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NFTN #19: "The early bird catches the worm" feat. Quantum [MX]

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

So far, we had mostly featured players from the iOS servers here on our blog. But that was pure coincidence and we do, of course, love the Android folks just as much as the iOS gamers. To make sure that their voice is heard here too, we teamed up with Quantum [MX] today, who founded the legendary Minari Federation [MX] at almost the exact moment when world A2 was opened. A clear-sighted leader and clever tactician, as well as a skilled networker and engaged socializer, he instantly heaved his alliance to the pole position of the leader boards and made sure it remained their to this very day! Read his story below to find out what approach he chose to make his alliance the stronges force on the entire server!

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Quantum's gaming area caters to a full-fledged cross-platform experience. Among others it contains a gaming laptop, a Nexus 5, an iPad 2, an iPad 3, a OnePlus One and an iPhone 4S. 

NFTN: Cheers, Quantum & thanks for doing this interview. If I understood correctly, you chose quite a unique approach to GOFA as you’ve played the iOS version mainly as preparation for the Android version. What made you choose such a peculiar “tactics“ and how exactly did you pull it off?

Quantum [MX]: It gave me a feel for how things worked, and what different leadership styles are successful. After watching many large alliances grow exponentially and some of them fall to the bottom remarkably fast, it was easy to see what style of leadership works best. The best thing I learned was simple - start early. Getting off the starting line first is critical in building up an untouchable reputation. 

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
About 6 hours after A2 got opened, Minbari Federation [MX] had already taken the pole position. This generated a lot of buzz and publicity as everybody, who opened the leader boards, instantly became familiar with the alliance's name.

NFTN: However, when GOFA finally hit Google Play in October 2014, real-life problems prevented you from signing up to world A1 right away and get the headstart you had hoped for. I could imagine that this was quite a bummer, especially since your plan had been laid out so carefully and all preparation had been done with so much care…

Quantum [MX]: Yes it did, for the ultimate plan to work it requires a very long day dedicated to alliances the minute the server opens! However, when the first Android server was released, my replacement phone was still in the mail and the few days lost meant I had failed to get the jump start I wanted on server domination. I waited for Android Server 2 to open, and minutes after it opened I was in business. I had to wait until November 2014 to get my alliance started, but this came quickly because the Android server maps are significantly smaller than the iOS maps. 

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
The war between the Minbari Federation [MX] and the German Elite [GER] for the #1 position on A2 brought quite a bit of red onto the heat map...

NFTN: But it all turned out fine at last. When world A2 opened, you jumped at it right away and played like a madman! Your alliance, the Mibari Federation [MX], expanded its reach quickly and went on to become the predominant force on the server. I checked the leader boards prior to this interview, and [MX] claimed the pole position in all domains! How hard is it not only to make it to the top, but also to remain their for weeks or even months?

Quantum [MX]: At the beginning it was easy to start out on top, but as time progressed it took many hours a day to hold our place on top of the leaderboards. Making it to the top is not an easy feat, but it pales in comparison to the challenge of remaining on top. By placing yourself at the top you open yourself up to many alliances wanting to take you down again. On day 3 of the server the next largest alliance to ourselves, German Elite [GER], began a war with us to knock us off the leaderboards. This was a very poor call because their entire alliance was wiped to under 10 planets after 2 days. For the past 2 months staying as the top alliance for all categories has been a constant battle, and every day presents a new challenge to overcome. For example, when the Birthday Event was released it was a mutual alliance decision that we had to win no matter what the cost. Multiple conflicts sprung up during these times but nothing took us off the top of the leaderboards for the event, granting all our dedicated family members a welcome 40,000 credits.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Talking about a head start: After two or three days, four Top 5 players on world A2 were proud members of the Minbari Federation (MX).

NFTN: As avid player, alliance leader and LINE moderator you’re quite socially active in GOFA. How important is the community aspect of the game for you and what does GOFA have to offer for its players beyond its core gameplay?

Quantum [MX]: The community aspect is likely the largest aspect of the game - without it, an alliance is just a bunch of players taped together in a box - not a family of friends. LINE is a great extension to the game because it simplifies communication between alliance groups. Many players I met on iOS and even some on Android are now friends with me in real life. Beyond the core gameplay, GOFA is about alliances. The top priority in an alliance is connecting the players together in a community- when people become friends and a friendly competition exists between players, both of them will improve and pull each other up to the next level. It is this teamwork and companionship that is the difference between a failing alliance and a truly dedicated one. 

