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Introducing the Neox Sector: The game world of Manticore RISING

Galaxy on Fire - Manticore RISING by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Amidst the dark green shades of Rigant Vortex, all hell breaks loose when mercenary squads and pirate gangs clash...

The Neox Sector. Newfound El Dorado on the fringe-worlds of known space. But it has not always been like this. For centuries this remote borderland, in which the main plots of both Manticore RISING on Apple TV and the upcoming mobile game GOF3 - Manticore take place, received little to no recognition from the authorities of the major factions. However, all this changed a couple of years ago when a strange and extremely powerful resource referred to as “Glow” was detected there. Suddenly, settlers from all parts of the galaxy took course for the Neox Sector with credit signs in their eyes and prospects of a bright future on their minds.

Roaming all three areas of the Neox Sector in Manticore RISING -- Trim, Rigant Vortex and Ornoth Rift.

The first region they arrived at was called Trim. A threshold between the familiar and the unknown, Trim’s oceanic planets bear a strong resemblance to Earth and its bright orbits instantly make us feel at home. But we’d better not let this strange familiarity fool us as Trim is constantly being targeted by natural catastrophes and pirate attacks originating from the adjacent Rigant Vortex sector.

Galaxy on Fire - Manticore RISING by Deep Silver FISHLABS
It's a little hard to make out in this downsized screenshot, but the space station's marquee actually warns you of an incoming Indigo Pirate attack.

While Trim’s deep blue color scheme evokes a misleading feeling of security, Rigant Vortex’ dark green shades are a little less elusive. One look at the demonic tapestry of this former home world of a long-extinct alien race is all it takes to know that there will be trouble ahead as soon as you enter its confines…

Galaxy on Fire - Manticore RISING by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Rigant Vortex' dark and dreary orbits instantly send an uneasy shiver down your spine... this area is referred to as "the Green Hell" for a reason!

Ornoth Rift is Neox’s third region and the one furthest away from the sector’s border. A former storage place for highly explosive “Glow” deposits, Ornoth Rift had been an industrial area for many years. But then a devastating accident triggered a disastrous blast that blew all structures in Ornoth Rift to shreds and left nothing but cosmic flames and floating debris. Now, this wasteland is frequented by pirates stealing whatever riches there are to be found among the wreckage.

Galaxy on Fire - Manticore RISING by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Dashing into the fiery heart of Ornoth Rift at breakneck speed... the Shamash's green trails are a nice contrast to the orbit's orange color scheme.

While Manticore RISING on the new Apple TV already gives you a good impression of each of these areas, you will be able to see even more of them in the upcoming mobile game Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore. So we hope that your current trip to Trim, Rigant Vortex and Ornoth Rift will not remain your last one… in the meantime, however, please let us know in the comments which area’s look, style and atmosphere you enjoy the most!



Your game is great but is it coming for iPhone 5s and iPad any time soon?

Why not add online playing just like GTA,that is fun

Sieht toll aus. Besonders die Laufschrift auf der Raumstation ist der Hammer. Könnt ihr auch eine kurze Lande/Startsequenzen auf und von der Raumstation einbauen ? Wenn man mit seinem Schiff aus der Station heraus oder hinein fliegt ist da bei den bisherigen GOF-Teilen immer so ein abrupter zeitlicher Filmriss gewesen.

Wir freuen uns, dass dir gefällt, was du bisher von unserem Spiel sehen kannst. Die gezeigten Assets sind alle aus Manticore RISING auf dem neuen Apple TV, doch auch GOF3 auf Mobile wird ähnliche Assets verwenden -- allerdings noch sehr viel umfangreicher sein. Solch kleine Details wie die Laufschrift wird es in GOF3 in Hülle und Fülle geben. Eine neue Start- und Landesequenz wird es ebenfalls geben, jedoch muss ich gestehen, dass ich noch gar nicht so genau weiß, wie die aussehen wird.

Are you also moving Manticore (the complete version) onto Android or Windows? I have iOS devices but would like to see this on my other ones as well, love this series.

Right now, we cannot talk about the targeted mobile platforms in detail, sorry. We'll keep you posted as soon as we can say more about this.

How do you unlock rigant vortex after beating khador?

Ich freue mich schon auf das Spiel Ich und meine Kollegen haben lange gewartet. Doch gibt es nur die drei oder noch mehr Orte? Und Gibt es auch so eine grosse Anzahl Schiffe wie in Teil 2

Manticore RISING auf dem neuen Apple TV ist in erster Linie ein Appetizer, um die Wartezeit auf das neue Mobile-Game GOF3 - Manticore zu verkürzen. In Manticore RISING sind die Locations in der Tat überschaubar. In GOF3 - Manticore hingegen wird es sehr viel mehr Orbits zu entdecken und Raumschifftypen zu fliegen geben.

I'm only seeing GoF3 as being listed for Apple TV? I hugely enjoyed GoF2 on Android and have been eagerly awaiting the follow-up. It'll be very sad if it's not going to come out on Android as well :(

I beat Khador in the Porros area which unlocked after I beat Sh'Gaal in the Trim area, but the Rigant area is still locked. It says that I haven't discovered it yet when I try to access. Is it just not available yet?

I have the same problem...

Same here.

I too have the same problem

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