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Digging for Mhaan-tiq: On the Neox Sector’s mysterious resource [DEV BLOG #10]

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Mobile SciFi Action Shooter Mhaan-tiq Outer Space Aliens)

In our last dev blog, we introduced you to Starfire Survey, the ruthless mining corporation that stops at nothing in its quest to harvest the Neox Sector’s natural riches. But what are these riches, you might ask. Besides ores and metals of all kinds, there is one particular resource that everybody in the sector is dying to lay hands on: Mhaan-tiq, or Glow in common parlance. A strange substance of unknown origin and unfathomable power that can be found nowhere else in the galaxy. Although its existence was revealed more or less by accident, it sparked a gold rush unlike anything the galaxy had ever seen.

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Mobile SciFi Action Shooter Mhaan-tiq Outer Space Aliens)
This concept artwork depicts the symbiosis of Mhaan-tiq with an asteroid. The alien matter's energy strands cross the hosts surface like glowing veins.

While the full capacity of the Mhaan-tiq has not yet been disclosed, the potential it bears seems almost limitless. Some use it as an energy source that never runs dry. Others turn it into weapons of unparalleled blasting power. And yet again others inject it into their blood streams to experience trips that melt their brains. Regardless why people go after the Mhaan-tiq, there is one thing they all have in common. Once they have seen what this substance can do to living organisms and mechanical apparatuses alike, they will stop at nothing to get it into their possession. Consequently, Mhaan-tiq is not only the chief reason for entrepreneurs, settlers and gold diggers from all across the universe to take course for the Neox Sector. No, it is also the main cause for all the battles, skirmishes and raids taking place in that region.

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Mobile SciFi Action Shooter Mhaan-tiq Outer Space Aliens)
Besides the mycelium model (right) that made it into the game, our artists also envisoned Mhaan-tiq to befall asteroids like corals (left) or lichen (middle).

What makes the situation all the worse is the greed and short-term thinking of the factional governments and the commercial conglomerates. Reaping whatever Mhaan-tiq they find like crops, they have already depleted most of the Neox Sector’s outer rims of the resource – forcing everybody deeper and deeper into the uncharted center of the region. There, people also suspect to find the source of the Mhaan-tiq, which has sparked countless myths and legends, as well as the native inhabitants of the Neox Sector, which are so reclusive that barely a Terran, Vossk or Nivelian ever saw them. It is said, however, that they have been cultivating Mhaan-tiq for eons and therefore have already forgotten more about this strange matter than we will ever learn. But one thing is certain: Now that we are aware of Mhaan-tiq’s existence and capabilities, nothing stays as it was… and that applies to the fields of politics and technics as much as it does for our entire social structure.

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Mobile SciFi Action Shooter Mhaan-tiq Outer Space Aliens)
Most asteroids cannot nurture Mhaan-tiq forever. After a while they become so brittle that they crack into pieces...

Concerning its texture, Mhaan-tiq is an organic fabric that befalls asteroids and other heavenly bodies in the way fungus befalls moist stones or tree stumps. It spreads through the sector via spores that attach themselves to hosts and hollow them from within, almost cancer-like. By now, we have not fully figured out how Mhaan-tiq manages to store energy, but it seems to collect and bind it from space radiation. The absorbed energy then emits from its host in neon-turquoise vapors. Hence the nickname Glow. In space, this luminescence lets you spot Mhaan-tiq deposits from afar. But once you got them in your sight, you better think twice about approaching them. Because where there is Glow, there are usually also mercenaries, space pirates and other troublemakers.

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Really cool game

We're really happy that you like what you've seen so far! :)

Hallo liebes Fish-Labs Team, Bezüglich der Neuen Alien Rasse wollte ich fragen, ob man sie irgendwann im verlaufe des Spiels sehen wird.

Noch ist nicht allzu viel Bekannt darüber, was im Kern des Neox-Sektors vor sich geht und wer sich dort tummelt. Doch wer weiß, was alles ans Licht kommt, wenn es den Spielern gelingt, weiter ins Innere der Region vorzudringen... ;)

About how many systems and planets are there in GOF3? and will there be some sort of "Wander" mode like in GOF2, where I can freely explore one of these areas? Too few games offer true open-world space flight! Also, am I correct in guessing that Glow will constitute a premium currency in GOF3, considering it's free-to-play? I don't like premium currency as a mechanic, and I hope it's implemented fairly if it is!

At this point, we cannot give you any concrete numbers. In the not-too-distant future, however, we will post an entire blog dealing with this topic. All we can say at this point is that the game world of GOF3 will be more diverse, more alive and more breathtaking than ever before. While most of GOF2's systems had more or less the same buid-up and consisted of the same components, every orbit in GOF3 will be absolutely unique. Among others, you will visit bright holiday resorts, run-down industrial areas, hi-tech military outposts, breathtaking space environments and much, much more... it'll really be great!

