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NFTN #23: “Diplomacy is a waste of time“ feat. Papazex [BC]

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

A few weeks ago, our interview with Ezio Editore, the leader of the notorious warfare alliance Black Carnage [BC], kicked off a heaty discussion in the comments section of our blog. Today, we’ve interviewed the alliance’s senior officer Papazex, who’s well-known as one of the most relentless and skilled fighters in the Shroud Nebula!

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
If he keeps gaining XP at his current pace, it won't take too long anymore before Papazex [BC] has made it the magical level 1,000 barrier...

NFTN: Hello Papazex [BC] and cheers for taking part in this interview. For starters, let’s talk a bit about your history as a GOFA player. In the past you’ve fought on your own as a ghost as well as side by side with big alliances such as New Republic [NR!] or Elite Guard Prime [EGP], before you teamed up with combat masters Black Carnage [BC]. What made you join ‘em and what are your duties and responsibilities in [BC]?

Papazex [BC]: Hello, fellow GOFA players and FL. First of all, I have to clarify a few things. New Republic [NR!] was my very first alliance. When I joined them, they had about 25 members. I then moved on to Elite Guard Prime [EGP] but only stayed with them for half a day. When seven other alliances threatened to declare war on them if they kept me, they decided it would be better to kick me out. So I moved on and took over the role of senior officer in [JSF] and the Collective, before I became the leader of one of the Collective’s sister alliances. In addition, I also spend some time in Pain Train – “choo choo M.......“ – and roamed the Nebula as part of a 4-man alliance called Bubble Trouble. This were pretty nice times, actually.

Since me and Ezio always got along mighty fine, I decided to join Black Carnage [BC] after a while, because I felt that it was about time to add a bit more structure to my game play. I felt at home there right away, because most of the players in [BC] have a similar play style as I and follow a related philosophy.

I’m a senior officer in Black Carnage [BC] and I’m responsible for planning and execution various operations. I also collect intel and spread propaganda (or, as I like to call it, fear and terror in the LINE chats *evil smile*). And last but not least, I contact potential allies and foster our existing relations with partner alliances.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
An older battle report from Papazex's pre-Black Carnage days... for standing his ground against two fierce attackers, he got rewarded with an incredible 4 million XP from a single battle!

NFTN: A few weeks ago, our player interview with your alliance leader Ezio Auditore [BC] created quite a buzz. In the comments, several other players complained about the fact that [BC] also attacks low-level players and farmers in order to gain XP. Do you think this criticism is justified? And has your play style changed in the meantime? Or do you not agree with the hostile picture that the accusers have painted of [BC]?

Papazex [BC]: As soon as an alliance takes part in a lot of wars, there’ll automatically be haters. But I don’t know a single case where we attacked a much weaker commander just to gain some quick XP.

[BC] does also not attack anyone without a proper reason. Every now and then, however, it seems as if our enemies are not capable or willing to understand these reasons. If a farmer has a higher commander level than I and possesses 10 times as many troops and a comparably sized fleet, I wouldn’t call him an easy target. Quite often, the players themselves are not weak at all. But their alliances do simply not know how to organize themselves efficiently.

I also ask myself repeatedly, why so many players take over more planets than they can defend. Quite often people build up giant clusters without the slightest notion of how to govern them or protect them against attacks. Before we declare war on players, we always give them a fair chance to leave their alliances and prevent the immanent loss of their planets and fleets.

Furthermore, most of our opponents are actually Top 10 players and we believe that staying on top should not come too easily. If you wanna play with the big boys, you have to be able to play by their rules. To have a big mouth in the chats and start crying when we show up is not really an option.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Papazex calls this maneuvre the "tornado attack"... check out the next screen shot for its impressive result!

NFTN: You prefer a rather aggressive, belligerent play style. And you say of yourself that your enemies often consider you a war monger and bully. What do you like best about such a war-centered approach and why do you prefer being a fighter instead of being a farmer or a diplomat? And is there any way to get off your black list again?

Papazex [BC]: I chose this play style because I see GOFA as a war game. And I also think it’s a bigger challenge to play like that. It’s not easy to gain enough troops and resources if you’re constantly at war with someone.

I’ve never been a diplomat and, to be honest, I never had much interest in GOFA politics. Most oft he time, people keep talking for weeks and in the end they’ve just moved in circles and not made a single step forward. It’s a waste of time. Instead, I find it more effective to skip the talking and start with the fighting right away. After that, the discussions are usually much shorter and people cut tot he chase much quicker. 

Here’s an example: [UFF] are a coalition of a dozen or so alliances. Their mere size gave their members a false feeling of security. When [BC] took out one associated alliance after another, all they did was gather on a single planet for four long weeks and watch everything around them turn to dust.

