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Navigating the Galaxy Map: On the Neox Sector and its different Regions [DEV BLOG #11]

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (SciFi Space Action Shooter Core Game Dog Fights Next-Gen 3D Graphics)

By now, most of you will have heard that Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore will differ from its predecessor in quite a few aspects. On the one hand, the next GOF game will introduce a number of features that have not been part of the series before and that will have a huge impact on your gaming experience. On the other hand, some of the stuff you enjoyed in the past will not be part of the new installment anymore – at least upon launch. But that is no reason to be worried. Despite its slightly different approach, Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore will of course be a thundering outer space epic! And it will be jam-packed with cool references to the earlier GOF games as well as apt reinterpretations of cherished key assets. Today, we will tell you a bit more about the realization of one such asset, namely the revamped galaxy map. 

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (SciFi Space Action Shooter Core Game Dog Fights Next-Gen 3D Graphics)
The zoomed-in close-up of the Anchorage location shows you the "arena" hot spot plus a little wrap-up of the area's history. The text is still a placeholder.

Bleick, our Art Director, summarizes the main ideas behind the design and realization of GOF3’s galaxy map as follows: “Structure-wise, the galaxy map consists of three layers. First, we have atmospheric background nebulas in 3D that move with a cool parallax effect when you turn your device. Second, we have locations like solar systems, hazardous zones or solitary planets depicted as holograms and equipped with mission symbols. Third, we have zoomed-in close-ups of these locations that let you see the actual hotspots you can visit. They include biotech facilities, pirate hideouts, military docks, wreck fields and many other impressive (and often dangerous) vicinities. Visit them and dive straight into the action!”

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (SciFi Space Action Shooter Core Game Dog Fights Next-Gen 3D Graphics)
The bright 'n blue Trim area is already accessible in this screen shot while the rogue 'n reddish Porros region is still locked.

And there is more. When you start playing the game, the only area you see is Trim – the threshold between the known universe and the newfound Neox Sector. A close look at the galaxy map of this area tells you that eons of years ago something immense must have happened there. All solar vapors have all been pushed to the edges of the area and the center is almost void. Could this be the result of a cataclysmic explosion that took place in this part of space long before we even knew of its existence?

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (SciFi Space Action Shooter Core Game Dog Fights Next-Gen 3D Graphics)
Engraved into the galaxy map's tapestry, this "message of interest" gives you additonal insight into the horror and dangers of the Neox Sector.

If you move to the right from Trim, you will arrive at Porros, a polluted industrial region which you can only enter after you have cleared Trim’s boss tree. But even before you have access to it, the galaxy map already tells you quite a bit about Porros. Its reddish color scheme literally screams danger. And the holographic messages that flare up all over the area hint at unidentified distress calls, unexplainable EMP readings and other reasons to be worried. According to Bleick, these little details are more than just a bunch of nice accessories. They also foreshadow important lore and story elements.

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (SciFi Space Action Shooter Core Game Dog Fights Next-Gen 3D Graphics)
You can access the galaxy map via the Manticore's commando bridge... just tap onto the hologram in the center of the screen.

Of course, Trim and Porros are not the only regions of the Neox Sector. The further you advance into its dark heart, the more obscure your surroundings will become. And the more mysteries you will unravel. But it is still too early to talk about this in detail. So for the time being, we hope you enjoyed this little piece on the galaxy map of Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore. As always, we are looking forward to read your comments and enter into a lively dialogue with you. So if you have questions regarding the game in general or the galaxy mal in particular, just shoot.

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Hello. Sorry for my english I'm not a native speaker but I would like to ask you a question. Will you be able to just fly through space doing nothing in particular, gathering recourses, hunting like a pirate, etc? Just like it was in GoF 2?

After seeing the galaxy map blog I wonder the same question. My love for GoF2 comes from being able to free fly, jump from system to system and station to station. From the newest blog it appears that this game is taking more a destination mission style where you travel through the interface to a mission and then you fulfill that mission just to be sent back to the interface. If the Bridge is to allow you to simply focus on say, Bounty missions, but you still get to fly around and be free then I am okay with that. Taking the freedom out of a game would make this far to similar to any other space game available for mobiles.

I've participated in the soft launch, and no, you can't just cruise around freely. It's the one thing that sucks about this otherwise stellar game. Tobi claims that the game will be extensively updated after launch, though, so hopefully a freeroam option will be among those improvements. Tobi, can you confirm that this feature will be added?

At this point I cannot confirm or deny any concrete features. All I can say is that the ability to roam the orbits freely without any fights taking place seems to be the #1 thing our players want to be added to the game... we are well aware of that.

We see you are releasing the game there. Any idea when you will be releasing it to others?

well that is not what I expected! just a few things. it looks linear, is the game as linear as it looks or did I miss understand the information. and why does it kinda look like the "Star Wars galaxy of heroes" menu?

Not exactly linear, per se, but the game isn't open world, if that's what you are asking. You choose a mission, fight in that, and then wind up back at base. It's more like GOF1 than GOF2.

Hallo liebes fishlabs team werdet ihr im laufe des Spiels eine neue region wie die trim oder die poros region aktuell weiß ich nämlich dass es drei gibt und ich fände es echt cool mehr mysteriöse regionen und sektoren zu haben wo sich vieleicht auch eine neu alien rasse drin verbirgt.;-)

Wir sind da ganz bei dir! Trim und Porros sind natürlich erst der Anfang. Nach und nach werden immer mehr Gebiete hinzukommen, die komplett neue Gefahren beherbergen und in denen es jede Menge zu entdecken geben wird!

