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NFTN #27: “Heading for the Top 10 with an attitude“ feat. Lone Jaeger [|O|]

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

Although Olympians [|O|] have been around since late 2013, they’ve not yet made a name for themselves as one of the most popular and most well-known alliances on the iOS servers. But according to their leader Lone Jaeger [|O|] that will change soon as Olympians [|O|] are currently pushing hard to make it into the top 10 of the leaderboards on their game world, Prima Luce. In today’s interview, he talks about his alliance’s ambitious plans to rise to greatness as well as their eventful past and hard-fought feud with Black Carnage [BC]. 

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
By the time he answered our interview questions, Lone Jaeger, proud leader of the Olympians [|O|], resided at level 292.

NFTN: “Olympians will rise!“ says your alliance description. So I guess your route’s pretty clear and you’re determined to follow it through no matter what comes. However, before we come to speak about your plans to establish yourself as a top alliance in the Nebula, let’s take a look at your past. One of the major milestones in the history of Olympians [|O|] has definitely been the split from its sister alliance and the formation of an autonomous group. When and why did this happen? And in what way has your daily routine changed after your break-away from Neo America [NA]? 

Lone Jaeger [|O|]: This happened around mid 2014 when we became Olympians. It was done because in New California Republic (the sister alliance of Neo America) we were the only active membership in the NA group of alliances. We got tired of being known as a sister alliance when we were basically a main alliance. It also came along because we knew we could completely revamp NA’s system and make it better which I believe worked. After leaving the NA family, things have been fairly similar. The biggest difference is we are more active, organized, and close-knit. 

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
The once prosperous home cluster of the Olympians got a little shattered during their hard-fought war with server 2's battle elite Black Carnage [BC].

NFTN: Though you describe yourself and your fellow olympians as a pretty relaxed group of players, you’ve still seen your fair share of fighting as well. And the enemies you‘ve faced have not exactly been light-weights. In the past, your alliance clashed violently with the Russian Coalition and at the moment, you’re in a hard-fought war against Black Carnage [BC] – one of the most relentless battle alliances on Prima Luce! How have these conflicts come into being and in what way have they shaped and defined Olympians [|O|] not only as an alliance in GOFA but also as a group of friends who stand up for one another?

Lone Jaeger [|O|]: Well the Russian conflict (which we call the Great War) came along because of our early attempts at expansion which caused us to step on the Russian’s toes. We didn’t back down and neither did they but we also believe there were hard feelings from a previous mock war we did with one of their alliances. As for the current BC war we got involved because an ally’s call for help and we quickly realized the war was necessary to help preserve the Nebula.

These conflicts (and many others ;)) have forced us to become the scrappy fighters we are. We may not have the number of carriers like most top alliance or the experience but our fighting spirit really came around after those wars and is something that is special to us. Additionally, we have become stronger friends as a result of the wars. We are more committed to each other than ever before and we would lay down everything we own for each other.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Lone Jaeger [|O|] only made a single purchase throughout is entire GOFA career: the double XP booster (which is a no-brainer for any ambitious commander).

NFTN: Your current war with Black Carnage [BC], whose key members Ezio and Papazex have already been interviewed here on our blog as well, is particularly interesting as it rages while we speak. How’s the current state of affairs between you and [BC] and does it look as if the conflict will be settled anytime soon?

Lone Jaeger [|O|]: Well, at this moment we have not contacted BC at all except in a few crap-talking conversations. Olympians tend to keep communication with the enemy down until the enemy or we want to talk diplomatically. From what I see this war will not end anytime soon mainly because Olympians and our allies are set on winning no matter the cost – which we can do.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Wanna team up with the Olympians [|O|] and join their cause? Then go forth and reach out to Lone Jaeger [|O|] on LINE messenger.

NFTN: At the moment, Olympians [|O|] reside at position 14 of the “Alliance Size“ leaderboards, position 46 of the “Alliance Warfare“ leaderboards and position 65 of the “Alliance Level“ leaderboards. If I understood you correctly, you’ve got plans to breach into the top 10 soon and stay there for good. What makes you believe that Olympians [|O|] are top 10 material and how will you – without revealing too many details, of course – put your ambitious plans into practice? 

Lone Jaeger [|O|]: I believe we are top 10 material because of our attitude. We are willing to go to the end of the Nebula to get to the top. We will fight anyone when necessary even if that means getting jumpgated, because we know we will come back and be better and wiser. We are willing to make it to the top without becoming pocket-warriors. And if that doesn't tell you we want to be in the top 10 and are able to get there, I don't know what else to say!

As for our plans we will take our time and move at the right moments to ensure success. No doubt it will take a while but we are on the cusp of it, I can feel it and with great support from my Second-in-Command and Counsel we will reach it and flourish. I would also like to mention the support we get from our allies as well. UFF Coalition, Invictus, and the many other alliances who gave us advice and help have had a part in getting us to where we are. Thanks again Tobi for this great opportunity and thank you readers for taking the time out of your day for little old me. :) Peace.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

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[ Disclaimer: All information in this article has been received from partaking commanders or extracted from the publically accessible star maps. ]


I don't see any top ten material there becouse i managed singlehanded to burn they cluster. And good luck in you attentions to win a war against BC. Its a dream ha ha


Kind if hard to be top anything when you submit 4 tickets, 6 emails, and several Facebook messages about having problems getting onto your account and fishlabs does not respond leaving you unable to log in to warzone for weeks. Poor customer service is what should be fixed rather than trying to promote interviews.

I've been unable to log into my account in w1a on android for three weeks now. 6 tickets, hundreds of emails posts on all their social pages..... No [beep] help at all. [Edit by admin: Voicing criticism is fine, but please try to do so in a nice and constructive way. Also, please note that we reserve the right to block accounts that made purchases and requested them to be refunded later on. After all, the purchases helped you to level up quicker and gain more XP. If you cancelled your payment for these purchases and still continued to play with that account, you'd have an unfair advantage over the other players. So please think carefully before you make such a request and keep in mind that it might lead to your account permanently being blocked.]

I don't know why people complain so much about the game. It's so different than anything available and it's wholeheartedly unique. And as such, the developers have to make a buck. Nothing is free kiddos, and GOFA is actually pretty easy to play without paying money into it. That is, if you're smart.

i'll just say hahahaha

wooooot wooooot! Hi Ezio! :-)

i am open and ready to receive love. Come and joint pink carnage, ezios alt alliance for those wanting it pink style.

Even when I was out of BC, me and 4 other guys burnt everything they had to the ground, and on top of that, they submitted to defeat, and paid us 4 million troops to leave them alone. If they were true top ten material, they would have fought till the bitter end.

Ummm! I like peaches.

nice Interview. Good to have you fighting on our side. Keep up the good work. Never mind BC comments as usual :-). Oerfing

The publicity from this interview might net you a few new members, but every ghost with a handful of mk3's is gonna aim for you now.

These are great guys and I've worked closely with them and will do in future. Anyone messing with Olympians will need to factor Invictus into their plans as well.

Respect Lone Jaeger! You have a good Alliance, working together with others to beat the bad guys. Keep up the good work and never forget the strong values you represent.

Why not try and sort the game bugs and have a decent platform to work from ,stop tinkering and allow those from its beginnings Learn what not to try now but could achieve before ,too many dropouts and spinning cursors


We are also in a grate war with the Russian soul im leader of blood wolf pack on warzone they will not take peace so more war

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