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NFTN #22: “Farmer, teacher, leader, ghost… and fighter!“ feat. L4C1E L0U [ACN]

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

Ever since she joined the game in late 2013, L4C1E L0U [ACN] has seen her fair share of the Shroud Nebula. She tried out pretty much every playing style there is, participated in some of the most epic wars ever to shake up server 2 and took over key positions in more than half a dozen high-profile alliances. Read her story below and leave some comments, folks!

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
By her own admission, L4C1E L0U [ACN] is a proud Cajun from Lousiana. On the photo above, we see her enjoying Mardi Gras in New Orleans, LA.

NFTN: Cheers for joining us today, Lacie. This is the  22nd issue of News From The Nebula and you’re the first female player to answer our questions. Do you have any idea why that’s so? Does GOFA mostly cater to a male audience or have we just looked for interviewees in the wrong places? Or maybe a bit of both?

L4C1E L0U [ACN]: Thanks Tobi, I am so excited to be able to share this with you and the rest of the Shroud Nebula. To answer your question, I do not think that GOFA caters to a male audience any more than they do to a female audience. I guess it would have to depend on what you are into. I love space and science, so the original Galaxy on Fire games drew me in and eventually led me here. With the vast majority of GOFA players being male, it takes a real woman to stick it out. Men like to think that they wear the pants, but we are telling them which ones to wear. ;)

I may be the first female player to be interviewed, but I know that I definitely won't be the last. I have gotten to know many great women since I started playing this game:  Maiive, Damia, Deadpool, Johnny English, Pantygirl, Hthrwst. (Kidding Johnny. I just couldn't pass up this opportunity to tease you)

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
L4C1E's in-game alter ego is a female Terran commander residing at an impressive player level of 638... and given her enthusiasm for GOFA, she's not even close to being done yet!

NFTN: Throughout your career as a commander, which started back in November 2013, you took over all kinds of leading positions in a vast number of high-profile alliances, including Timelords, Singularity and The Void. What is that makes you head straight for the top of the chain of command? And in what way does playing as a leader or senior officer differ from being a regular member? 

L4C1E L0U [ACN]: Well for starters, I have learned from some really amazing leaders (Xenox, Kang, Stone & O'neil) – I have much experience playing GOFA and I love sharing my experiences with those who are just starting out. I've been a farmer, I've been a teacher, I've been a ghost, but at the end of the day I'm a fighter with a conscience and I fight for what is right. I have over 23 million battle experience from wars and I just got my very first million battle XP on a single battle report last month. I don't have to chase after leadership roles. Tobi. Those who know me know what I am capable of & they know what is in my heart. Those roles are placed upon me because of my drive and because I care. Sure, I love fighting, but what separates me from the XP hunters and the warmongers is that I always put my people first. To me, "leader" is just a title because the real leadership comes from your Senior Officers and the rest of your members. If you aren't involving them, then you will never grow as an alliance and you will never build up the trust that is needed to thrive. When you have trust, you have friends... but not only that, you have allies. That is what this game is about. 

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
The battle report above qualifies L4C1E for the illustrious club of commanders, who've earned more than one million XP in a single battle!

NFTN: Besides your involvement in the aforementioned alliances, there’s also been a time when you flew solo and took to ghosting – a tactics that not all GOFA players are too fond of. What do you usually reply to people who say that ghosting is cowardly and dishonorable? And what pieces of advice would you give an inexperienced player who’d like to try his luck in the Shroud Nebula as a ghost? 

L4C1E L0U [ACN]: I used to be against ghosting. I didn't want to see Server 2 turn into a ghost server because I felt that it would ruin the game for myself and many other players. I‘ve seen clusters get destroyed, I’ve seen alliances disband and I‘ve watched friends quit after being slaughtered by ghosts. As far as saying its cowardly or dishonorable, there are those that have shown those traits in ghosting only because they love war and burning what others have built. But others ghost to keep fighting for their friends and to have nothing holding them back in that fight. In giving up their planets, they show quite the opposite. Theirs is a game of courage and honor. I hope that I'm seen as being in that latter group. GOFA is always changing so all we can do is adjust. 

To an inexperienced player interested in ghosting, my advice would be to always put your carriers on “avoid combat“ when you are not playing because the best way to hurt a ghost is to destroy their fleet. Most importantly, be fair and know when to stop. You may feel like you are untouchable, but creating more ghosts to hunt you down will become a problem and making good people quit playing is wrong. 

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
A wonderful example of teamplay. Although they lost the battle, L4C1E said it was still fun to wake up at 2AM (in her local time zone) to show up and fight shoulder to shoulder with no less than 17 allied commanders!

NFTN: You’re currently serving as leader of AdAstraAscension [ACN]. What kind of guys are they, how did you end up with them and what is currently on top of their agenda?

L4C1E L0U [ACN]: It's not every day that someone comes along and leaves an impression that lasts. With ACN & ADA, I get to interact with 40 of those people on a daily basis. They are the spark in my virtual world with personalities so infectious that it leaves me smiling from ear to ear long after I have chatted with them. I have given up trying to explain where the random giggles come from. LOL. They are my most trusted friends and I consider them family. 

