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NFTN #26: "A Newbie’s View of the Nebula" feat. Raptorscars [SG]

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

Having created his game account in early February of 2015, Raptorscars [SG] is still a newbie in the Shroud Nebula. As such, his interview adds a fresh perspective and new angle to the News From The Nebula blogs, which have so far almost entirely featured experienced players with a long and rich in-game history… we hope you are eager to find out how a newbie player learned the basics of the game and established himself in the Nebula. And as always, we’re looking forward to read about own experiences in the comments. Can you still remember your first couple of days or weeks in the game?

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Raptorscars watching over the beautifuly town of Auckland, where he lives and works for one of New Zealand's biggest breweries.

NFTN: Hello, Raptorscars. While we mostly interviewed veteran players so far, you’re the first newbie player (with less than two months of in-game time) to share his notions and experiences on our blog. That will add quite a different perspective. So for starters it would be great if you’d fill us in on why you downloaded GOFA in the first place and how you experienced it so far. What expectations did you have before you first started the app and to what degree did they get fulfilled?

Raptorscars [SG]: Good day, Tobi! I found GOFA accidentally, actually. I bought an iPad in January, and had played GOF & GOF 2 on an old iPad a few years ago. When I was looking up the old standalone games to place on the new device, I saw GOFA in the app store and downloaded it on a whim. My initial thought was that GOFA would be a multiplayer flying game. I didn’t expect the resource management game I actually found. I’ve been a fan of this genre since back in the Travian days, though, so I decided to give it a shot and was hooked.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Within the confines of Star Guard's well-protected cluster, Raptorscars has colonized a couple of systems and build a little space empire of his own,

NFTN: When you first opened your jump gate and proceeded to PVP space, you ended up close to Star Guard [SG] who took you under their wings and helped you to make your first moves in the Nebula. How important is it for a new player to get together with an established alliance early on? And what tips do you have for players who’ve not yet found the right team to join?

Raptorscars [SG]: It was very important for my development as a player to join an active alliance early. Star Guard has been really good to me. They’ve led me to abandoned planets, assisted with defense, and most importantly shared their tips about how to build an effective fleet and empire of my own. For players who haven’t found an alliance of their own yet, I’d advise looking around your neighborhood and starting a conversation with the local alliances. An alliance is unlikely to start a conversation with a random player, it’s up to you to let them know that you’re active and looking for a team.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
An active LINE user, Raptorscars uses this depiction of a lightsaber-wielding velociraptor as his avatar on the GOFA community's favorite chat app.

NFTN: GOFA’s a pretty complex game and succeeding as a commander’s not easy. In order to stand your ground you have to be, among others, a good teamplayer, a clever resource manager, an accomplished battle commander and a versed diplomat. How hard is it for a new player to become familiar with all these different roles and trades? And what’s the “pay-off“ once you’ve overstepped that first threshold and added a decent knowledge of the game’s basics to your armoury?

Raptorscars [SG]: GOFA is a complex game, that’s for sure. For new players, I think it’s best to focus on your resource management first and foremost. As you get a handle on your economy, your fleets will flow naturally out of that, and getting battle advice and assistance from your alliance will bring you up to speed on that aspect of the game quickly. No amount of combat knowledge will help you if you don’t have the resources for ships and troops though!

As far as diplomacy goes, I know from other online games that I’m a terrible diplomat. I leave that to players who enjoy it as I tend to do more harm than good when I get involved in diplomacy. ;)

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
From 0 to 290 in less than 40 days... that's quite an effort! Well done, Raptorscars... if you keep that pace, you'll breach beyond the magical 500 in just a couple of weeks.

NFTN: By the time I sent you the questions, you’ve been playing GOFA for exactly 40 days. How far have you progressed in that time and what’s on your agenda next? Do you have any particular goals set for yourself, such as reaching a certain level, colonizing a certain amount of planets or producing a battle report with a certain amount of participants or gained XP?

Raptorscars [SG]: I’ve progressed pretty well in my time, advancing quickly and building a solid little empire for myself. I’d like to get to level 500, but more than that I’d like to get involved more in fighting. Being part of the main Star Guard cluster keeps most people away from my planets, and our current conflict is happening in our sister alliance’s cluster. I’ve been advised to stay clear of it and keep my fleets on backup defense at home, but I’m looking forward to a nice little dustup!

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Building a headquarters up to level 20 is not easy -- besides the time and resources it takes to reach that level, you also have to hold the planet long enough and send all incoming scavengers to flight.

NFTN: You told me that you’ve recently opened a new account on the newly opened iOS server 4 “Meridies“, because this gave you the chance to start all over in a fresh environment instead of soldiering on in a world where many commanders had a 9-months headstart on you. How did this plan turn out and in what way did the things you learned on server 3 set you up for your endeavors on server 4?

Raptorscars [SG]: I’ve really enjoyed playing on Meridies. This time I had a very clear idea of what I was looking for in a system, a specific setup I wanted for my planets, and the knowledge to implement my plans accordingly. I’m quite pleased with the way my plans have started coming to fruition and I’m looking forward to fighting quite a bit on this server. The fact that there aren’t any individual players who can bring all my plans to naught without even thinking about it much helps!

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

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[ Disclaimer: All information in this article has been received from partaking commanders or extracted from the publically accessible star maps. ]


Good insights and advice for new players. Get into the fighting...it's much more fun!!

good step to interview new players. The guy raptorcars is a talent with quickly leveling up. I am as newbie are not a counting talent but more stategic and cummunicative player who set my goals on revenge. Why i want revenge is that i am on a bussy server with al high level players who don't move theire asses of citadels who are important for newbies. So if i reach a high level it would be payback time. To make citadels free for newbies i hope newbies don't become inactive. For me there is plenty to do in the Nebula and high level players who own much did not scare me to work on a new gulf of reform some systems.

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