Reflecting about my play style, I would indeed say that I’m a war monger… at least to a certain extent. But a bully? I don’t know about that. This word’s being so over-used in the GOFA community that I cannot take it seriously anymore.

I’d also like to think of myself as a pretty reasonable guy with whom you can definitely have a discussion. If asked, I’m always happy to help other players in all kinds of situations. And it’s also quite easy to get off my black list. All you gotta do is talk to me. However, there are some people, like the Rats, who don’t have that privilege anymore. I flushed the list with their names down the toilet a long time ago and I’ll keep hunting them for as long as I play GOFA.

I’m pretty resolute when I tell someone “I come after you“. My enemies can be sure that I’ll do everything I can to get hold of their planet list or find their planets out in the open. And once I know where they are, I’ll either take their planets down one after another or I destroy them all at once.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
The aftermath of the "tornado attack". Whatever stood in the way of Papa's "twister" of carriers got destroyed in next to no time.

NFTN: Your way of playing also bears a lot of risk. Once, you were driven to the edge of quitting, when your entire fleet of 115 carriers got destroyed within just a few hours. How hard was it to keep your head up and not throw the towel after that incident? And what advice can you give players who also have to start from scratch again after a lost battle?

Papazex [BC]: In GOFA, every player can loose everything at pretty much any time. Often, all you need to do is not pay attention for a minute or two… or, as I did, fall asleep while you’re still in the middle of a hostile cluster. When I woke up the next morning, everything I had was gone. Back then I was a ghost who operated from his home system and hence I didn’t have many outer planets to which my carriers could return. So they all died. And to make matters worse, Fishlabs also released an update which made ghosting significantly harder a mere day later.

Anyway… from one moment to the other, I had nothing left but my account. All fleets, troops and planets were gone. For a couple of seconds I thought of throwing the towel.

But the good thing about falling down – in GOFA as well as in real life – ist that you always have friends around that help you up again. And that’s more important that all material things. When you’re down, you have to pull yourself together and scheme your return. I was lucky to have guys like Equi and Ezio around, who delivered tons of resources to my planets and helped me rebuild my fleet. At that point, I also decided to turn to farming with my alternate account to make sure I’d never be completely helpless and destitute again.

So the one thing I’d like to tell people is this: Never give up! All you need is a little time and a little help from your friends and you’ll be back in the game. Two months after my entire fleet got wiped out, I had assembled a new fleet that was stronger than the one I commanded before. My carrier levels are much higher now and my alt produces more resources than I can spend in a lifetime. You see, it didn’t take long before Papa was back in action again… hehe.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
One of many battle reports that granted Papazex 1 million XP (or more) from a single battle. Here, he engaged in a tough fight with Ferninho [[I]]

NFTN: Which alliances have been your most relentless, dangerous and well-versed opponents so far? Which formations are aggravating and hard-to-beat enemies, even for an experienced warfare alliance like Black Carnage [BC]?

Papazex [BC]: It’s hard to name a single alliance, because they all did certain things quite well and others, erm, not-so-well.

[JSF] had the best cluster defense I’ve ever seen and I don’t think that too many others could protect their territory as well as they did. Invictus were very relentless, but it seemed to me as if their internal organization wasn’t the best. Eagle doesn‘t care about losing any of his stuff. He goes after you with everything he has and doesn’t mind any losses.

The biggest chickens in the Shroud Nebula are the Rats. They only attack you with single standard carriers and avoid all other battles like the plague. [CBK] are wannabe-ghosts in my book and the toilet warriors of [WC] misleadingly think of themselves as knights in white armor.

The toughest enemies are those that own a closed, compact cluster with a strong troop-defense on every planet and active players who partly server as defenders and partly operate as attackers. There’s nothing that puts you off balance like an unexpected attack on your own planets that’s scheduled to go down exactly at the same time as your own attacks. To be honest, I’d really like to meet more enemies like this in the game.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

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[ Disclaimer: All information in this article has been received from partaking commanders or extracted from the publically accessible star maps. ]


cos the haters gonna hate heheheheheh

ich bin level 425 habe kanpp 8k schiffe und wurde von Spielern aus bc Plat gemacht Begründung falsche alli Deren Spieler waren level 600-700 Schlag mich tod Und wenn man defft Dan kommt ne Flotte von 20 k und mehr keine change

This interview really made me learn some really useful tips. But what made me learn the most is the defense tip. A small compact territory is way better than a huge territory. Why have 60 planets if you can't defend them.

Congrats on the interview papa.

It was a very good read. Glad you went through with it. I wonder how many curse words had to be edited out of that? Haha.

