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GOFA Dev Diary #1 (2014) - "The Road to the Stars"

Or: A brief Recap of GOFA's first 10 Months in Live Operation,
with special Focus on the new "Enter the Warzone" Update

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
The explosions on re-vamped loading screen are a subtle way of hinting at the more belligerent gameplay on the Warzone servers

As some of you might have noticed, we've put a brand-new company website online about one and a half months ago. Successive to the page's initial launch, we've kept tweaking and optimizing it quite a bit, introducing all kinds of valuable new features such as the recently added blog. And we're really happy to have this neat little tool back, because it provides us with a great means to share our thoughts, opinions and ideas with you. Thus, we're planning on using it as often and frequently as we can, because writing a blog is a wonderful way to communicate with our audience and keep them in the loop about the most important news from the Deep Silver FISHLABS camp, both company- and game-related. To kick things off, we'd like to revive our Galaxy on Fire - Alliances dev diaries today. From now on, we'll use this particular series of blogs every one or two weeks to keep you posted on the history, current status and next milestones of our flagship multiplayer title.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
This grumpy ol' Vossk marks the center piece of the new app icon that graces your home screen.

In today's dev diary #1, entitled "The Road to the Stars" we'd like to give you a brief recap of some of the most important steps and stages that GOFA has gone through since its initial release on the App Store in late November 2013 (including a more detailed introduction of the brand-new "Enter the Warzone" update). If you've been around since the very beginning, you'll surely know that the game's journey hasn't always been easy and that GOFA's conquest of the App Store had been quite a rollercoaster ride at times. Consequently, we've introduced various changes over time. Among others, we've spiced the daily routine in the Shroud Nebula up with re-occurring live events and we've also implemented various improvements, such as the alliance member cap, the resource boost, the heat map, the manual server selection or the Asian language package. The latter deserves special attention, because it brought GOFA to the front page of the Chinese App Store and helped, via the corresponding top banner, to direct so many new players to our game, that we had to open up a whole new server, known to you guys as Aurora.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
A mock-up of the special constellation of planets on the new Warzone servers. In this early stage, there had still been 10 outer spawn clusters instead of 12.

However, that's not all. Because earlier today, GOFA has received no less than the biggest update in its entire history! Called "Enter the Warzone", this behemoth of an expansion contains a whole new game mode, which is particularly aimed at PVP players and promises the most intense GOFA experience ever. On specifically designed Warzone servers with adjusted gameplay parameters and a conducive-to-war arrangement of planets, the commanders brave enough to stand their ground in the most hard-fought parts of the Shroud Nebula will engage in a battle for total domination! Yeah, that's right! On the new Warzone servers, whose star maps are more compact than the regular maps and harbor no less than 1,000 players each, a single alliance can indeed dominate an entire game world! "The Warzone will be specifically aimed at experienced players who enjoy competitve PVP gameplay," says our lead game designer Sirko. "They start at the outer spawn clusters and proceed to conquer the inner realm, which contains the most valuable planets, all of which are guarded by fierce NPCs. We kept the map short and well-structured on purpose, because we'd like to motivate the players to accept the challenge and see if they and their buddies can dominate an entire server all on their own. Attempting to claim and hold a Warzone server is the closest to an end game that GOFA has been offering so far. It's an ambitious challenge and an incredibly exciting and intense gaming experience!"

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
A more elaborate depiction of a Warzone server, including troop movements and territory markers.

Well, guys. Sounds cool, doesn't it? If you'd like to check the Warzone out for yourself, all you need to do is update your client and start a new account at one of the Warzone servers. And while you're at it, please also let us know what you think of the new "Enter the Warzone" update on the one hand and the previous updates on the other. Which of the alterations, changes and novelties that we introduced to GOFA over the past 10 months have been your personal favorites? And what feature would you mostly like to see in the game in the future?

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