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NFTN #25: "The Good Spirits of the Galaxy" feat. Baltic [JC]

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

Just like the Jedi are the peace keepers of the galaxy in Star Wars, the Jedi Council [JC] is the kind soul of the Shroud Nebula in GOFA – always eager to help others and server the greater good. If you attack them or misuse their goodwill, however, they can quickly become a strong-willed and battle-versed enemy. In today’s player interview, Master Baltic [JC], the founder and leader of the Council, talks about the early days of his alliance, the epic war between the Jedi Council [JC] and the original Red Elite [R|E] and his love for the Star Wars franchise. Enjoy the read!

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
The official emblem of the Jedi Council of the Shroud Nebula. Having been founded during the early days of the closed beta, they're one of the oldest alliances in GOFA.

NFTN: Cheers, Baltic and thanks for joining in on our NFTN series. You’ve formed the Jedi Council [JC] during the closed beta and held various key roles in that alliance to this very day. That’s almost one-and-a-half years! Can you briefly trace the Council’s ongoing history and development for us? How did the alliance evolve and which events and happenings could be seen as cornerstones of your journey to stardom in the Shroud Nebula?

Baltic [JC]: I used to play Elite in my younger years and was an avid fan. I had the misfortune to have a blackberry for a few years and when my contract was up I was moving to iPhone 5. A friend had told me of GoF2HD and I loved it. It was like bringing me back to my childhood days of playing Elite (to which I got my rating up to deadly). As I was reliving my childhood a pop up advert was asking for beta testers and I thought, “Yea, I’ll give that a go.” And much to my surprise I was asked to take part. I jumped at it and was one of the first to join the nebula. It seemed huge and it was empty. Travel times were ridiculously long. I looked at some of the other players and could see that some were making alliances already like ATL and UFP. I thought I’d better get on with this but what would I go for…… It had to be Jedi because it suited how I wanted to play the game. I wanted to create an alliance that would follow the Jedi Code:

• Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy.
• Jedi use their powers to defend and protect, never to attack others.
• Jedi respect all life, in any form.
• Jedi serve others, rather than rule over them, for the good of the galaxy.
• Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training.

I guess it suited how I would want to live my life. I wondered if there would be others who would apply. I didn’t have long to wait. Within 24hrs I had 2 applications, the first was from Major Tom and the second was from Diesel. Diesel would become a significant player in the nebula. I ran the alliance and ran things past Diesel. As he was in America and I was from Ireland we would get a brief catch up at the beginning and end of our days. We became firm friends and whilst he doesn’t play the game anymore we still remain in contact. We grew and grew fast. There was no limit in size and at one point in the closed beta only ATL and UFP were bigger. We went through many changes and developed an inner council and later a high council. We have fine-tuned our structures over time and I believe we have improved throughout. We may change in the future but this will be for the benefit of our community. The changes from closed to open beta took some adjusting, particularly the alliance size limit. We have a thriving community and one that is led by our High Council. In this council, no one member has a louder voice or greater say than another. I think this is another of our strengths.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Master Baltic uses one of the most likeable characters from the SW movies as his avatar. We "disguised" him a little to make sure we'd not violate any rights by posting this pic. ;)

NFTN: Though the Jedi Council [JC] is not one of the most belligerent, aggressive alliances on the server, you and your pals have still taken part in quite a few epic battles. Who’s been your fiercest rivals throughout the years and which have been your sweetest victories or harshest defeats?

Baltic [JC]: Without a doubt, all within the Jedi who were present would agree that our greatest and fiercest rivals were the original Red Elite. The war began when they were called United Red Elite but the ‘United’ was dropped. It was a brutal war and driven by a very angry young man. Yet I feel this war was the making of the Jedi. Those were dark days and some of our members were driven from the game. That is always a regrettable outcome. The war was fierce and there was a strong propaganda war driven against the Jedi. As usual there were many smaller alliances that jumped on the bandwagon. We learned a lot from this war and developed the already strong links with our allies. There was some internal turmoil within R|E and the instigator of the war was kicked. Eventually there was a mutual agreement to truce which developed into peace. Those we called enemies and thought would remain so forever are now friends. This I feel is one of the strengths of GoFA. Wars comes and go as do alliances. The greatest enemies can become allies and back to enemies again.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
The members of the Council even released their own rock music compilation, which is available as a free download on their website.

NFTN: Via the Jedi Academy [JA] your alliance provides lots of helpful support to newbie players, both via online manuals and in-game guidance. What significance do words like “altruism“, “companionship“ and “cooperativeness“ have for the members of the Council?

