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Stranded - MarsONE to land on Google Play soon [NEWS ALERT]

After its successful debut on the App Store in September 2015, Stranded - MarsONE has now also taken course for Google Play. The challenging runner game by German publisher Deep Silver FISHLABS and Spanish developers Tama Games and Mutant Games will be available as a free download for Android-powered smartphones and tablets in early December.

Stranded - MarsONE by Deep Silver FISHLABS, Tama Games and Mutant Games

Although the cute pixel graphics make the title look like a casual game at first, Stranded - MarsONE turns out to be a tough platformer for skill gamers. Especially its demanding level design and skill-based gameplay mechanics are directly aimed at dedicated mid- to hardcore gamers.

Stranded - MarsONE by Deep Silver FISHLABS, Tama Games and Mutant Games

To get a first impression of Stranded - MarsONE, feel free to check out the official gameplay trailer on YouTube via https://youtu.be/BViNjynO-SU.

Stranded - MarsONE tells the story of a little astronaut, who desperately tries to find a way back home after his ship crash-landed on the red planet. Before he can send a distress call to his colleagues on Earth, however, he first has to brave his way through 40 ambitious levels in five differing terrains – a courageous undertaking that turns out to be both action-packed and addictive. Besides precise touch controls and clever level design, the title also shines with an asynchronous multiplayer mode and a variety of challenges and achievements.

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