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Infiltrating Indigo Brink: An introduction of the villains of Manticore RISING

Galaxy on Fire - Manticore RISING by Deep Silver FISHLABS
The green hell of Rigant Vortex... somewhere in there, hidden by cosmic vapors, lies the hideout from which Indigo Brink plans its operations.

Last week we introduced you to Hayley, Bryce, Sun and Kyrrk – the heroes of Galaxy on Fire - Manticore RISING on the new Apple TV. However, in order for these four go-getters to become heroes, there also have to be villains whose evil doings call for the interference of a righteous squad of knights in shining armor… or in this case heavily armed space ships. And it is exactly these aforementioned villains that we will deal with in today’s blog. So lay back, grab a Union Beer and prepare to meet the infamous pirate horde known as Indigo Brink.

Attacking a bunch of Indigo Brink pirates with all guns blazing...

Originating from the dark heart of the mysterious Rigant Vortex, a highly dangerous area that could best be described as the Neox Sector’s very own Bermuda Triangle, the Indigo pirates have quickly worked their way up to become the biggest and most dreaded plague of the “new world”. While the irksome but considerably easy-to-fend-off pirate attacks happened with little scheme and planning before, the rising of Indigo Brink introduced the galaxy to a whole new dimension of fear and horror. Under the protectorate of an ambitious yet slightly sociopathic leader, a multitude of smaller pirate outfits merged into a menace unlike anything the Neox Sector had ever witnessed before. Strong in numbers and equipped with high-end technology, these ruthless maniacs are tough as nails and pesky as a swarm of locusts. And they will not stop spreading fear and terror until their grandiloquent plans of seizing the entire Neox Sector have been put into practice… unless, of course, a courageous hero steps up and puts them in their place.

Galaxy on Fire - Manticore RISING by Deep Silver FISHLABS
A Styx sporting the somewhat "punkish" paintjob and decals of Indigo Brink -- if you see these neon green colors flashing up infront of you, better get the hell outta there!

While you will face, and hopefully defeat, wave after wave of Indigo pirates in Galaxy on Fire - Manticore RISING, the gang members you are going to meet in that game mark only a fraction of the Brink’s full size. And compared to the enemies that are still out there, the bosses you are going to fight on the Apple TV are mid-carders at best. If you want to face the big shots, you will have book another trip to the Neox Sector in 2016 when Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore blazes onto smartphones and tablets. Cause even though you might have given Indigo Brink some sleepless nights already, you will have to wait until next year before you can scatter their organization once and for all.


Please offer this for the Mac desktop

This game should really come to Steam. I don't want to pay for an apple TV just to play one game. I could see myself having some fun playing this game on PC.


When will this gorgeous be available for android ?

When will this be released for iPad/iPhone/iPod on iOS 9?

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