Being a GoF fan, I was really waiting for this game. GoF2 was especially impressive and fun to play, so I couldn't wait to see the improvements that were made in GoF3. At first, I was really impressed. A lot of efforts were made design-wise. But so far, that's pretty much it. Everything else in this game is disappointing. Sure, you can still fly a spaceship in different systems and shoot other spaceships. But the exploration phases are boring as hell, the scanner drone is as annoying as Navi in The Legend of Zelda, and the story is slow and uninterresting. No charismatic hero, every single dialog piece is ultra boring, and come on... Where are the stations you can dock to? How is this game supposed to be fun in any way when the only secrets you have to find are little cubes that aren't even hidden since you have a little metal ball yelling at you as soon as you get close to one? I had more freedom in GoF2. At least back then I could make actual choices and had more possibilities to build my own story. I could just become a space pirate and steal cargo from other ships to sell it to the black market. Now all I get from my missions are informations about more ennemies to kill, credits and pieces of blueprint. Nothing valuable in terms of roleplay. So far, I am extrememy disappointed. This is not the AAA game I have been promised, and certainly not a new quality standard regarding mobile games. At best, this is a technical demo. Something we absolutely don't need. And I didn't even mention the disastrous economic model, or the lack of gyroscopic controls. You used to be absolutely great, fishlab. That's a real shame.
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