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Meeting Hayley, Bryce, Sun and Kyrrk: The Hero of Manticore RISING and her Crew

Galaxy on Fire - Manticore RISING by Deep Silver FISHLABS
The main figures of Manticore RISING: Hayley "Manticore" Snocom (on the right) and her comrades-in-arms Kyrrk Tasst, Sunita Khanna and Bryce Vantok.

With the game being out in the open for three weeks now, most of you will already have made the acquaintance of its protagonist Hayley “Manticore” Snocom and her comrades Bryce, Sun and Kyrrk in one form or another. Today, we’d like to shed some more light on this courageous quartet of Nova Defense mercenaries that almost single-handedly stood up to the Indigo pirates in the Neox Sector. We hope you’re eager learn more about them and find out one or two things about their biography or character that you haven’t known before.

Galaxy on Fire - Manticore RISING by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Hot-headed and fearless, Hayley "Manticore" Snocom loves to jump in the fire and got right where the action is.

Hayley is a young, hot-headed rookie pilot who became a mercenary after flunking out of the academy. As her last name suggests, she is a direct kin of an old acquaintance from the first two GOF games, namely the heavily modified Cyborg-Terran Brent Snocom. Unlike her grandfather, however, she was never made to be a career soldier and live by the Terran Space Fleet’s strict code of conduct. Instead, the less formal but equally exciting gig at Nova Defense Services was more up her alley… after all, what better way is there to blow off steam than joining a hard-hitting mercenary squad and heading off to one of the most dangerous parts of known space?

Galaxy on Fire - Manticore RISING by Deep Silver FISHLABS
A veteran of many space wars, Bryce "Hades" Vantok knows that no battle has ever been won by recklessness and bravado.

Bryce Vantok is not only Hayley’s direct superior and squad leader in Nova Defense Services, but also an old comrade-in-arms of her grandfather Brent Snocom. Upon the latter’s death, he took the orphaned teenager under his wings. To this very day, she still sees him as her mentor and he watches over her as if she was his own daughter. A battle-scarred male Terran in his mid to late 50s, Bryce Vantok’s complexion is loosely based on the looks of one of our favorite sci-fi directors. Any idea who this could be?

Galaxy on Fire - Manticore RISING by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Former space fleet instructor Sunita "Sun" Khanna says of herself that she was never made to train recruits within the safe confines of the academy. So she became a mercenary instead.

A tough, trained and tattooed Terran female in her mid-30s, Sunita “Sun” Khanna is Hayley’s senior by about 10 years. While the two never really got along in the academy, where Sunita was Hayley’s instructor, they now fly side by side under Bryce Vantok’s command in Nova Defense Services. Sunita’s offbeat-yet-stylish appearance sums up her many-faceted personality. While her skull tattoos and leather jacket represent the wild child in her, her military attire stands for the more controlled and pragmatic part of her character.

Galaxy on Fire - Manticore RISING by Deep Silver FISHLABS
Although he's been living among Terrans for many years and even acquired their language, exiled Vossk soldier Kyrrk "Kyrrk" Tasst has not forgotten his roots and origins.

Kyrrk Tasst is a former member of the Vossk elite. When he violated his clan’s code of honor, he got exiled to a far-off part of the galaxy known as the Neox Sector. There, he kept his head above water as a gun-for-hire before he secured a permanent position as quartermaster at Nova Defense Services. Visually, his biggest trademark is the vicious scar that draws through the right half of his face from forehead to jaw. Although he got it in a fight many years ago, it still reminds him to never underestimate an enemy.

Galaxy on Fire - Manticore RISING by Deep Silver FISHLABS
An action shot of Hayley approaching a pirate squad with all guns blazing... and Kyrrk and Sun giving her back-up.

That’s ‘em… the heroic squad around which the story of Manticore RISING on the new Apple TV centers. We hope you enjoy having them around, cause some of them will make a return in our upcoming mobile game Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore next year.


The last picture in the new gof3manticore looks amazing! *destruction :D

Kyrrk Tasst sounds like Mekant Orskk.

Hey Deep Silver Fish Labs, I'm pretty sure that this is an amazing game, so please sell this one on the Google Play store for Android or any other Google-based system so that way you can have more income with this game.

So great

One thing I really hope they Fix is the ship speeds. In GOF2 I was able to calculate the speed of all ships. All the ships reguardless of size, mobility, grade, or cost ran at a top speed of about 240 MPH. Found this out by parking five different ships 10 Km away from a station and timed how long it took for them to get to the station.

Nice one looks like brent must be proud of her become terran brave fighter like Keith T Maxwell i hope i can have this game

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