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The art of shipbuilding: Reimagining iconic vessels of Galaxy on Fire 2 HD in Space Engineers (Part 2 of 2)

Reimagining iconic vessels from GOF2 HD in Space Engineers

Here we go with the second issue of our “The art of shipbuilding“ blog centering around the amazing efforts of construction genius Brisingr Drake, who remade 25 iconic ships from GOF2 HD in an “early-access“ space engineering game called Space Engineers. While we focussed on the brainstorming and planning phase last week, we now proceed to the heart of the matter – the actual assembly of Brisingr Drake’s very own interpretation of the Teneta.

Reimagining iconic vessels from GOF2 HD in Space Engineers
This kick-ass screenshot of the Teneta from Galaxy on Fire 2 THD served as blue print for Brisingr Drake's replica in Space Engineers.

Taking inspiration from a clear and telling screen cap from the NVIDIA-powered “THD“ version of the game (which has meanwhile been replaced on Google Play by the more accessible “All Android“ version), Brisingr Drake began his work by building the Teneta’s cockpit out of a big 3x4x6 block. Since this block takes a lot of space, it’s advisable to start from there and build the rest of the ship around it.

Reimagining iconic vessels from GOF2 HD in Space Engineers
In the screenshot about you see the huge 3x4x6 cockpit block, which is the centerpiece of BD's version of the Teneta, in comparision to a basic 1x1x1 armor block.

To make the ship useful in Space Engineers, the architect also had to add a couple of components that were not present in the original mobile game. One such component are front and top thrusters, which are not needed in GOF2 HD but mandatory in Space Engineers to guarantee a better and more flexible maneuverability oft he vessel. For his model, Brisingr Drake placed them on the wings of the ship to make sure they would blend in smoothly with the rest of the design.

Reimagining iconic vessels from GOF2 HD in Space Engineers
The air vent has been built with the aid of very thin blocks from the "Armor Panels" mod -- a clever technique that enabled BD to add additional details.

Next up were the details. “Once the shape of the ship looks good, you have to add the details,“ says  Brisingr Drake. “This is an important step to improve the overall esthetic appearance of the ship. Having some tips and tricks that have not already been overused helps to differentiate your ship from the other ships on the workshop.“ One particular trick that he used to improve the overall look of his ship was the usage of armor panels as air vents. He describes this technique as follows: “The mod ‘Armor Panels‘ gives you access to very thin blocks. When deconstructed, these blocks look like air vents. While it is not possible to paint each individual face of a block, the ‘Armor Panels‘ mod enables you to place these very thin blocks (available in a multitude of different shapes) over a block of a different color. It's useful to do some ‘45° painting‘ and also to hide some blocks.“ And the result, as I’m sure you all will agree, speaks for itself!


Reimagining iconic vessels from GOF2 HD in Space Engineers
Since the front and top thrusters are not present in the original GOF2 version of the Teneta, Brisingr Drake had to disguise them a little and make them blend in smoothly.

Besides the Teneta, Brisingr Drake also designed about 25 other vessels from the GOF2 range – the most difficult of which had been the Veteran. Here, especily the size and the overall shape proved to be a challenge. But also the Groza and the Azov were tough to recreate due to the peculiar shape of their wings. And last but not least, the Groza MKII has also not exactly been a piece of cake because of its characteristic and hard-to-replicate paint job.

Reimagining iconic vessels from GOF2 HD in Space Engineers
Here it is in all its beauty: the finished version of Brisingr Drake's amazing replica of the Teneta! Well done... very well done!

If you’ve browsed through Brisingr Drake’s fleet, you will most likely have recognized that it doesn’t contain too many ships of the Vossk and Nivelians. That’s not because he doesn’t like these species and their very own shipbuilding styles. Instead, the distinctive properties of many of their models have just been impossible to recreate in Space Engineers. The Nivelians proved difficult because “they often have a very slim designs, making it hard to include thrusters, gyros, batteries and a broad range of other vital components. And also the shape of their wings can't be easily replicated in Space Engineers. Even after hours of trying the results were unsatisfactory.“ And the Vossk were also tough as hell because “the insectoid-like armor that characterizes them is impossible to reproduce in Space Engineers“. But who knows… maybe there’ll soon be new mods that enable Brisingr Drake to make an Aegir or a S’Kanarr as well. He’d definitely be up to it and although he’s taking a little break at the moment, he already has made plans to take on new projects, including Supernova’s Dark Angel, Bloodstar and Specter! We’re burning to see the results!


I've finish both Valkyrie and Supernova adventure I also purchased Kamo Club...what's next?We are looking forward to a brand new adventure with Keith T. Maxwell in Galaxy on Fire 2 HD SOON

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