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NFTN #20: "Warmongers out of necessity" feat. Ezio Auditore [BC]

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

Upon their arrivial in the Shroud Nebula in January 2014, Black Carnage [BC] were a rather peaceful alliance that didn’t get too much recognition from the other parties on the server. But all that changed when they engaged in a mega-war with Red Alert [R|A] that lasted several months and almost led to the complete extinction of [BC]. In today’s player interview, Ezio Auditore portraits his alliance’s impressive comeback and illustrates how they managed to become the biggest warfare alliance on the iOS servers.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Despite their reputation as ruthless fighters, Black Carnage [BC] also have quite an artistic side as this engraving in the star map shows.

NFTN: Hello Ezio, I’m glad to have you on board for today’s player interview and learn more about your position as the leader of the biggest and most relentless warfare alliance on server 2, namely Black Carnage [BC]. For starters, I’m burning to find out who Black Carnage [BC] are and why those attacked by them “have a problem“ (as the alliance description proclaims).

Ezio Auditore [BC]: Well, first of all thank you for the interview. Black Carnage [BC] is a legendary alliance that was formed in late January of 2014. Back then we used to have one of the biggest clusters on S2 and around 40 members. At that time I was just a regular member in [BC]. Due to to my activity I was promoted to position of Diplomat (some people will laugh but yeah, haha). [BC] was rather peaceful then, but due to some poor leadership moves from our old leader we ended up in our first war against Red Alert[R|A] – in my opinion the strongest union of alliances that existed on S2.

War was hard and long and it looked as if [BC] would be gone soon. But the guys who remained continued to fight. At that time [BC] was down to 7 members (most of which are still with men namely Bravo, Warr, Truth, norman and sb) and the fleeing ex-[BCs] went all over the place. After long 5 months of war, my dear friend Salty contacted me and said "Let's reform [BC]". I was so happy to hear that and we started with recruiting. With help from our friends and a little bit of talking, the first "new“ [BC] members started to apply. Most are still with me and they are my family. Among them are many fine people such as Drake, Pecus, First one, Grinch, hyp, top and lazy... At that time we were already in the Top 5 of the “Warfare“ leaderboards thanks to our new tactics of ghosting. Later that year some big names joined us from ex-Collective and Void like Papa, Dsx, Zman, white, Loki, Schalge, Crix and Vio. In addition to that, we also teamed up with another legendary alliance, namely Elite Guard Prime [EGP], who joined us and helped us a lot to achieve many goals we set, such as hitting the 400M mark on Warfare XP. [BC] and I would like to thank them for that.

For more than 5 months now, [BC] is the no.1 warfare alliance on all servers and we are very proud of it because all of our XP came from wars. Throughout our history we fought 5 major wars and every time our enemies had to learn the hard way whom they were up against. Also, about a week ago some of our long term friends and brothers from the legendary alliance Singularity [S] joined us, and I would like to thank them again.

As for our prime targets, well, we usually fight bullies or people who support them and people that are rude towards us. And yes, as the description says, they do indeed have a problem when we go after them. Because once we start, its hard to stop us and we do not do diplo anymore. Instead, we just kill until we think it is enough for them to learn their lesson and not make the same mistake again. Today [BC] is aiming for their next milestone, which is 600M of pure warfare experience. 

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Being well-versed in battle, Black Carnage [BC] do not only know how to take down single ships but also whole armadas...

NFTN: What makes an “aggressive“ style of gaming so appealing for you? And how do you manage to stand your ground against much bigger alliances which consist of a multitude of wings and sub-alliances?

Ezio Auditore [BC]: We were forced to use aggressive game styles and with time we learned more about these tactics and how to use them best. The thing that make [BC] so special is the people who are in it – with a good team, everything is possible. In [BC] we are all ready to die for each other. If we see someone is already in gathering and we have a chance to recall, we never do so. No matter how strong our enemy is, we always decide to stay with our guy because we rather die as a team than survive as individuals.

For example, once we were in the middle of very big cluster and we were attacking one system very late. It was a level 1 planet and I ended up conquering it, but fell asleep soon after. Even though it was just a level 1 planet with no planetary defense on it, all guys from [BC] that were in the area came and defended that level 1 planet until I woke up. That’s something you an only find in [BC]. So organisation and team play as well as the wonderful, brave guys that are with me in [BC] make everything possible – even  when we face 800 enemies with just 30 guys, they could do nothing against us!