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

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[ Disclaimer: All information in this article has been received from partaking commanders or extracted from the publically accessible star maps. ]


Die Russen beziehungsweise die RF hat uns plat gemacht und nicht mimbar es ist leicht sich mit fremden federn zu schmücken

Hey Quantum, how beautifil is it, to look in the mirror and to see yourself adorned with foreign feathers. Thats the multiplication of to much gaming and to much feel of being the best alliance on A2, and to be the BEST leader. Your luck was: first comes, first serve...thats NO special ability. Here in Germany, we have a proverb: "Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall." No one has bombed the German Elite [GER] out of Nebula under 10 Planets, you are really kidding the readers of this blog. Its a fact that you stopped the war because of no real working coordination of your members at this early state, so you cried for help, and then came RFL over us with only Man-Power, but less brain then your members brought to us before. what they did was only clearing the remnent Players, primary only fresh players, to force them to leave the ally. But RFL too wasn't really capable, to let us feel much pain, they only had luck on some players, which were fresh and had no defense on their early game-state. What RFL did in the fairway of MX was a stupid witch-hunt on everyone who never had any problems with MX or RFL... So don't place yourself here as THE ruler of this server which you never will be. ...Regards, a former GER-Member

Gut geschrieben kann ich nur bestätigen PS:ein ehemaliges Mitglied der GER ELITE

Theres so much thats wrong with this haha. Oh and btw MX didn't hold the top spot constantly. They have been up and down the leaderbords constantly. In fact if i remember german elite and MOS both help the top spot individually longer than MX did.

I was part of mos once. Then quantem cheated and lied to destroy us. And look what happened in the end. Me and other former Mos players became the children of night and with the help of the nebular membari and quantem were defeated. Thank you all who helped to bring down the tyrant that was quantem. Cap. DiddyDragon

Some more proverb (now from Russia): "везет сильнейшим" (Eng: Fortune favours the strong). From my point of view: - The luck of Minbari was in their diplomacy (So, it's realy was merit of Quantum to make good relations with Russian alliances) - The luck of Minbari was in their ability to achieve the goals (That has been shown during the "Event") - In oposite, the bad luck of Germans was was fact that during the attack, they did not defend as a single alliance. Everyone was trying to cover his ass, including escaping from the alliance. The only strong player from A2/Germany I know is Corben. He still kicking us while outher just writting in blogs.

oops, Corben is from MOS'es So, no strong german players :-/

Your diplomatic abilities with other large alliances, such as the United Star Alliances, or the Russians were what allowed you to take top spot from MoS and MoS2. While lacking in coordination, all this man power was able to wipe out the two MoS factions, though it seems one of them has reformed under another name.

Lol. This guy has too much time on his hands Kinda makes me feel sorry for him that all he has is this game.

Another bias and interview full of lies. I wasn't in ger elite or mos an even i know this is all bull.

Greeting from the number 1 Warfare Alliance EREBUS :-)

The age of the Minbari tyranny of Android Server 2 has ended. We the members of the United Nebula Federation are committed to the entire destruction of every vestige of Minbari power. However our grievance is not with the members of Minbari, but with its leader. Quantum has used deceit, fear, and strong arm tactics to secure his place of eminence on this server almost since its inception. His crimes include unprovoked wars upon other alliances, deceit of his allies through false intelligence reports, and abandonment of his allies in the midst of wars that he himself initiated. His perfidy and brutality have sown the seeds of the destruction of his empire, and we intend to collect the harvest. Yet we will show more mercy in victory than Quantum has shown his vanquished opponents. Any Minbari players wishing to escape destruction may do so by leaving the Minbari alliance now, you will not be hounded off the map in an attempt to break your spirit and ruin your enjoyment of this game as Quantum has attempted to do to so many in the past. We invite all players who despise the methods of this would-be-king of android server 2 to join with of the alliances of the United Nebula Federation to put an end to this injustice! GS TacOps - gofa://2002/alliances/GST German Brothers - gofa://2002/alliances/GBs Elite Brothers - gofa://2002/alliances/EBE Shadow of Night - gofa://2002/alliances/SHN Shadow of One - gofa://2002/alliances/SHM Erebus - gofa://2002/alliances/EB1 Hijos De La Noche - gofa://2002/alliances/C%23D Hijos Dla Noche2 - gofa://2002/alliances/C~D Hijos Dla Noche3 - gofa://2002/alliances/C-D Children of the Nite - gofa://2002/alliances/C%3dD Children of the Nite2 - gofa://2002/alliances/C%2bD Kinder Der Nacht - gofa://2002/alliances/C%2aD Empire North - gofa://2002/alliances/EMN Empire South - gofa://2002/alliances/EMR

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