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NFTN #24: "Don't set up home in the Arena“ feat. MJOLNIR [<V>]

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

The first two months of the new year have already passed and we’ve not had an interview dealing with the Vossk Battle Arena on Server 1 yet. That needs to be changed! Hence, we hooked up with MJOLNIR [<V>], who’s one of the most enthusiastic upkeepers and evangelists of the Arena. In the course of our little chat, he tells us how he first came into contact with Arena-initiator G0rri1a [<V>] and also illustrates some of the problems he and his friends encountered during the recent enlargement of the Arena’s battle area. And last but not least he also introduces the latest arena event based on an all-time sci-fi classic!

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
MJOLNIR's the kinda guy you call when you want things done. While he oversees mining operations in real-life, he's also been a key figure in the re-shaping of the Vossk Battle Arena in-game.

NFTN: Hi Mjolnir & Thanks for joining us today and giving us some insight into the latest Arena activities. First of all, it would be great if you’d introduce yourself to our readers. When did you start playing GOFA, how did you first get into contact with G0rri1a, what motivated you to join the arena team and what are your tasks and duties in the organization of new events?

MJOLNIR [<V>]: G'day Tobi, pleasure to be here, first a little about myself. I am from Australia and work in Papua New Guinea as a mine consultant at a major gold mining operation. My background is operating heavy earthmoving/mining equipment, but now I train people and oversee safety and production rates. I first started playing GOFA in September of 2013, and what has kept me here is more the community and coordinated efforts of alliances I am in. Anyway, I originally spawned on the opposite side of the Nebula to the Arena over 20 hours away, so I'm not sure how Gorilla found me and invited me to join [<V>]. But he did after I had been playing for about 3 weeks. Not long after, I decided to relocate to the Arena and demo all my planets from my current location.

I also play on Server 3 but with a totally different style of play, with time in UOD then Cerberus, 3 Headed Dog and currently in Endeavour, where I‘m working with some great battle-hardened veterans such as Punna and -M-. I do my best to divide my time between the two.

Anyway, back to the Arena. I try to help new alliance members learn the ins and outs of the game, find wall planets for them and just try to help Gorilla with the work that's involved in the planning and running of events as do most of the other Senior Officers. Another thing is the maintenance of the Arena. As new players spawn in the Arena on a regular basis, we constantly have to relocate them and find decent planets for them in order to keep the playing space clear. Also, there’s the rare occasion that we encounter ignorant players who know where they are but decide that they want to build a cluster in our nice, big, empty space. However, when they try to do so, they soon discover that the Battle Zone Area gets a bit to "hot" to set up home in!!

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Epic battles like this are no rarity in the Arena... if you want to see thousands of carriers and millions of troops clash on a regular basis, you're welcome to join the Arena anytime!

NFTN: In late January, the arena grew significantly from 23 to 30 systems (if I counted correctly). Why did you guys decide to enlarge the arena’s size and area of influence? And in what way do the additional systems have an impact on your current and upcoming events?

MJOLNIR [<V>]: The Arena‘s battle area has remained unchanged ever since I joined [<V>] and it has served its purpose well. However, due to hosting larger events with more players we decided to push the Arena‘s wall back and increase that space. Now this was no easy feat as a lot of the systems we had to demolish were filled with fully developed planets owned not only by [<V>], but also by players from different alliances. Most of these players are arena regulars who had erected shipyards/bases in close reach of the Arena. Thankfully, everyone in these systems – when asked to – agreed to demo their planets as it was for the improvement of Arena. A big thanks to everyone who did this. It's not easy demolishing your own level 20 shipyard… believe me, I know.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
One thing the Arena members love about their very own battle ground is the fact that there's never a shortage of action within its confines.

NFTN: At the moment, the arena is in a state of “open war“ which means – if I’m not mistaken – that everyone can just enter it and have a good old-fashioned ship smash with the other participants. Behind the scenes, however, the preparations for the next story-driven event are already in full swing. Can you let us know a bit more about this… I’ve heard that it’ll be inspired by a pretty well-known sci-fi franchise.

MJOLNIR [<V>]: Yes Tobi, you are right. Open War is as it name suggests. Anyone inside the Arena is a target. There are no rules and it‘s no-holds-barred, kill-or-be-killed action. Anytime we are not running an event, the Arena is in default "Open War". We try to come up with new events and more so ones with a storyline to keep the game interesting. So in celebration of Star Wars‘ long awaited episode VII "The Force Awakens", we decided to host our very own Star Wars. We have based it around episode I "A New Hope" with players either joining the Empire and helping to defend the Death Star that is being constructed or join the Rebellion to thwart the evil Empires plans. Basically, the goal is for the Empire to get their Death Star to level 20 and build a Mk3 carrier or for the Rebellion to break through the armada of empire ships and take the Death Star before completion. if If the event turns out to be successful, there may even be more of Star Wars… “Empire Strikes Back“, “Return of The Jedi“… Anyone who wants to take part is more than welcome and we are always looking for new faces to join [<V>]. So feel free to either contact Gorilla or myself and come join the fun.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

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[ Disclaimer: All information in this article has been received from partaking commanders or extracted from the publically accessible star maps. ]


Quite often, we go about playing GOFA forgetting about the passionate, dedicated individuals who make the game what it is. Mjolnir is one of those players I have had the good fortune to play with at <V> that are tireless and selfless to the Arena cause to not only make it fun for the <V> alliance members, but also to ensure that all other alliances have a tough team to compete with. Thanks FL for posting this interview Venom

Thank you everyone in <V> for all the have done for such a great setup. And for keeping it running as it is always a great time joining in on the games

Cheers for your feedback, guys. I absolutely agree with you. The effort the Arena team has shown is truly outstanding and what they created deserves everyone's support. It's almost as if they built a game within the game. We're very proud to have them around and everyone on the GOFA team's a huge fan of G, Mjolnir and the other Arena members and contributors! Keep up the excellent work, guys. And if there's anything we can do to help you out, never hesistate to ask. :)

Thanks Tobi and the FishLabs team and to all the players who enjoy the Arena, without you participating we would just be an alliance with a doughnut shaped cluster, haha. And a big thanks to Gorilla who is the only reason we have what we have today.

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