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Saya, Chief of all Things Flying: Meeting the Manticore’s head mechanic [DEV BLOG #15]

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Saya Mechanic Hangar Mercenary Sci-Fi Space Shooter Action Game Character Dev Blog Intro)

Welcome back. Today we would like to present you our 15th dev blog, which was originally due to be released last week but had to be postponed for organizational reasons. We are glad you all returned for this little introduction of one of the key members of the Manticore crew, namely the ship’s head mechanic Saya Nehiro. Those of you playing the softlaunch version of Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore, which is currently available on the App Store in Denmark and the Netherlands, will already have made her acquaintance. After all, she is your very first contact person in the game. Her principal duty is the management of the hangar where you select, upgrade and equip your differing ships. Additionally, she is also the one who informs you about all major changes we apply to the app.

Saya, Chief of all Things Flying: Meeting the Manticore’s head mechanic
On the commando bridge of the Manticore, Saya keeps you in the loop regarding all things happening in the hangar.

Before she took on the gig at the Manticore, Saya’s life was pretty wild and adventurous. After dropping out of school as well as the academy of the Terran Navy, the self-taught tech wiz kept her head above the water by doing all kinds of not-so-legal work – much of which she carried out at the behest of a certain Mkkt Bkkt. Growing older, she longed for a little more order in her life. So she headed for the Neox Sector, where no one asks about your past and everyone gets the chance to start anew.

Saya, Chief of all Things Flying: Meeting the Manticore’s head mechanic
In Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore, you have tons of different weapons and power-ups at your disposal. Saya gladly helps you mount any of them.

With the help of her childhood friend Haley Snocom, she scored a job at Nova Defense Services. But unlike her pal Kyrrk Tast, she does not embark on missions. As head mechanic, she stays on board of the Manticore and looks after the ships stationed there. While the safety and simplicity of her current employment pleases her in many aspects, there are moments in which she lingers after the thrill and adventure of the wild life she left behind.

Saya, Chief of all Things Flying: Meeting the Manticore’s head mechanic
An early concept artwork of the Manticore's hangar. Here, Saya's favorite place to be is stripped entirely bare of all UI elements.

In Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore, Saya will be your first point of contact for all matters concerning your ships. With the hangar being her private little kingdom, you will meet her whenever you are about to pick a differing vessel, mount a new weapon or install another power-up. And she is also the first to tell you when a blueprint is ready, an upgrade is through or an improvement is due. As soon as things get technical on the Manticore, be assured that Saya is right in the middle of it!

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I know you always say that the release is in late summer but it is already late summer and it's autumn soon. So will there be a delay or is it going to be released in the next few weeks ? Can't wait to play even if it's not open world yet which is really sad!

I Fan wait a löst Course it will be Pay2win with repair Timers (2 Hours) After every Mission! Don't believe me just go into Netherlands AppStore and read the comments

Your upgrade is done, done and done!

Warum findet der Softrelease in Dänemark und Holland statt, wenn ihr doch ein deutsches Entwicklerstudio seid?

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore ist zwar schon voll spielbar, allerdings noch nicht komplett. Bis zum weltweiten Release stehen noch jede Menge Anpassungen und Änderungen an. Die Daten, auf deren Basis wir das Spiel weiter fine, ziehen wir aus den Softlaunchländern. Da Deutschland einer unserer stärksten Märkte ist, können wir das Spiel hier nicht schon vor dem offiziellen Release zu Testzwecken im App Store veröffentlichen. Vielmehr müssen sowohl die Inhalte als auch das Balancing bestmöglich ausgearbeitet sein, wenn wir hier live gehen.

Ist denn wenigstens schon abzusehen in welchem Monat Gof3 ca. in Deutschland im App Store zur Verfügung stehen wird?

Leider können wir aktuell nicht viel mehr zum Releasetermin sagen, außer dass wir planen, das Spiel im Herbst diesen Jahres zu veröffentlichen.

