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NFTN #21: "The King of Farmers" feat. EA6LE [E-S]

Galaxy on Fire - Aliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

Although he mostly sticks to farming and seldomly engages in large-scale battles, EA6LE [ES] is well-known and respected by his peers on server 2. Despite his peaceful playing style, he managed to reach the second-highest player level in all of GOFA and it doesn’t look as if he’d get tired of leveling up anytime soon. As he told us, he currently aims at becoming the first player to make it past level 1500!

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

NFTN: Hello EA6LE [ES] & Thanks for joining us today. You’re definitely one of the Shroud Nebula’s most well-known characters as you currently hold the 2nd highest level of all commanders on the iOS servers! How the heck did you make it to level 1371 and how much time and effort is needed to make it that far?

EA6LE [E-S]: Well, is mostly about patience. As with pretty much any game you play, you first need to take your time to understand it. From there you can proceed stepwise. Set a goal and reach it. When I started in December 2013, I spent about 3 hours per day playing GOFA. With each day that passed, I played a little longer and quickly ended up spending 8 hours and more in the game. On average, I clock in at 6 hours a day now. My routine goes as follows: I wake up around 6, check LINE, collect artifacts and go for a 3 to 5 mile run or a walk. When I come back, I prepare about 130 carriers on three accounts and send them to my bank planet – always watching carefully that I stay within the limits. I then produce troops, take a shower and go to work. It’s usually around 8 o’clock then. When I come back from work, I collect artifacts again, send carriers out and make troops. This usually takes another 2 hours. After that I have diner and watch a movie before it’s time for another round of carrier loading and delivery, which – as you might have guessed by now --  that takes another 2 hours.

Of course, there are days when I can't play that much. But even then I usually still fine the time to send at least a load of resources back and forth. All in all, I’ve only missed a few weeks during which I tried to retire from the game. But as you can see, I didn’t stay away for good. I also tried some attacks a long time ago when I joined Anla’Shock [A’S] and later Invictus [I]. But I quickly learned that is not my play style. I just don’t enjoy wasting a lot of time moving my fleets around, coordinating attacks with other members and having to wait endlessly for a good ship smash (if I‘m lucky). Most of the time you just attack undefended planets anyway. You burn them and the only satisfactions is that you know you pissed off your enemy. After I burned few planets, I found out that I have no satisfaction from it, so I stopped fighting and focussed entirely on farming instead. 

Galaxy on Fire - Aliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Here's the secret to EA6LE's success... he's hired a skilled little helper and put him in charge of all his major operations. ;)

NFTN: Iron Maiden once claimed that “no one should fly where eagles dare.“ And there’s indeed only a handful of other players on W2 that breached beyond the magical level 1000 barrier… and none that made it beyond 1200 let alone 1300. How long have you been holding the pole position now and what motivates you to stay ahead of the competition after all these months?

EA6LE [E-S]: First of all, I am not the most high-level player on all servers. PenPen passed 1400 on Server 1, an achievement for which I should congratulate him. I might challenge him for 1500 though. ;) Until spring 2014, I was in 10th place and then my good friend from Singularity [S] showed me what Trade Centers were capable of. Once I learned what a troop bank was, I started to level up much faster and got to the top in next to no time. Now I just want to see what the limit is. :) 

Galaxy on Fire - Aliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
A Romanian who emigrated to the Turks & Caicos Islands, EA6LE's experiencing a fair share of warm, sunny days. But there's occassional hurricanes as well, as he told us.

NFTN: Judging from the description of your alliance, the Eagle Squadron [E-S], you’re a rather peaceful player who prefers to help the commanders around him rather than kick ‘em back into their home systems. Are people still try to take you on every now and then? Or are most of the potential aggressors scared away by your high commander level?

EA6LE [E-S]: When I created Eagle Squadron [E-S], my main intention was to help all close alliances with defense. However, because of that we became a constant target for chaos alliances and learned the hard way that defending is not easy in this game. Apparently, the best way to defend yourself is to leash out attacks yourself… but that is the opposite of what wanted to stand for, so we became a farmer alliances and made many friends.

Recently, I also created EAGLE TRINITY [(E)] as a sanctuary trying to help veterans of this game while they deal with real life issues. It would be nice if FL gave us the option to turn the planet registry on or off in the alliance, as I will allow both allies and enemies to join. I hope that the other alliances on the server respect the few rules I posted in the alliance description. Despite my level and the way this game is, I can still be beaten by an experienced level 600 player. The attacker has the advantage of the surprise on his side and if he teams up with a couple of friends, they can burn most of the planets in very short time. Sure… I can ask a few friends to help me, but the best defense is to let go of your planets and go on offense, which is not my style. This happened to me once and I almost quit the game. I think FL will need to balance this game a bit and make it more challenging for attackers and defenders alike. Anyway, for now I do a lot of diplomacy and try to be friendly with everybody and help them if I can – even if they’d been my enemies a short while ago.

Galaxy on Fire - Aliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
No need to go into detail about this. The impressive commander profile of EA6LE [E-S] pretty much speaks for itself.

NFTN: What’s the three best pieces of advice that you’d give newbie players? If someone had just arrived in the Nebula, what bases should they have covered in order to stand their ground in this unfamiliar and unmistakeably tough environment? 

EA6LE [E-S]: A lot of new players contact me and ask to join my alliance. I usually give them the advice to start with a small alliance close to them. Within their confines, they can level up and learn the basiscs of the game. In the beginning, it makes sense to farm a lot and not leash out attacks on players that are way more advanced than the boisterous newbies. If attacked, the best option is to keep it friendly and try to solve the problem diplomatically. In my opinion, the tutorial would also need a few changes, because it is pushing new player to attack players who resided close-by. In most cases these players are much higher and when they hit back, many of the newbie players will stop playing GOFA almost immediately. Early on, when I was trying to keep my systems clean of new players, I made that mistake as well. But now I hit them only if they hit me. And even then I always try to send a message with a suggestion of how to settle things without a fight.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

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[ Disclaimer: All information in this article has been received from partaking commanders or extracted from the publically accessible star maps. ]


wise words from the nicest man on GOFA

Heres one man, all can respect in game. Fair in dealing with all. Good interview.

Very nice interview! One of the nicest, fair guys on the server!

The good friend from Singularity who teached you how does a troops bank works is really missed... Thank you Arc'Tur !!! ;)

A really good interview from the kindest and nicest ally and teammate there is in the nebula!!!

A very good insight into high level farming and peaceful playstyle and a lot of important and true points what need to be improved in GoFA. Hopefully developers at FL take care of this in future releases. Thanks for this interview i have enjoyed reading it.


Any tips you can pass on for credit farming and resource production?

He deserved this interview. I would listen to his words well, unlike the other interview. He has good comments for FL to improve gofa. Thanks for this interview.


He's 100% right on the tutorial, most of it should be confined to your home system, especially the attacking and defending, even the 'calls'. New players can be very annoying as the puff their chests, it takes a lot of patience to deal with them attacking you or even to have them in your alliance swinging punches at everyone. I'm sure he is also right about many new guys leaving the game after being crushed by a player 400 levels higher than them.

I just got to level 100 and I did not know you could go to level 1,500 I like farming as well, I think when you get to level 1,000 you shud get ruler and not keep General that wud be cool. Well just whanted to say good job :-) naV

I think this is one of the best interviews. And I agree with ýou on the tutorial. But I also think, that a Player having a Level higher then 300 shouldn't directly hit back, a noob can't harm you. And you are a great Farmer, really impressive, Level up from 1380 to 1451 in like 3 is really great.

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