The interview itself didn't have to be censored at all. Although he's a tough opponent in the game, Papazex is a really nice and cool guy in real life. I guess, he rather settles disagreements with tornado attacks than insults. ;) I wouldn't be surprised, however, if the interview would spawn a couple of not-so-nice replies by enemy alliances of [BC]. At least that's what happened after I interviewed Ezio. Personally, I think it's really great that I meet so many different types of gamers through these interviews. Everybody has a different approach to the game and there are hardly too players see GOFA exactly the same. But they all got a story to tell and unique experiences to share. That's really cool!

At least you didn't call me a woman.

No.i did not Jenny.

Didn't have to be said. We all know your a woman

PaPa is a beast of a player in GOFA and an all around great guy to have as a friend. Playing this game with people who challenge you to grow and stretch your views is vital to survive in the nebula. Thanks for mentioning JSF! Had lots of good times fighting along side and defending with PaPa. Stay strong and remember PaPa FEARLESS is.......



Never forget that : words are weapons

Wenn man sich das Interview durchliest, kann man einfach nur mit dem Kopf schütteln! Spieler wie dieser Papa machen einfach nur das Game kaputt! Er sieht sich als glorreichen Helden oder Stratege oder so etwas in der Art. In Wirklichkeit glaube ich, dass Papa ein ziemlich armes Würstchen ist, der versucht seinen Hass aus dem Reallife hier ein Gesicht zu geben und um Anerekennung winselt. Absolut erbärmlich und bedauernswert solche Menschen!

Papa stellt sich im oberen Teil als großer und fairer Spieler da der jedem eine Chance gibt. Aber weit gefehlt, in Wahrheit sieht es doch ganz anders mit ihm aus. Von wegen Angebote die Alli zu verlassen um einer Vernichtung zu entgehen. Ich habe nichts davon gemerkt und selbst als ich eigenständig die Alli verlassen hatte und eine 1Mann-Alli gründete wurde ich von ihm und seiner Alli angegriffen. Zu Beginn gab es nicht einmal eine Kriegserklärung und es wurde ohne Vorwarnung unser gesamter Cluster platt gemacht. Das er keine schwächeren Komander angreift ist ebenso gelogen wie vieles Andere auch. Sein Level ist mehr als das doppelte von meinem und andere Spieler haben nicht mal ein Drittel oder Viertel von seinem. Das man mit ihm reden kann ist ebenso falsch, denn entweder bekommt man dumme oder gar keine Antworten. Es kann ja jeder so spielen wie er möchte aber dann soll man wenigsten bei der Wahrheit bleiben und nicht ein völlig falsches Bild von sich zeichnen. Es gibt Andere die spielen ähnlich wie Papa aber die stehen wenigstens zu dem was sie tun und verstecken sich nicht hinter falschen Argumenten. Die Wahrheit ist: wenn Papa nicht mit einem BIG-Level und einer Übermacht angreifen kann, sonder genauso klein anfangen muss wie alle Anderen, wie auf Warserver1 bzw S4, dann bekommt er ganz schnell den Arsch voll und es ist nicht mehr viel von ihm zu sehen. Aber trotzdem danke für deine Offenheit Papa.

Yes my alliance and the rest of the GSC (galactic sucorety Cansel had a nice fight BRG and RDR and halfway in to the war we had a seas fire and that's when the worst ghosts in the game stoped fighting with us coz I thing that lost to much but RDR did not so we smashed than (thay wher ghosts before we sgofa://3002/players/Questomashed them) naw thay are no more thay all went crying to the rushen elite so that met we won thay did take are cluster but we took much more I had a cit that was only 5 sistems way from 3 of ther sistems thay did not attack I had no one spy on my all I did was send my fleets and thay ran from all ther plants that's haw bad thay are my fleet was no Mach for tigers but thay all fled. Sharp L175 on s2

Consider yourself demoted for your comments.

A very good interview. Honest and to the point. I lost my fleet against the Russian Elite when I was with ALC about 10 months ago. Felt like giving up but rebuilt quickly so that I could continue. Like you I've been in a lot of wars. I've never took those wars or attacks on me personally, I think it's the same with you. I prefer peace but like you will stand by my alliance until the end. I like the fact that you complicated your opponents A sign of a good player and opponent

Thank you for serving beside me in Pain Train and the shout. CHOO CHOO MOTHER FRUCKER!!!

FL you've got to stop interviewing psychos...

This was another great interview from the guys from BC. The thing I respect most is there brutal call it like it is honesty.

Keep ghost players unleashed will cause very unpleasant gaming experience for many other players. Believe it or not FL, less players will actually PAY so they can get higher level and get screwed by those losers in real life. Anyway for the future gaming strategy is still in your hand. And of course so is your company future. P.S. I know your company probably got many German employees but please do not make the same mistake during WWII---as the so called "Fanatic" genes are in your blood

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