Baltic [JC]: We do value our padawans although our academy has been called into question recently. We do want to teach our noob members to the game mechanics. All who would join the Jedi must go through out academy no matter what your level. This is to introduce the new member to our ways. We have relaunched our JCP alliance which is almost like a finishing school. We are now looking closely at the academies and the level of activity of its members. We expect our members to become fully involved in our community. Our community is our strength. We have our own Citadel room but there is no exchange of troops or resources for these. They are given freely. We are more than happy to help our members in any way we can that abides by our code. Altruism is a concept that runs deep within the Jedi movement. We want to serve others, to help where we can in whatever way we can. We will help those who ask for it and help them freely without condition. A recent change to our alliance description states that if we subsequently find that we have been misled, or only told a partial truth to gain our support, we may turn our carriers on you.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
This is one of many kick-ass background images (for both Windows desktops and smartphone home screens) that the Council have created. Nice work, fellas!

NFTN: Given the name of your alliance, I take it you’re a huge Star Wars fan. So I wonder how much of the saga “found its way into” your alliance? Is it just the name or do the believes and values of the Jedi also influence the way the Council members play the game and interact with others on LINE?

Baltic [JC]: We all enjoy the star wars films and many of us remember going to the Cinema to see the films when they originally came out. Our younger members will have experienced this wonder from the prequel films and we all as a whole look forward to see what Disney are going to make of the next films. Despite the occasional comments that we see in LINE that question our ethics and morals, we do genuinely try to abide by our code. We are not perfect but we do try. And we have heard “Order 66” thrown about a time or two and "That's hardly very Jedi-like" is usually stated by someone who would disagree with our stance. We do expect a high standard from our members and if this is something that they don’t feel they can maintain then perhaps the way of the Jedi is not for them. We are also aware that there are some who place alts in our alliance and feed resources to their main characters. We are taking steps to change this. I would ratherhave  a much smaller alliance of committed true members than a larger alliance containing farming alts that feed their non-Jedi main characters. If the Jedi values are something you believe in then we may be the alliance for you. During your time in our academy we will identify if you are the player for us. We expect each and every one of our members to fight and maintain a fighting fleet at all times. Ours however is not an alliance of constant warfare and this should be considered before applying to join.

Thanks Tobias for the oportunity to answer your questions and may the force be with you, always.


Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

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[ Disclaimer: All information in this article has been received from partaking commanders or extracted from the publically accessible star maps. ]


I love the Jedi they are the coolest

Thank you

Just a question for baltic, to know in wich server is his alliance, and if not, does he is looking for to be represent on each.

There is a Jedi alliance on the W1 Fiat Lux server. I'm not too far away from one of their clusters.

There are Jedi on all the servers. We encourage different leaders in all the servers but our main is on server one.

The main Jedi-Alliances are on server 1 "Fiat Lux" : - JC (Jedi Council) - JCG (Jedi Council Guardians) - JCP (Jedi Council Padawans) - JA (Jedi Academy) But we have a dependance on Server 3 too.

As I have often found myself in the Jedi Council chamber, have found as a whole they stand true to their code. Have witnessed first hand the helping hand of JC and am honored to call them allies and friends. Odd I know considering Darth Vader (DV) being a mentor of mine from beta. Keep up the good fight guys. Pluto2101(UOD)

We very nearly were at war in the early days. There was a tension due to a loose comment in a room about how Vader and yoda should be at war. Vader or "The Dark Lord" as I like to refer to him (although others claim this title) is a good friend and respectable player. As are you.

In regards to the question of Jedi Council Alliances on other servers - We do have JC alliance members who have started and lead JC Alliances on other servers however the leadership structure and guidelines for each JC alliance is unique for each server. There have also been alliances on S1 spring up with "Jedi" in their name that are not part of and have no relationship to our alliance. This is fine of course but try to keep this in mind and contact someone with JC if you are attacked by a player with Jedi in the alliance or name. Obviously we don't have a trademark on the name

feel free to ask your brothers on server 2 what order 66 really feels like when it's enacted hehehe ;)

fear leads to anger Anger leads to hatred Hatred leads to suffering Perhaps one day you will see the light. The Jedi will never be chased from the game and ultimately never defeated. May the force be with you and guide you to the light.

If you join the Jedi prepare to spend months in the academies and when you get to JC you will not really do anything. No wars to keep you busy and overall boring. You are not given any position of power even after a year of loyalty. Overall a once strong top 10 alliance, we are not top 10 anymore, that lures new members in to do nothing. P.S the citadel room is a joke, you have to be in JC to use it and even then they only give away citadels from inactive players that only return the next day to reclaim them.

So it come to this? Writing a post in disguise, poor sportsmanship :-( 1) The pace that players progress through the Academy does vary, some of us do not have hours per day to play the game. 2) Indeed we do not go looking for wars, this means that we are quieter than most alliances, but with the excellent advanced training in JCP our members know how to hold their own. 3) Not all players can become SO's this is how alliances are structured, if you were/are a member of JC then approach a member of the HC to discuss what you can do to be more proactive. 4) The citadel room is there for members that have graduated from the academies, we have given citadels to newly graduated players, these have been our own citadels, I currently hold some for passing on to graduates and these have not been taken from inactive players.

