED!!!) and now free to play crap. Good bye.

I loved GoF2 and would gladly pay $10 to buy GoF3 but only if there are no IAP consumables (credits). I don't like games that "slow bleed" users and I'll just move to another game. That's why I stopped playing so many games. That said I know developers need to keep making revenue from existing users, but that's what add-on DLC is for. Make new stories! Make new ships! Put them together into IAP expansions and I'll be happy to pay for that!!

i fully agree. i own all the IAP's for GOF2 and i love it! hope the new one is as good as GOF2.

I second it, please release it, I was lookin for the "all the above" option

It would probably take them about a month more before they release, that is , unless they encounter some "unforeseen delays".

Don't rush it though, I don't want there to be bad bugs and stuff, those type of things can happen by rushing games

wasnt the timer, missing open exploration and other missing featueres of gof2 the actual bug thats messing the game?

Agree. Release it. It's been teased long enough.

I'd like to see this thing across all platforms - apple shouldn't be the only one...

This has been taking quiet a while for release. They announced it a year ago and it still isn't out. :(

fully agree - i am really thinking to start other games to get addicted, just to prevent me from loading it in whatever future.....

Also please make it free roam without being connected online as GOF 2 was way better. Also please remove timer and all complicated stuff.

That is the best mode and the wormhole make it like the gof 2 the gof 3 wormhole is not that good i watch the gameplay and i didnt like it just ma opinion tho

I played GoF Manticore rising and think the controls and fights are awful. So please take controls and playgame from GOF 2 and renew the graphics and add more option for trade and fight e. g. Build out outposts and space stations. Construct carrier ships. Build out factories for crafting materials and trade ware. Managing trade routes and contracts with pirates an alien parties. Defend and save space areas. Random attacks from other parties. Joining multiplayer matches and destroy ships finally in last man standing matches. There's a lot of stuff to do but nothing to change on controls and gameplay of GoF 2.

Oh my gosh i'd die for this game! That'd be so freakin perfect that's all i wanted to see in gof3. I hope this is gonna be gof3 in the future or if not, in part 4.

Complicated things is key. The more the better.

I honestly do not thank that exploration mode would be fun without certain features, such as wrecks and stuff. Still, it would be a cool addition.

My favorite features: Blueprints Shop Ads Remover Good Campagin Exploration Mode

Not an apple fan so what gives? How about us android or pc users?

My wife has iphone, but I refuse to pay out the you know what for locked down over-priced hardware. Please release to android as it would be a shame to end my enjoyment with GF2.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rockfishgames/everspace/description Made by the original gof team

The reason why three aren't releasing for apple is that it's simply much more easier for them as they don't need to optimised it for so many devices. However for android. There are a long list of devices that they must optimise the game for and it's simply too much work. Thus, they're working on relarasing the game for iOS first, then later in the year hopefully they will finish and release it for android.

Hi, there are plans for an Android version. We can't say much about the release date of it yet.

I think the Worldwide release in autumn this yeah will be for IOS and Android users.But aß far as I know they won't release a PC version

Please do NOT link the game to a single device. On GoF2 I was asked to rebuy the game after I changed tablet. I won't buya game I can't migrate across devices. Think about it.


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