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Full speed ahead!: Mkkt Bkkt’s illegal space races [DEV BLOG #13]

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (SciFi Action Shooter Space Game Mobile Smartphone Tablet Events Risk)

All work and no play makes even the toughest bounty hunter a dull boy. So every once in a while, you might want to skip a lucrative contract and have some worry-free, reckless fun instead. And whom better to contact with such a request than our good ol’ friend Mkkt Bkkt? Yes, that is right. This no-good tentacle-wiggler has, of course, booked a flight to the Neox Sector as well. Cause rumor has it that his new-found patch of space is not only the most dangerous but also the most lucrative part of the universe these days. And if there is a good buck to be made somewhere in the galaxy, Mkkt Bkkt will jump at it quicker than you can gulp down a shot of S’kolptorr Rum.

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (SciFi Action Shooter Space Game Mobile Smartphone Tablet Events Risk)
Inside the deadly laser net tube of a tunnel race. As you can see, there is not much space seperating your ship from the deadly lasers on your left and right.

So far, Mkkt Bkkt’s dubious reputation has mostly derived from his galaxy-wide drug operations. But recently, he added a new card to his deck. In the Neox Sector, the shifty multipod organizes illegal space races, so-called sprints and tunnel races. While sprints mostly cater to the speed freaks out there, tunnel races are tailored towards the danger seekers. In a sprint, you have to pass twenty checkpoints, which are strategically placed within an orbit, in as little time as possible. Here, being an apt pilot and making clever use of the boost is key to success. In a tunnel race, however, things are a little riskier as you have to maneuver your ship through narrow laser tubes that do severe damage to your hull as soon as you bump into them. Lose your concentration for mere second and your vessel will go up in flames!

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (SciFi Action Shooter Space Game Mobile Smartphone Tablet Events Risk)
Thanks to their light blue symbols, freelance events, such as Mkkt Bkkt's sprints and tunnel races, can be easily spotted on the galaxy map.

For Mkkt Bktt, these high-speed spectacles are a sparkling money source. Each time a sprint or tunnel race takes place, hundreds of decadent arrivistes bet enormous sums on its outcome. But also for the partaking pilots there is also a lot to gain from these random, time-limited happenings. On the one hand, they mark good occasions to test one’s piloting skills. And on the other hand, those who finish an event will receive a generous reward for their efforts. So whenever you spot a light-blue event symbol on the galaxy map, you better act quick. If you let too many hours pass, the event will disappear. Either because Mkkt Bkkt folded up his tents after all participants finished the race in time. Or because the authorities intervened and shut the event down.

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (SciFi Action Shooter Space Game Mobile Smartphone Tablet Events Risk)
A sprint through the rusty, run-down Forrest Wonder location, which some of you might already know from our latest 360 video.

Of course, Mkkt Bkkt’s illegal space races are not the only freelance events you can take on in Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore. Additionally, you will also be tasked to shoot down AI-operated drones in the arena, prevent convoys of smugglers from reaching the next jump gate or vaporize space waste in front of much-frequented flight lanes. The latter job might not sound too glamorous, but it will put a nostalgic smile on the faces of many GOF2 veterans. And Mkkt Bkkt would not be Mkkt Bkkt if he did not have some other aces up his sleeves… any ideas what other events the five-eyed racketeer might stage next? Keep guessing in the comments!

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Wird Mkkt Bkkt auch wieder in der Story vorkommen? Dieses mal vieleicht ein Terraner Schlachtschiff für Vossk Getränke begeistern? Oder die Manticore mit Drogen verseuchen? Oder wird er seine zwielichtigen Geschäfte nur außerhalb der Story treiben?

When will it come out?

Can't wait to play looks awsome

Ikr? I really wanna play it! :D

Glad to hear you're excited. We're already live in Denmark and the Netherlands. And we are making good progress towards the worldwide launch. So you won't have to wait that long anymore.

About how long till a US release?

