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Seasons Greetings from the Nebula: Write “Merry X-Mas“ onto the star map [GOFA EVENT]

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS (Merry Christmas Xmas Star Map Sci-Fi Space Strategy Mobile Game MMO)

Commanders, Christmas Eve is just around the corner, so we hope you are all in a festive mood already. As the most joyful of seasons is all about love and peace, we want you to put your differences aside for a couple of days and accomplish something together. The objective is simple. Write “MERRY X-MAS” onto the star map of your server by forming letters out of adjacent systems. If you succeed, all players on the server will get a nice lil’ Christmas present from us.

As it might be a bit tricky to get the whole phrase spelled out in one screen, it is also fine to produce each letter individually and then create a collage with an image editing tool. Do not try to cheat us though. We will send our spy drones to the coordinates of your conquered systems and check whether or not there really is some writing on the star map. Once you have written out all letters and compiled your image, share it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #GOFAxmas17. To make sure we don’t miss it, feel free to tag the handle @DSFishlabs in the description that goes along with the image.

The event runs from Tuesday, December 19, 2017 till Sunday, December 31, 2017 (end of day). We will share your contributions and allocate the prizes in the days that follow. Speaking of which, completing this task results in 10 artifacts of each color plus 5,000 credits for EVERY commander on the respective server!

Here’s everything in a nutshell once more:

EVENT: Seasons Greetings from the Nebula
TIME: Tuesday, Dec 19, 2017 till Sunday, Dec 31, 2017
OBJECTIVE: Write “MERRY X-MAS” onto the star map & share a pic on Twitter or Instagram
IMPORTANT: Use the hashtag #GOFAxmas17 and the handle @DSFishlabs
PRIZE: 50 void crystals, 20 artifacts of each color & 5,000 credits for everyone on the server

All clear? Awesome… then let your creative juices flow and your creations take form. We hope you enjoy this little teamplay exercise and wish you all a Merry GOFA Christmas and a Happy New Year! See y’all in 2018!


On the pop up announcement in-game, u guys said 20 artifacts each color, now, on this post, why it is only 10 each?

...20, of course! Sorry for the confusion. We now updated the blog post accordingly.

Endlich wieder ein Event, das freut mich soo sehr!! Weiter so, wir lieben Events!

This is not my first and not the tenth question on this topic. I have not received an answer once, but I still ask, will there be any update next year?

Is this to be done in teams? In alliances? Solo? Also Tobi, hows about someone from Fishlabs comes to line and updates the players with what’s going on in the game. It seems to us that the game is dying and only the hardcore players are left. We haven’t had an update for years, yes years, and there’s no new features. Can you at least give us a reason to keep playing?

Our initial idea was that the different alliances interact with each other and coordinate this, e.g. alliance A produces one letter, alliance B another and so forth. But in the end, all is fine as long as the letters M, E, R, R, Y, X, M, A and S are somehow engraved onto the star map. Even if someone flies solo and does this all alone, still EVERYONE on the server will get a lil' present in the new year. :)

Only Colonisation? Is battle-heatmap allowed too? Nice Event :)

Only Photoshop and other graphics tools are not allowed. ;)

Will the competition be for alliances or for cross alliance teams? Do you have to post for each player? You really need to detail the terms and conditions here. Also, why can't you guys come on Line and talk to us about the future of the game. It has been two years since we've seen anything from you. Even longer since there was an update or any new features. Can you reassure what's left of the community that you haven't given up on us and that there is a future?

Does every server who manage get the prize, or only the best one? And, you write in one place that "PRIZE: 50 void crystals, 20 artifacts of each color & ...." but in other places there are no mention of 50 void crystals. Does the prize include 50 void crystals?

The players of every server that has the letters of "MERRY XMAS" written onto its star map via in-game functions (not Photoshop) will get the prize. Also, the 50 Void crystals are part of the deal! :)

Wir dachten schon ihr habt uns vergessen. Events werden immer gern gesehen :) Aber womit ihr uns wifklich glücklich machen würdest wäre ein Update mit neuem Inhalt. Wir haben wirklich sehr viele Ideen und eine kleine Rückmeldung in Bezug auf ob es in Zukunft Updates geben wird oder nicht wäre echt toll. Wir alle lieben das Spiel und es wäre wirklich schade wenn ihr es einfach so “sterben” lässt.

How you indicate that my account place pic?

Is it acceptable to use the heat map to spell it out, or does it have to be colonised systems?

As long as you find a creative way to spell out the letters via in-game star map functions, all is fine by us. :)

Why nobody get an answer about the future of this game? We are waiting a fucking update that fix the bugs and add new content. This game is a zombie and in the near future it will die if nobody do anything for it. Just answer, it's very annoying see you answer others that talk about the event and ignoring who talk about the future of this server. ANSWER US.

This game is good

What is the future of this game exactly

hello fl, we managed it. W4A did it!!! ;) we had some problems with the social media issue. here are our links. we hope thas what you want. https://mobile.twitter.com/SusaneGrosse https://www.instagram.com/p/BdNsll9ARc0/ https://mobile.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=558605657819495&id=100010101970256&set=a.558605711152823.1073741827.100010101970256&source=48

Well I'll have "Merry" done shortly Beginning L13 in the heat map

Поздравляю Всех с Новым годом. Всем счастья, здоровья и мира!

This as a good event, thanks. S2 got it done in a couple spots. Keep the events coming, please. Events like this help breed in-game hostilities, always a good thing. ;-)

Wow, you guys are insane! And insanely creative! We're reviewing and collecting your contributions now and will allocate the prizes very soon. Thanks a lot for your participation and sharing all those awesome pieces of starmap art! :)

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