After reading that there is a way to get the game now I downloaded it from the Netherlands through creating an Apple ID from Netherlands. I tried the game and it is really not what I expected so there are the few thinks what are wrong but the 1 big problem: You need to repair your ship after each mission (1 mission is something like 5 minutes) for 2-5 hours!! Of course you can skip that through buying special coins with real money If you don't believe me and have an apple just simply log of with your Apple ID than press on logging and say create a new account, select Netherlands as a country click continue agree to the rules from apple and cancel after that stap now you are in the Netherlands App Store. Search galaxy on Fire 3 and click on it than read a few of the other reviews they will prove I'm right The way it is now they ruined the gam totally and made it to a pay to win hopefully they will change a lot of that

2-5 hours repair on a single mission? That's really unreasonable. Or is it that repair times depend on the damage you take? Because in that case I wouldn't mind it as much. But believe me developers, people DO NOT like games that make you wait soooo much, maybe 3-4 hours after an hour of gaming is good, but not hours for just playing minutes.That would make it more like strategy based war and resource management MMO's like GOF Alliances, and NOT an action game.I do like GOFA, but I liked GOF2HD much more. And besides, GOFA was not even an action game anyway, action games must be fast paced to make them fun. And yes Franz, it is possible to change your App Store location but it is unwise as a small error can make you lose all your progress.

How do you change this!?!?! I need to get this game!!!

Sorry, Franz. There seems to have been a misunderstanding here. You don't need to repair your ship after every mission. You can keep flying without any withdrawals until your stamina bar is completely drained. And even then, you can continue flying, albeit with reduced stats. Once you have more than one ship, you can also "juggle" them and pick one while the other is being repaired. That way, you won't have to wait at all, even if you never spend a dollar. Also, please keep in mind that we are still in softlaunch and nothing is set in stone yet. We are evaluating the repair system carefully at the moment, because a lot of players did neither like nor understand it. So our game designers will be having another go at it soon...

Now that's a lot better. I thought that the stats will reduce after every mission, but if you can deplete a "stamina bar" before the stats get depleted, then that's a good thing. And, Tobi, just to let you know, you could introduce a help dialog in the game to explain the repair system as it could help a lot.

When when when when will manticore be available....??? Dyin over here


It is a perfect game.I just love to know more about so I downloaded this game.. and you should add a feature with which we can add our account and save the game

You progress will be saved to our servers automatically after each mission. You can also link the game to your Facebook profile, thus creating a more personalized account.

Will the saved game on your server be linked to a GOF3 account or something? Or is the saved game saved with device information? If the game is deleted from the device, will the save game be retained or discarded? And does it use iCloud on iOS?

If the game is complete and in limited release in a couple of European countries, why is it taking so darn long for it to be released elsewhere? This is just causing frustration and generating ill-will towards your game in an already tough market. Come on folks, ship it!


You should add teams and abilities for each group, and legendary weapons for that team

Hmm.., it is already late summer now... I expected the global release to be sometime now , but so far, no. Has there been a delay, or will it release very soon. Based on your comments(Tobi), it should release any time soon (unless there was a delay), but when exactly?

Sorry, but there has indeed been a slight delay that forced us to move the worldwide release from summer to autumn.

Autumn? Come on... I have been waiting sooo long now.... And just asking, but which months do you cover in autumn?(I would expect late September, October and early November)

That's what we count as autumn. Sorry for the long wait. If there was another way, we'd surely consider it. But GOF3 s going to be the biggest title we've ever worked on. And as such, we really need to give it all the time it takes.

I don't mind waiting an extra month or two if that's what you need, though I don't understand exactly why you soft-released so fast if a lot of work was still left, though again I guess your problem may not even be in the game itself. Though, just to tell you, those of us gamers who actually like the game wouldn't abandon it just because of a few bugs here and there.

The changes we are still applying to GOF3 mostly resulted from the learnings we deduced from the softlaunch. We got a ton of feedback as well as a ton of data, all of which help us to prepare GOF3 for its worldwide roll-out. When we launch globally, we really want this game to be as awesome as it can be. Moving the release date back to autumn was a tough call, because we know that many players cannot wait to lay hands on it. But we believe that it was the right decision... the better GOF3 feels, plays and performs upon launch the more fun people will have with it.

So apparently the soft launch was meant not just to catch any bugs left over after the beta testing, but also to receive feedback and implement changes to make the game better? Funny, but I guess your idea was to appeal to new gamers as opposed to GOF and GOF2 veterans.


Where this game for android phones

Is it necessary that I have already played Manticore Rising in order to understand the story of GOF3 Manticore?


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