Danke für die schnelle Antwort PS: Ich hoffe das openworld und handeln in stationen dazukommen wird ;)

Wann ist es soweit

Please when will it be released to other regions?

Friend, believe me, it is not the same the GoF, which is so much waiting.

Of course, it's not the same game. Six years have passed since GOF2 hit the App Store. It's still a great game and it aged remarkably well, but in today's app economy, a game like this has zero chances of survival. In 2010, making a game like GOF2 was risky. But today, it would be suicide as it would never even come close to making its production costs back. So it's time to turn the chapter. GOF3 will be different from its predecessor, sure. But it's also gonna be one helluva experience and one of the very best space games the App Store has ever seen. Believe me, this game's gonna be huuuuge!

I realize that these are the realities of today. I regret that could not think of a good investor for you, as it were, for example Vainglory. There is a large game project on a PC (Dangerous Elite) with insane pricing policy that manages to stay afloat, given that this is a space simulator, not an action aimed at a large audience and able to make good profit. And it is amazing! Good luck to your team! Shoot! :)

if GoF2 appeared in AppStore now, then and now would collect 5 stars, but not two as GoF3 and the negative responses....

There is a need for expansion with in our borders of the anknown. To stay safe. The more we Learn the more we need to prepared for anything out there.

And you can rest assured... there is A LOT out there that we have yet to discover!

Developers blogs be damned. Shiny UIs and three layer galaxy maps be damned. Looks like disappointment will be the main course we've been waiting for, like a semi cooked plate of expensive nouvelle cuisine: looking good, costing much and ultimately unsatisfactory. A real sequel would have been open world. I'm not denying it would have been challenging but to dress this up as the next 'new thing' is somewhat disingenuous. One hopes the 'update' may address the 'elephant on the plate'.

Once the game is out in your country, I suggest you check it out for yourself. Sure, it's different from GOF2, but for every thing that's missing, it adds two things that are new and that have a huge impact on your gaming experience. And unlike the posh food you mentioned, GOF3 is not over-expensive at all. It's free and it is so fairly balanced that you can easily "eat the whole plate" without paying a dime. So it's worth a try, I'd say.

Hi ich habe noch eine frage bezüglich der Schiffe. Wird es wieder so sein dass es wieder wie in Gof2 über 50 verschiedene Schiffe geben wird? Und ob in updates stetig neue schiffe hinzugefügt werden?

Gof2 is about flying and fighting in space. And freedom to choose your mission. I love it. I would be happy to pay for new stories in this game. If gof3 doesn't allow freedom to choose earn and upgrade you will have lost a player. I will delete it and keep playing gof2. From all I'm hearing I'm not excited about the release. Out of loyalty I will try it. However it sounds like I will do with it what I have done with it least a dozen others and just dump gof3 in the first 30 minutes and go back to gof2 which I love. It may be considered old to you but it's still the best out there. I can only speak for myself but if gof3 is to different you will lose your gof2 faithful. Well gotta go, I'm on my third time through and gotta find 3 more prisms. Please do more stories for gof2 and make me buy it.

I was thinking, why don't you survey the fans of gof2 to see how many would pay for more gof2. If enough say they would it would probably make it easy to get investors. I for one would pay. So that's 1.

Count me in , I'm 2. You can be sure if GOF3 is as disappointing as It sounds.....many more will be added to a GOF2

after watching some gameplay of gof3 and reading reviews of gof3 from iTunes it seems that gof3 is another freemium game. when this game was announced I thought this was going be another AAA style game for mobile like gof2 was. Tobi i know that you said that we all can achieve things without paying but that why I loved gof2 I bought the game when it was for money and the dlc coz I felt like i was getting my money worth and not a fleeting thing like buying 200 premium currency that I will spend and need to buy more of. but I'm going give it a chance and then if I don't like it I will watch the updates and reviews for the time to jump in. but fishlabs I know with servers you need money to keep them open but when/if you make gof4 make it like gof2 offline and open world and before you start making it have players take a servay on what they want it to be like. p.s. keith is great and all but thanks for stoping to use him as your hero i want a new hero to be

I am very interested in being part of the testing group representing U.S. players. Is there any indications that GOF3 will go into testing by additional registered members of this site residing in the U.S. anytime this year or the next? As always, thank you all information you share with the community.

Sorry but your team ruined a good game series! Flying trough space was one of the major features people played this game. Now the third game is just another pay2win game!

Just logged my 600th hour in gof2, really looking forward to a release of the 3rd GoF in the u.s. Sometime soon! Love the work you guys have put in on this one.

The only feature that annoyed me in gof2 was you could only select your next system one at a time, making crossing the galaxy or travel in general highly tedious. Has there been any improvement in this aspect?

There is a piece of equipment called the khador drive, that must be built, with a blueprint you get after completing a certain part of the original story. Then once have built and equipped it, you must have energy cells to power it. After you have met all requirements, tap on the button for autopilot and secondary weapons, and it will give the option, "Khador drive". Now, you can go anywhere in the Galaxy within seconds! If you have enough energy cells.


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