AdAstraAscension [ACN] & Ad Astra [ADA] were originally part of [UFF] before joining Void and becoming TheVoidAstra [VOA] – After many months of seeing red, we decided to try to take a more peaceful approach for a while. [VOA] was disbanded and the two Astra's were reborn back into [UFF]. 

Our agenda has never been so full, Tobi. We are currently working towards getting some tactical wars started with other alliances so that we can improve our strategic gameplay and improve our response to surprises. It has been so long since we have had this kind of peace and it's so surreal that some of us are finding it hard to adjust. It's going to be a process but we are in this together. I am SO very proud of these guys. Proud of what we have accomplished together as an alliance. Proud of EVERYTHING that we stand for and have stood for in the past. Most of all, I'm proud to have the honor and privilege of leading such an inspiring group of individuals. I couldn't do it without them. 

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

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[ Disclaimer: All information in this article has been received from partaking commanders or extracted from the publically accessible star maps. ]


Yes ghost are hard but week if you get ther fleets thay fall like flise We smashed an alliance called in fact I will only say the tag RDR well thay did fall like fles and then fled to resen elite But that was not the first to attack but I am not saying the name thay Buled out thay where smart. P.S. Plz join D|H on S2 if you are L50+ we are part of the GSC do not attack us we are peaceful but we can bite. Sharp Offiser to D|H and planet finder L173 at the mo bye

That is not how it went at all. RDR was one crushing our fleets and we only won the war because of our allies and that is stretching the definition of "won".

Bravo lacie!

huh, not the word that comes to my mind...

Lacie, you forgot to share your glory when we took down yeseyes together hehehe :). Love ya

That was fun, but I had felt so bad for him afterwards because I remember that you had been going after him for a while before that. I hope after we got his fleet you left him alone. I would NOT want to be on the receiving end of your rage, because you never give up lol

Another great interview. And one of the best ones if I say so ;) haha. I can't wait to read Johnnys comments on line. I can see him is his princess outfit already lol. It had been a great pleasure to be part of the same allaince as Laice for a while now and hopeful for a long time to come.


My guys started out intimidated by Lacie, so ferocious:) Now they gladly follow her. I'm proud to serve as a SO with her as well! Great interview Lacie!


Hey LACIE, if you want a tactical war PM me in game and we can discuss terms of the war. I think it would be fun!

COOL! I'll check with the other guys to see what they think. I just st don't want to get too many going at one time so maybe after we finish with the current ones. We'll be in touch ;)

The first alliance I was in got destroyed by a sustained assult by the Russians and by a ghost alliance. While I don't agree with ghosting it has proven itself to b a valid form of attacking a superior alliance. Nice interview lacie

I stopped reading after... Well you know which part.

Great interview. Maybe some day D-D will rise to be seen with the kind of respect that you have earned.

Im surprised, that its active. Ive only been here for a few days but Ive hardly seen any type of activity.

I learned something about myself that I have never expected to learn.


I saw your name pop up! Great interview and yeah, I always thought the same about JE.

Good to see the interview Lacie! Love ya!

She was my first den mother and brought me into the timelords about a year ago. She rocks.

Откуда вы беретесь!?Вам америкосам только и подавай попу какой нибудь гренландки.И кажись я знаю каким местом она это заработала)

Not sure what you are saying

We announce her hunting due to the fact that she put herself above all ! Envy is bad, but to show off even worse. Who do you still need except your alliance ?. Prepare L4C1E LOU, you will have new enemies , of course if you do not do something useful for all ... Ps: it's all about the game and hunting in the game , too.

im a MAN!!

Not sure what you are talking about.

It's too bad your envy stopped you from getting something out of a good interview! They came too her, she gave honest answers, yet you Attack... Haha poor boy.

You rock Lacie!

failed to mention you got fired from being leader rather quick. People talk miss lacie we heard of you being fired as leader from singularity and others.

Well there isn't much I can do about people talking but since I was actually there I'll tell you how it actually went. I came to a mutual agreement with Stone to return leadership until things cooled off with Invictus -- because after dropping NAP with Invictus the shit hit the fan in Singu -- people were sucking their asses so hard at the time that i could literally smell the shit through my phone. BUTT-MUNCHER(S)!!! Anyway. After "certain" individuals were done throwing their sissy tantrums about dropping NAP with Invictus, instead of remaining in Singu I decided to leave with Stone & several other NON-BUTT-MUNCHERS to form Void. From there Singularity nearly became non existent with their late leader... So much so that they decided to join BC out of boredom or whatever their reasons were. So, believe what you want about me but atleast I did something as leader. And at the end of be day, atleast i can say that my nose isn't brown with shit all over it. Also, I have a pretty good idea of who this "random" BUTT-MUNCHER is posting rumors on my nice interview page and if you ever get the balls to try to call me out in public again then do me a favor and include your name so you can atleast earn yourself some kind of credibility because nobody cares about rumors from a random stupid fuck who has nothing better to do with their life than try to ruin people's reputation through social media.


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