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Hall of Fame: First alliances to be introduced include United Planets [UFP], Magnus PolarBear [PB] and Pax Germania [P|G]

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

Ever since the initial discovery and following conquest of the Shroud Nebula in mid to late 2013, this fabled region of space has been a rich breeding ground for legends, icons, heroes and arch villains of all shades and kinds. Over the past one-and-a-half year it has spawned a wide variety of unique characters, all of which were eager to make a name for themselves behind the Nebula’s thick veil of cosmic vapours and space dust. Thus, we’ve had the fortune of making the acquaintance of fearless adventurers, merciless warmongers, tactical masterminds, ruthless oportunists, visionary entrepreneurs  and a whole plethora of other larger-than-life characters alike. Some were outspoken and gladly took their spot in the lime light, others prefered to draw no attention and operate in the shadows. Some were sociable and built up huge networks spanning far beyond the reach of their own alliances, others clung mostly to themselves and roamed the Nebula as lone wolves. But regardless of their personal preferences or character traits, they all played their part in shaping the Nebula into the colorful, lively, exciting and unique evironment it is today. To pay hommage to these outstanding people and their remarkable achievements, we’ve now opened a GOFA-specific Hall of Fame.

Follow the progress and achievemnts made by Hall of Fame newbies [UFP], [PB] and [P|G] during the "Claim The Warzone" challenge via the time lapse video embedded above.

The first entries will be the Top 3 alliances of the recent “Claim The Warzone“ challenge. By fighting bravely, negotiating wisely, conquering unyieldingly and supporting one another brotherly, the fine men and women behind three of the most dominating forces in the warzone – United Planets [UFP], Magnus PolarBear [PB] and Pax Germania [P|G] – have duly earned their inclusion in the annals of this game. So without further ado, we’d like to forward you to the Hall of Fame, which can be accessed via http://www.gofalliances.com/hall-of-fame/. Check it out and pay credit where credit is due!

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances by Deep Silver FISHLABS

[ Please note: Being introduced into GOFA’s Hall of Fame is a privilege reserved for particularly merited players and alliances, who either prevailed in a declared Hall of Fame challenge or whose merits and services to the game and its community raised our attention otherwise. While we’re always happy to receive suggestions for new entries, we will keep the number of new additions to the Hall of Fame considerably low and only add new players or alliances on rare occasions. ]


started this a little late don't you think, considering all the time and efforts others have put in to Fishlab events over the past year. UOD/USD have medaled more than anyother alliance.. Placing on the podium in most events and dominating the war boards in game for well over a year, beta even!!! yet you reward the big spenders on server4.. Just forget about all the winners of your other events. The loyal and long lasting alliances...disappointment abounds in the UOD house hold.. Pluto2101(UOD)

When will FL fix the real problem? Honestly, The Hall of fame should have all the previous alliances in it that have won other events, thus FL should be fixing the game and not concentrating on this garbage!

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