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
According to Ezio, holding a huge cluster and setting up a well-functioning defense network is key to survial in the Shroud Nebula.

NFTN: According to your own experience, which attack and defense strategies work best in GOFA? Can you give our readers some tips of to prevail in battle (without revealing too many of Black Carnage [BC]‘s secrets, of course)?

Ezio Auditore [BC]: From my experience, the best strategy is to be careful. You need to plan and prepare everything to the last detail and, as we say, be ready to recall if you need to. Defenders have very big advantages in GOFA and with good organisation, clusters are very hard to take. So I’d recommend everyone to make a good high-level cluster with defense teams. Do this and you will be secure. 

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Having gained more than half a billion XP from battles, Black Carnage [BC] have more than earned the top spot of the "Alliance Warfare" leaderboards.

NFTN: One thing that’s really fascinating about GOFA is the different “philosophy“ of each server. With its bellicose nature and warlike attitude, server 2 seems to suit your style of playing really fine. Have you also played on the other servers at one point or another and do you think that an alliance such as Black Carnage [BC] would be possible on S1, S3 or the Warzone, too?

Ezio Auditore [BC]: Personally I only play on S2. I made accounts on other servers just to see the map and leaderboards. Here on S2 we have a saying: S1 is the “Arena Server“, S2 is the “War Server“ and S3 is the “Political Server“ because of the wars against specific targets. The warzone is a good addition, but with so many duties on S2 I never had a chance to play it.

As for the possibility of establishing an alliance like Black Carnage [BC] on other server, I think it would only be possible if we “transfered“ Black Carnage [BC] from S2 to another server. In my opinion, this team is the best team that ever played the game and the best war group I ever had a chance to be a part of in ANY game. Because of my team, I am now having this interview and I would like to thank them for that once again. There can, of course, be alliances with similar game styles, but none like [BC]. 

At the end, I would like to say a big thanks to all who helped [BC] to grow this big. Aside from my team mates whose dedication and contribution I couldn’t stress enough, I would also to say special thanks to Viss, Jessi, guun, Marduke, Stu, Pyt, Slu, Fear, stone, Rick, lonas and especially Akx and Dogs, who are my dearest friends from outside of [BC], and all others who are still with us!

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

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[ Disclaimer: All information in this article has been received from partaking commanders or extracted from the publically accessible star maps. ]


What an ego!

You did not say tings like that when you were buying hot cits from us!

Hey, you. Yeah, you, the one using MY username to bash BC. First, ego is necessary to leadership. If you don't believe in yourself and what you're doing, you can't succeed. Second, trying to make the Colonies and BC fight is pathetic, especially this way. Didn't you think I'd see this? I have eyes EVERYWHERE. BC are good folks. If you have a problem with them, it's probably your own fault. -Colonel West, President of the Terran Colonies

Oh, I have no issues with them. If you have eyes "everywhere", I suppose it won't be too hard for you to find me. I'm a lot closer than you think.

Hey, you. Yeah, you, the one sucking Ezio's [beep]. You might have eyes EVERYWHERE, but can you see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch? You probably can't with Ezio's [beep] down your throat. -Colonel West, BC's [beep], Chief Dumbass, First Retard and Arch-DoucheBag of the Terran [beep].

For the record that wasn't me/the fake you. God, this is getting complicated.

You know it was you, you salty little [beep]. Don't lie. Also, real West, enjoy Ezio's [beep]. -Colonel West, Total [beep] and [beep].

who is me, really? What am I? Am i a figment of your imagination? Am I ezio's [beep]? Do I exist? Yes, I do, and I suck it all day

So proud of you real real West. It must take a lot of courage to come out that you ride Ezio's [beep] like normal people ride roller coasters. So proud of you West. Enjoy sucking off the top ten!!