Im with andrew. The game seems awesome!— but i really hope it won't be pay to win. Im counting on you! After completing the GOF campaign (tried to clear the whole game but gave up :/ ), got all medals in GOF2 (really enjoyed that one! Wish there were more add-ons)- and reached lv 200 in GOFA; im extremely exited for yet another GOF game!!!

Can you please tell me when I can play this game. If it's anything like gof I want it. So when oh when is it available...

Sorry, but we can't state a release date yet. The most concrete we can say is that it'll launch this summer.

Can you give us an estimate on when you can give us a release date?

Hi Team. I must say first this game looks promising. Can I ask? Isn't it summer there at the moment? So are you talk 2017 or this year?

... giving us all the things we loved about GoF2HD. ● Trading in a big robust economy and maneuvering within a political arena that spanned all the sectors and systems. ● The whole game as a sandbox for us to play in and live our own saga/story in our own way and at our own pace. Do NOT put the story and our game play experience 'on a rail'. If you do, this is going to flop, hard. That sort of crappy game is already out there in abundance, giys. Give us a big vibrant universe to play in. And we will put the game at the top of the charts and keep it there. Please don't abandon what made GoF2 so wonderful. Extend it. Make it bigger and with more delicious complexity. That holds our attention.

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore will kick off an all-new era in the history of the GOF games and introduce a ton of spectacular ideas, assets and features. But it won't contain all the things you mentioned; at least not upon launch. Yet, you won't have to worry about a lack of freedom. Among others, you can freely pick the missions you want to do and you choose what system you want to enter next. Once you have entered an orbit, you will of course not be put on rails. Instead, you are free to move in 360 degrees. And this time you will not only fly through empty space filled with a few asteroids, but you will traverse complex outer space environments filled with gigantic space stations, ramified industry sites, huge storage facilities and tons of other objects that are all "organic" parts of the locations they belong to.

So ready for the new game. I love GOF 2. Best space sim since freelancer. Can't wait to see what you guys do with the new one.

this new ore brings up a few questions like will it be weaponized? and is it at all volatile? and will there be unique wingmen like how say skyrim has with companies? and will it be out around the middle or end of summer by your best guess? and will you please do a blog about how strong each race presents is in the nox sector? and the new ore does it mess up ships at all?

Mhaan-tiq can of course be weaponized and it is highly volatile. As for the wingmen, they are the AI-operated ships of real-life players, so they will all be unique. And yeah, we might also do a blog about the political situation in Neox at some point... :)

Der Blog ist gut und interessant wie immer . Darf man den Fragen wan die Early Access Zugänge vergeben werden ;) ? Ich Freue mich schon auf den nächsten Blog, macht weiter so

Danke erstmal für die netten Worte. Leider können wir zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt keinen genauen Termin für Early Access bekanntgeben. Wenn alles gut läuft, wird sich hier aber in nicht allzu ferner Zukunft einiges tun.

Very excited for this game. Would love to be a beta. I hope some day you can expand so much that you can dog fight other players and even command a carrier among other things in a massive multiplayer universe! Kind of like Eve but more hands on in dogfighting.

To be considered for early access, all you need to do is set up an account in our User Area via http://bit.ly/gof3-signup-blog. However, since we cannot give all members of our User Area early access to GOF3, we have to pick the participants by lot. But one way or another, you should give it a try! :)

Das Spiel ist sehr gut

Eins der besten Spiele die ich kenne

Great blog! I've got a question regarding the availability of the game. As in: Will I be able to play it on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini? If I am, will it lag? Will this game be super graphics-intensive? Or will it be as optimized as Gof2 was? I'm a diehard fan of the Gof franchise it'll break my heart if I'm not able to play this new game D;.

You will buy other machine to run this game if you love GOF3 no matter what gadget you have...

We will try to support as many devices as possible. But we cannot confirm or deny any concrete models at this point of time, sorry.

can you tell world how much will cost game and addons? to be done tu buy imediatley

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore will be available for free. You can download it without any costs and check it out thoroughly. If you like it, you can buy in-app purchases to enhance your gaming experience.

I'm super excited for the release, it looks like it's coming along nicely. Will the game have Apple TV and MFi controller support? It'd be nice to be playing this on the train and then carry on playing on the big screen when I get home! :)

When will it come out ?I can not wait to enjoy it!(Moreover ,most people in China can not use Facebook,so......

I absolutely loved GOF2 and am getting an iphone 6 soon and will step up to HD and alliances. GOF2 on an imac is stunning. I cant wait for GOF3 though! Please build on the last games and add live multiplayer (this would be amazing) and maybe more to do on stations and carriers for wealthier players... Thank you so much. Keep up the great work.


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