This game is a disgrace to Galaxy on Fire No free roam No trading Ridiculous Repair times MICROTRANSACTIONS EVERYWHERE LINAR STORY This game is a cash grab, not a true Galaxy on Fire game

Sorry, Jenking. But I beg to differ here. You can make in-app purchases at various points in GOF3, but you never have to. If you are a decent pilot, you can unlock all areas and content simply by playing. And yes, your ship asks for repair after a couple of missions, but that does not keep you from playing. You can either continue with another ship or you can keep flying the damaged ship with reduced stats. Also, the game might not have a linear story and a fix protagonist like its predecessor, but it actually has a deeper lore and more dialogue than GOF1 and GOF2 together. There is a very elaborate and gripping story to be found here; it is just not told in a traditional way but conveyed via mission briefings, cut scenes, radio calls and the likes. Aaaand... the game is of course not final! Instead of being shipped as a finished product, it will be released as a living, growing and constantly expanded service. This means that we will keep working on it nonstop during live operation. So there is always the chance that a feature you are missing now will be added later on via a content update.

So you're saying a trading system and docking at stations other than the Manticore might happen? I hope so. This game had the potential to be better than GOF2 but right now it just isn't there.

At this point, I cannot promise, or even hint at, any concrete feature additions. But we will constantly expand the game, not only in terms of content but also in regard to its functionalities. And we read and review all user feedback we get very carefully. There are, of course, numerous features that will be hard to integrate into GOF3, because they either "break" with the title's gameplay or its economy. But there are also other "not-yet-considered" features that would indeed do nicely in GOF3 in one form or another. Sorry that I cannot go into detail about this... as soon as I can, I will tell you more.

Can you at least give us some examples of features that are 100% off the table? I'd hate to get my hopes up for nothing.

Fishlabs, I love you.

Ich wollte mal fragen, ob ihr schon einen genaueren Zeitraum als Sommer 2016 für die Erscheinung von Gof3 angeben könnt?

Yes!!! Mkkt Bkkt is back! He was a favorite of mine in the earlier games, I'm also really interested in what the races will be like. They look really fun!

Glad to hear you've always had a weak spot for that ol' octopod. Given his standing among the GOF players, it was obvious we had to bring him back. ;)

Will you be able to keep your current progress and weapons and ships from galexy on fire 2

GOF3 will be an all new game, therefore you won't be able to take over your progress. But we do consider giving veteran players of GOF2 a little goodie for their loyalty and support.

What do you consider a veteran player?

Wie kriege ich denn mit, das ich für die Beta ausgewählt worden bin? Wenn ich das über eine Mail mitbekommen sollte würde ich diese höchstwahrscheinlich nicht lesen, da ich dort erstens fast nie reingucke und zweitens dort gefühlt 1000 Mails pro Tag bekomme.

I've been waiting for long time for this game to come out... And looks like my wait is almost over. Can't hold my horses any longer.. HURRY THE HELL UP GUYS !!

Maybe you could implement a reward which the player achieves at a very small chance. This reward would then be the fastest ship in GOF3. It would make sence due this is an illigal race with FAST ships and so. This fastest ship NOWHERE aviable else

Wann erscheint das Spiel endlich????


Hmmm... repairs system take the fun out of games. I now a days i am hating games more and more with their restrictions. Tell me developers! How much fun u find in things that are restricted to you?

Hey :) i have some questions regarding The Factions in Manticore. Will there be Faction specific Sectors? And will there be a system of Influence like in gof2 . Will i be able to Switch from Manticore to lets say The Terran/Vosk Army at some Point in Time since i Being neutral in a Political Conflict seems boring. Im Not 100% shure if i like Manticore but ill give it some Time. Nice Day from Germa...errrr Netherlands :)

In the Neox Sector, the balance of power is slightly different than it is in the rest of the galaxy. Since the Neox Sector is a newfound, unclaimed patch of space, the differing factions have not yet laid claim to vast parts of it. Instead, those parts are ruled (and terrorized) by ruthless pirate gangs and crime organizations. Those are the ones you will struggle with in GOF3.

Does this mean, that The only types of enemies will be Pirates or other Mercs? Do you plan on adding Different types of enemies ( for example Voids/ Stealtth Fighters [gof2] ) or will there be Little diversity in opponents? More Mission diversity would be awesome too :D

Hi Luis, right now your main enemies are pirates. However, there'll be different groups of them, flying Terran, Nivelian and Vossk ships. Of course, we will add more kinds of opponents as well as additional types of missions in the future. And a ton of other kick-ass stuff!

How will this be intagrated? I have been around for all the games and I am a huge fan, yet I'm really confused on how you plan to get all of us veterans these "goodies"? I'm not saying I don't believe you, but how?

To be honest, I'm not sure about it myself. Probably the app will simply check it GOF2 is installed on the device as well. That's how we handled it back in the day when we offered Valkyrie HD for free to veteran players of GOF2 SD.


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