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NFTN #28: “Just an alliance that is fun to be part of” feat. ZED [C=D]

Galaxy on FIre - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

Children of Nite [C=D] came to our attention not primarily because of their long-lasting and successful in-game history on Nova Crescendo (W2A), but rather due to the fun and playful way they share their GOFA experiences with their fellow players and the rest of the internet. Whatever happens to them online, they put it into a story, video or image and publish it on their website… since we absolutely love their creativity and drive, we hooked up with their leader ZED and shot him a couple of questions. 

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
The official alliance logo of renowned Nova Crescendo veterans Children of Nite [C=D].

NFTN: With a total of 7 sister alliances, Children of Nite [C=D] is quite a force to reckon with on the Android servers. How did the alliance first come into being and what obstacles did you guys have to overcome to crow your alliance to its current size?

ZED [C=D]: It all started back with Masters of Space, I joined them and worked closely with Absolute Dark. After the Minbari used the Russians to destroy MOS, Absolute Dark started C=D and a handful of us joined him. MacTor, Polyz, Megan and others.

Because we built up small and stayed away from the top 10 in “Alliance Size” by splitting into wings, we were not challenged again by Minbari. After Minbari fell to the UNF (United Nebula Federation) with our help, we were able to grow without the threat of them re-enacting the MOS downfall.

There has not been much in the way of obstacles really. There was a brief war with Edax Solis but that is history with them losing a lot more than us. The biggest problem we have had is real life taking some of our members. Absolute Dark and Polyz mainly. Dark entrusted me to continue what he had started.

We have our Recruits of Nite for new members to learn the game without the risk of being attacked and most other alliances respect this. There are some who don't, but they don't last long.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Our interview partner ZED in all his star-conquering, alliance-leading glory.

NFTN: What reputation, rank and status does Children of Nite [C=D] currently have on the Android servers? And who are your most trusted allies and most disdained enemies?

ZED [C=D]: We have become known throughout the Nebula and I believe we have gained the respect of many other alliances. People outside C=D have said I am a good leader; I am only as good as those who follow me.

We have no current enemy. We will always be close to Erebus as they were MOS2 before the downfall. I will always treat them as a branch of us. Children of Nite also have a good relationship with Casper and Friends.

We are part of the UNF and the Cosmic Dynasty, two groups of alliances built to help against a threat to the Nebula.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliance by Deep Silver FISHLABS
"Children of Nite - The unending Wave of Darkness that will engulf the Nebula!"

NFTN: Now that we know what place your alliance currently holds, we’d also like to find out where you’re going! Can you let us know the next points on your agenda and the overall goal that Children of Nite [C=D] thrive to reach?

ZED [C=D]: One of the issues a worldwide alliance has is communication. That's why we set up Kinder Der Nacht (our German wing), Hijos De La Noche (our Spanish wing) and Enfants De La Nuit (our French wing). In these wings, our members can talk in their own language without the confusion of trying to translate everything. You've seen the global chat, one conversation in English gets lost in a Spanish conversation, a German with a Russian and so on.

We may have separate alliance wings but all are welcome in our central Line group and we also have the Council of Nite, a Line group for alliance wing leaders and senior officers. Every decision goes through there and we act as one alliance, not seven. A body has many parts but moves as one. And this body is still growing and will continue to grow.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
"Children of Nite - We are Oblivion, We are Nite and We will Fight!"

NFTN: One thing I really like about Children of Nite [C=D] is the alliance’s creativity! On your website, there are tons of cool fan arts such as drawings, graphics and even short stories depicting different aspects of GOFA in general and Children of Nite [C=D] in a funny, tongue-in-the-cheek way. How do you come up with all these great ideas and in what way do they enrich your GOFA experience?

ZED [C=D]: The art work is our members way of showing what we are in a way they can express. With the stories, most of it is not planned, we chat and role play in Line Messenger and someone will say something and I will think, “Hey, that gives me a story idea.” I will build them up from there.

We use what is happening at the time, if a player leaves the game we will write a story to explain that. When Absolute Dark and Polyz left, for example, I put that in a story. When my account went down for three weeks, I wrote that into a story. When a solo player thought he would take a pop at us, that went into a story. We have all kinds of stories ranging from the fall of MOS to the death of Absolute Dark’s character.

I never wanted a completely serious alliance, I wanted an alliance that would be fun to be part of, one that the members can contribute to in some way and any member can write a story or design a picture for our web site.

My hope for the web site and the art and stories is to share it with the whole world, not just those who play GOFA. I post every story on Facebook and Twitter. I would love to see these getting worldwide recognition. So check us out. www.childrenofnite.co.uk

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

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[ Disclaimer: All information in this article has been received from partaking commanders or extracted from the publically accessible star maps. ]


It's a honor and a pleasure to know you and your alliance. Thanks for the cool and always fair game play.

You are a great leader Zed, it is a pleasure to be your ally and friend. MOS will live forever thanks to your stories, and Erebus will always be there for you.

Zed It's a great interview. Some questions I had were clarified here. Nice playing with you and we'll talk soon in line. Planet 01

It's always entertaining to read your guy's stories. :)


When I first started playing this, I was so unfamiliar with the concept of MMO-RTS (Real-Time Strategy). I was always into FPS games and this was completely new experience. But after reading your interview ZED, I will always have respect for you and your accomplishments. This is the best game I've ever played. Thank you for your story and I really would have loved to be a part of the history. Congratulations :)

That's awesome

That's awesome

nice ZED and congrats ^^, keep goin' and always be fun on game

Nice reading and good luck in exploring further ways of having most of fun fro GOFA Exx of Russian Rangers, server 1 of iOS

Beeing in Children was a great time, you guys have the funniest alliance chat and the stories are awesome ^^ I'm honored about beeing a part of these stories.

9 months later and Erebus has forgotten own words... :(((

Wow, Zag. Just wow. Lol!

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