Who impersonates an impersonator? Just why?

yall no I don't have an affinity for BC's, ahem, member. But I do like the way their members taste after I chew them up real good

You shouldn't lie to everyone West, its not befitting of an Arch-Douche like yourself. I believed that you were different from the rest of the Top Ten [beep] suckers, but it turns out your just like the rest of them. West, its okay to kiss ass to reach the top, it really is, but its not right to lie! But seriously man, respect, you worked hard to get where you are. Yours Truly, Hatem

at this point, it's hard To tell who is me, and who is pretending to be me. Honestly, even I have no proof that I am me. So trust me on this: I have no love for BC, but I also have no grievance. I've never fought against them, or with them. I've been on the same side as them, but simply because we had a common enemy at the time. I recognize BC is the greatest possible threat to me, so I remain on their good side. But I do the same with the Russians, the Chinese, UFF, and a bunch of others. I will not fight BC unless they fight me. Badmouthing them with my name is childish. If you have a problem with me, tell me, don't use them to wipe me out. If you have a problem with them, well, keep it to yourself, unless you're into eternal fighting. I'm not, and that is why I say these things

West. I gotta hand it to you, you handle this almost as well as you handle Ezio's [beep]. I've made more penis jokes about you tonight then some people ever do and somehow you've kept your cool. I'm proud of you bruh. You done good tonight, I'm proud of you.

they have twice as much xp as you as of today...? who is this ?

It is single man alliance. Ship smashing for good cause to show support to little daughter of player Gray Jagura who is fighintg the cancer :(

Yes BC used to be a great alliance. When they were formed they did originally stand against bullying and fought for the little guy. Whoever over time they have been corrupted and have become the bullies that they once sought to stop. I see Ezio conveniently left out the part where his alliance attacked a group of peaceful alliances for no reason. If I remember correctly one of their members created the salt declaration announcing war on half the nebula. Then when we reacted accordingly by breaking NAP's and preparing for war you tried to play it off as a joke and that you were hurt by our reaction. Nevertheless we gave you the benefit of the doubt and went about our daily business until you decided to hold true to the declaration and began attacking UFF. An alliance union made up of mostly farmers who had done nothing to you to provoke such an attack. When we came to their defense you declared on us as well. The majority of BC is made up of lairs. Some were former brothers in arms who forgot their former friendships and happily attacked their former allies. Do not be deceived by Ezio trying to portray BC as a good alliance fighting for a righteous cause. Maybe they were once upon a time, but now they're bullies plain and simple. Warmongering for the sake of doing so.

Your alliance isn't necessarily a goody two-shoes group either, kind sir. You busted my former alliance, [ITC] for no reason, and bullied my leader over citadels.

Yes I did and for that I'm sorry and I will own up to my past mistakes. I did not however pretend to be fight for a righteous cause like BC does. I admit that I was bullying you long ago and that I shouldn't have done that but I I'll at least own up to my mistakes.

see you used to be bully and guess what we fought you. You know why? Cos you were bully simple

I find it highly ironic that you titled your post lies accused ezio of lying however you have yet to provide any proof of which our (BC) history speaks for itself our friends are many and as a member I have yet to see even one shred of proof. I have been in BC since almost the very beggining Ezio is an great friend to those who deserve and your worst enemy to the bullies on the server. Any war we fight is justified and if it's against you then you should start running now!

Wow You only attack bullies? Lies. Your the biggest bully in game and if this guy knew that he wouldn't have published this. Funny so funny.

Way to go BC. Having many friends in BC I can say without a doubt that they are truly deserving. From planning out attacks to supporting team members they are top notch. Congrats!!

Wow wow wow Bc starts wars with farmers, burned all their clusters, and taunted everyone the entire time. Wow you guys are such great heroes

Watch, as soon as Ezio reads this someone's going to get a message in line chat with a bunch of threats and [beep] n [beep] taunts. Can you spell Ezio the egg head bully faster than he can start another war with farmers.

I've already been threatened by Ezio simply for telling the truth. Just more evidence to support my comment.

My experience with Ezio has been where I had a cluster, he told me to join his salt declaration or be burned. We said no. He burned everything we had and made jokes about it the entire time. These guys might have been cool once but not anymore. What I don't understand is why hasn't s2 just risen up against them and put a stop to their constant wars against farmers. Oh and this interview is funny, mostly lies.

Enzio was biggest bully even before joining BC... attaking sub 100 lvl players in neutral alliances just because he could...

So funny. Ezio fights farmers and bullies low level players and talks like he is a hero. Hahahajahahahahanan

Suck a piece if [beep]. Bc are bullies, they use spies, fight farmers and start wars with people they know they can beat. Suck a piece of [beep] Ezio


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