JC is truly the quinticential alliance to know how not to run one. With over 60 members you will never truly feel like a member, I am currently in JC only to truly ruin everything, planet links given to the Sith, oh war is coming...... War is coming. Hide master Baltic. Hide master Riddick or should I say cowardly Riddick your planets are at risk. Hide Mona. Hide everyone. JC is gone, say goodbye...

Who do you think I am Master Riddick, who do you think I am. I am currently residing in JC copying everyone's player links and giving them away to The Sith as we speak. I will always know exactly where your planets will be, old and new. There is no hiding. One final battle to rid the nebula of the tyranny that is JC. Say goodbye JC, the end is near....

To show you I am not lying I have one of Master Baltic's planet links right here..... Prepare for the end gofa://1001/planets/810/660/Brayh2 Scared yet JC, you BETTER be

The Jedi will never be chased from the game and ultimately never defeated. May the force be with you and guide you to the light. Planets are transient and will be rebuilt. Fleets are disposable and can be rebuilt. If you don't understand this as being a fundamental part of this game then this game is not for you. May the force be with you.

Yes planets can be rebuilt, but can they be rebuilt over and over and over again? With me inside the Jedi, I will always know where your planets are, I can post another link if you want Baltic, there is a snake inside JC, you have been penetrated, JC has fallen the Sith WILL RISE!!!!!


Hope i got this, new to me

I have all your planet links, how else would I have gotten these without being in JC, believe these is a snake in JC yet? gofa://1001/planets/750/510/Allouf4 gofa://1001/planets/810/660/Brayh2 gofa://1001/planets/690/810/Canac5 gofa://1001/planets/480/330/Danigh1 gofa://1001/planets/540/960/Drumos1 gofa://1001/planets/630/660/Dutom6 gofa://1001/planets/600/660/Foald3 gofa://1001/planets/750/540/Gyuskor1 gofa://1001/planets/540/360/Hatndra1 gofa://1001/planets/540/360/Hatndra3 gofa://1001/planets/780/660/Iashy2 gofa://1001/planets/780/600/Leihril6 gofa://1001/planets/210/420/Lladar3 gofa://1001/planets/570/570/Lonewe1 gofa://1001/planets/780/570/Necet2 gofa://1001/planets/780/570/Ordan1 gofa://1001/planets/810/660/Osirad1 gofa://1001/planets/780/600/Seronal2 gofa://1001/planets/780/570/Seyal1 gofa://1001/planets/210/780/Shodund3 gofa://1001/planets/900/330/Warick3 gofa://1001/planets/300/480/Whack4 gofa://1001/planets/720/750/Yerick2

Are you going to reply scared Riddick or scared Baltic, or you going to run away from every i Fight you face?

As I have said planets come and go. Am I scared? Not really. Fundamentally there are much more important things in life than these little games you play. I'm glad it makes you feel big though. Keep up the good work!

You have failed to answer my question. This can only mean a spy has made it into JC, how does that make you feel?

My point exactly guys, the Jedi are cowards. They are so afraid to fail that they can't even answer my simple question. Remember this day. I guess we will wait for Baltic to answer my question or else you guys will know as I have always known the Jedi are cowards. I'm waiting For your answer to my above question Baltic, we are all waiting.... I'm also open to hear your comments guys, you all that are reading, what do you think of the Jedi??

We have had spies in our midst before and no doubt will do again. It doesn't make me feel any different. It is just the way of the game. You call us cowards? Yet we are not hiding behind a false name with false agendas. I say you are the coward. Make you move. You have our planet lists. Your little word games here are meaningless. Show yourself and be honourable.

I will tell you my name. I have slowly been waiting as a member of the HC, watching as the "Jedi" work, realizing that they do nothing to help others! I feel I should reveal my name as the Dark Knight or as you better know me as Xiryn, that's right, didn't expect it to be me did ya?

Oh my gosh! I've been wondering why we've been so tired lately. This makes so much sense, it's obvious, our split-personality disorder must have spiraled out of control. I'd love to find out more about ourself. What's it like having nothing better to do with your time than ineffectively threaten our own alliance? Are we constantly trying to attack my own planets? We've been wondering why my carriers are always clustered on a single planets. It must be so frustrating for us. Apparently you're the puerile loser part of your personality. Now that the Jedi know we're the threat they can continue to ignore you as, again, you're completely ineffective. Well, I enjoyed that. Have fun continuing to write your silly messages, no one cares. Maybe you can grow up and play the actual game. Otherwise, have fun being useless.


Why is it bleeped, what did he say?

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