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08/18/2016 | 04:01 pm | 14 comments

Manticore has landed in Cologne: Presenting GOF3 to the press at gamescom [DEV BLOG #14]

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Mobile Space Action Shooter Sci-Fi Smartphone Tablet gamescom 2016)

It’s gamescom time! Yesterday, the biggest digital entertainment fair in the world opened its gates again and welcomed thousands of gaming enthusiasts from all across the globe. And we are right in the middle of it, showcasing Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore to partners and participants. As you can imagine, doing so marks a key milestone in our journey towards the game’s worldwide release. After all, we are presenting a game whose performance is good on a broad range of devices, whose backend is firm and whose core gameplay is in place.

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Mobile Space Action Shooter Sci-Fi Smartphone Tablet gamescom 2016)
An over-the-shoulder shot of one of the many presentations the GOF3 team gave at gamescom 2016 in Cologne.

With this in mind, we recommend you to keep your eyes open for articles resulting from our gamescom showcasings. We expect them to be published one after another in the hours, days and weeks to come. There is even a good chance many of these articles will contain interesting information and cool assets you will not have seen before. So stay alert!

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Mobile Space Action Shooter Sci-Fi Smartphone Tablet gamescom 2016)
Behind this door, the GOF3 team meets with media represantatives for hands-on showcasings of Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore and Sacred Legends.

Once a new article about GOF3 has been posted, we will also promote it through our Facebook fan page and Twitter profile. Feel free to follow them both to make sure you remain in the loop regarding all the latest communication from the GOF3 front. For starters, you can already check out two interesting GOF3 pieces, courtesy of Pocket Gamer and Game-Guide.Fr.

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Will we be able to fly around in the galaxy freely or can we just fly around when we have a mission to accomplish ?

But there may be plans to introduce an open world later. Tobi, care to weigh in?

Sorry. All I can say is that all feedback we receive is duly noted. And we are always eager to offer our players the best experience possible...

That's good - at the moment GOF3 is a good game, but it just doesn't feel like Galaxy on Fire. If the spirit of the game can be restored, that'd be the best news I've gotten all year. This whole no-open-world debacle derailed the hype train quite a bit.

Right now, you enter the orbits directly to take on new missions. But we have duly noted that our players also want to be able to traverse the orbits without being distracted by fights...

Being able to travel from one orbit to another with jumpgates or without returning to Manticore would be awesome... As would be docking at stations.

That was one of the bigest improfments from GOF to GOF2 and you didn't implement it right now??? It was so nice to see how you travel around the Systems and to see the random encounters like: Vossk fight against Humans and the other way round. Please wait with your realese and bring this feature back!!!!

It seems from the Dev Blogs that the Midorians as a faction won't be appearing in this game. Will there be an in-universe explanation why? (i.e, still recovering from supernova or simply not interested?)

They're still busy sweeping up the wreckage of the Supernova events. So they won't take part in the exploitation of a new area just yet.

What about the GOFA? Will the updates? You do not hear anything for 10 months.what will be with the game?

Tobi, You have stated that GOF3 will likely be out before the end of the summer. When exactly is the "end" of summer considered to be? :D Really excited for the full release,so I can play it on my phone!

I have been a computer tech for 28 years and it takes time to fix these babes. They are like a puzzle and you have to use process of elimination, just a pity u have not built a shortcut mini puzzle game for those of us that have a brain, Something like the drill in gof2, so we can fix our own flying heaps of junk sooner. See you out there real soon CaptStark

Summer is gone still no release date or any news about gof3. Pls don't keep us in the dark pls

We had to move the release date from summer to autumn. We need the additional time to react to the insights from the softlaunch and prepare the game for its worldwide roll-out. We are working on it with top priority and making good progress. We hope that we can give you more concrete info soon.

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