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“Rat ‘em out!“: Gaining valuable intel from informants [DEV BLOG #12]

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Mobile 3D Space Action Shooter Neox Sector Bounty Hunter Dog Fight Simulation)

Tracking down the galaxy’s most wanted criminals is not exactly a piece of cake. While most of their names and faces are known and feared all over the new world, their exact whereabouts are heavily guarded secrets. Operating out of the shadows and eluding the grip of the punchy-but-sluggish authorities, cunning crime lords such as the exiled Vossk female Sh’gaal have managed to bring huge parts of the Neox Sector under their control. Together with their depraved underlings, they terrorize and subjugate the sector’s inhabitants on any given occasion; pressing money, raiding goods, ending lives and committing all kinds of atrocities whenever it pleases them. No wonder that the fear-struck people of Neox are willing to shell out good money to rid themselves of this scourge once and for all. And that is where the mercenary outlets, to which our dear players belong, come into play. Cause unlike the before-mentioned authorities, who are too entangled in their own agendas to uphold law and order, these hard-boiled bounty hunters are a bit more persistent when it comes to locating, and confronting, the very heads of the syndicates. Before they can get to the top, however, they have to tidy up the very bottom…

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Mobile 3D Space Action Shooter Neox Sector Bounty Hunter Dog Fight Simulation)
Take aim and fire all your guns at once! Informants are harder to take down than regular enemies, because the fly better ships and know more skillful maneuvers.

In every criminal organization there are those whose loyalty knows no limits and who would rather die than snitch on their bosses. Often, they owe their lives to the kingpins they are working for and therefore have sworn an oath never to betray them. But at the other end of the spectrum, there are also those who are a little less principled. Some of them are lap dogs that got kicked in the rips too often and have turned against their masters out of spite. Others are cowards that would do anything to get their behinds out of the line of fire. And yet again others are opportunists that promote their own shady careers by sending others to their doom.

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Mobile 3D Space Action Shooter Neox Sector Bounty Hunter Dog Fight Simulation)
If there is one language all informants in the Neox Sector understand, it is the thundering sound of laser blasts against their shields...

The mercs in Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore refer to these not-so-noble delinquents as informants. Usually, informants are low-ranking gang members residing at the bottom of a gang’s internal hierarchy – a mere step above the thugs and goons. They appear at random and they are a harder to take down than average henchmen. But once an informant pops up in front of your crosshairs, you are well-advised to take the extra mile of shooting him down. Before his ship goes up in flames, the informant will try to escape death by either revealing the destination or the weakness of an underboss. And if he does not want to talk, you might still be able to retrieve the desired information from scanning the debris of his ship. In a next step, you will then confront the underbosses, who in turn will fill you in on the locations, weak spots and special abilities of the helper bosses. And the helper bosses finally point you towards the big boss of the area you are currently roaming.

To be considered for Early Access to Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore as well as other products from our future release pipeline, feel free sign up to our User Area via http://bit.ly/gof3-signup-blog. And to get even more exclusive insights into the next GOF game, hop over Facebook and follow the official fan page via http://www.facebook.com/gof3manticore.


Would like to test on iOS

Cheers, Jacob. GOF3 is currently in soft launch in the Netherlands. And we will also run another early access test phase in the not-too-distant future. For a chance to be considered for the latter, all you need to do is sign up to http://bit.ly/gof3-signup-blog.

Umm, yeah, u guys remember the old game that u guys had back in the symbian os?, i think beside GoF theres one thats called Deep on an underwater setting... i've been playing ur games since i had my nokia N85. Now i had played GoF yet again and i friggin loved it, i cant wait for manticore because i would not be a remake and its another story in the galaxy with new elements added into the mix... Sooo, one question, are u planning to do Deep too?, coz i've want to see ur play on the story on a new os and system... just asking...

I need to help test this.... I have waited since I found the second got to see a third..

It's my favorite game ever


I like Galaxy on Fire 2

Ja ich würde gerne GOF3 am IOS testen. Grüße

How would I be able to test out the game

Is this correct or will it be available on Apple tablets ?hkL

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore will be available for smartphones and tablets. The prequel Manticore RISING was an Apple TV exclusive, but the main game will be a mobile app.

I was not happy before thinking the full game was out only on IOS. Anyway I hope it would come out on both android and ios. Coz it would not be fair on fans with with only android devices

after reading all the posts from the previous article I'm hopeful. I know you are choosing a freemium model. but I have 2 questions: 1. is it going be fully voice acted like gof2? 2. is the dark angel going to be in the game? it's my fav gof ship! and to all the haters there's many wonderful freemium games out there that you don't need to spend money to stay powerful!

I'm fine with freemium games to be out there. but this is like say making mass effect, fallout, or skyrim freemium. and not like say fallout shelter. and at least part of it is voiced

This game isn't open world. It's more like we were promised Skyrim and we were given Warframe. Still a good game, but nowhere near AS good, and nowhere near as deep.

Interested in seeing if 3 is as good as 2.

I'm not sure if they had been released at the same time but GoF2 was also in the Mac App store. Will there also be a Mac version for manticore? I would really enjoy that

If i can ask, when the Closed Beta launch? Like the exact time


Good Game!

Will GOF3 start out as a fresh ship? If not, might we be able to transfer data from GOF2 to the third version?

GOF3 will be an all-new adventure, set in a hitherto unexplored part of the galaxy. Therefore, you will not be able to take over your progress from the previous GOF games into GOF3. We might, however, give veteran players a lil' goodie or bonus for their on-going support. But this is something we cannot discuss in detail at this point.

Just want to know what makes me a veteran. I have completed 100% of gof2 and even have the Spectre to prove it. How would Fishlabs even know if some even is a veteran. Would we send a picture of our progress? Great game by the way, can't wait for gof3

I've played both gof2 and later gof2 HD played it to the fillest on every level, can't wait for GOF3 to come out in the next few weeks. It looks amazing.

Glad to hear you like what you've seen so far! And... there's gonna be much, much more in the game than the stuff we have shown you so far!

i love galaxy on fire!

you guys said that gof 3 is going to release this summer right?.can you please tell me the date of summer end cause I'm from a different country and don't know foreign dates.

Good sens

I'm looking good forward to GOF3. I would also like to know what will qualify you as a vet? Thanks

It interests me a lot if the game will be compatible with iphone 6 or older versions or the real smoothness and gameplay pleasure will only occur on iphone 6s and later on on iphone 7?


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